Holy hell, I had gone into this building a long time ago! If the player glitches through the building, trying to go down the elevator shaft (used in The Bureau Raid, fire crew option), they will land over an underground parking, or sometimes fall in the, The player must start up or join the deathmatch "FIB Deathmatch" (requires 6-10 players, it is recommended to have it bookmarked). Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos, San Andreas, The FIB Headquarters is a skyscraper featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Made another video explaining this from my view: https://youtu.be/zvV3z7hCgx8, I just did it to my crew, since we were flying in a buzzard right by the building. The FIB and IAA buildings are both federal government agencies and are similar in design both interior and exterior of each skyscraper. Question posts and ACT II/Bogdan posts are NOT allowed unless in relation to a patch. Discord: https://discord.gg/NJdndUn, Press J to jump to the feed. IDK if they can get up on there but if they can... Not to hassle you, but this glitch is as old as the fourwheeler mask glitch. Note: Hijacker cannot enter unless you take turns, I have tried rag-dolling but doesn't work. https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/FIB_Headquarters?oldid=1269698, Floor 1/L - Street level Main Entrance and Lobby, Floors 1-10 - Fingerprint Archive and Forensic Psychiatry, Floors 11-20 - Anti-Terrorism Unit, Witness Protection, and Micro Film, Floors 31-40 - Restaurant/Store, Armoury, Lie Detectors, and Psychology, Floor 51 - Administration and Commissioner's Office, Floor 53 - Computer Servers and Roof Access. There is also an elevator that is meant to be used by the fire department in the event of an emergency. Further offenses may lead to a permanent ban. Floor maintenance and services however are granted more general access and are provided by third party contractors which are constantly changing, possibly due to security reasons. The FIB TV glitch. Confirmed: Works on Xbox One and PS4. It is possible to go back inside out of mission. The FIB building has 53 floors (not including the roof) with each floor responsible for the bureau's day to day operations in the state of San Andreas. They will respawn on the street. In some cases the player might fall through and land in the building in the 51st floor (as seen, In the enhanced version there is another way to enter the building. Cookies help us deliver our Services. There is a room at the bottom with no textures and you being able to see the roads around. Players must enter the lobby, pass through security barriers, and then take the elevator up to the 49th floor to steal the hacking device.