As he got busier with the moonlighting job, I gave him the name Moonlight Construction which ended up being his full time job and name of his business the past 15 years. When my folks bought an old homestead farm in forested northern Canada the first family friend that came to visit dubbed our place Jensen's Stump Ranch...and that name stuck for more than 40 years. The name of the Iroqouis, or 5 civilized tribes was Haudenosuanee or "People of the Long House". For new farm owners, the name is hard enough to come up with! We felt like everyone would then feel like they were truly part of the farm. I want to name our 18 acre place Barking Dogs Farm, hubby likes Howling Dogs Farm. In addition they sell beautiful garden decor and windchimes. See more ideas about Cattle brands, Brand, Cattle. Still selling it today - a unique name with a story!! title. My place is called "Three Pines" When I came to this property some 20 odd years ago there were 3 pines along the roadside, over the years the pines have been lost to several hurricanes but the name remains. I noticed there were a lot of berries around the farm too (which didn't last long, as the goats discovered them as well), so we kept calling the girls Tobogganburgers or Toggleberries.... well, Toggleberry Farm stuck - named after our goats and the bountiful berries. When I moved here and got draft horses, often called THUNDER HOOF or BIGFOOT, I put the two together and came up with BIGFOOT 40 FARM! Most of these are notable either for the large geographic area which they cover, or for their historical or cultural importance. important naming ceremonies we undertake. Date of establishment unknown. Check us out at U.S. pork exports maintain record levels for 2020, Trade approach will change under a Biden Administration, CCC loans offer grain marketing flexibility. We live on 5 + ac in Florida and it took all the money we had to fix up the repo house in 1993. Many farms and homesteads have names We are off-grid. My favorite ranch name is from a small "ranchette" in Fallon, Nevada. Our Pet Rooster was called Big Daddy Doodle Warclucks. deeper meaning, to express ourselves or a part of what we are naming in its chosen The farm quickly went from a quiet weekend retreat to a very busy need to be here everyday operation. Farm Names T-Z: T & C Ranch - Eunice Carlson T&L Braying Hill Farms - Melanie Collins T&T Acres Miniature Donkeys - Tom & Teri Steckbeck T'is Our Acres Miniatures - Jack & Carol Montague T-Bone Ranch - Steve & Hope Friese T.L.C. So the name is a lesson earned. and even other people. 120 Farm Name Ideas. name that caught your ear? I’d love to meet the folks in Lebanon, Ind., who named their farm Hallelujah Acres. Even with nearly 1 ft of snow on the ground, they are still on pasture only (not feeding hay yet).