Our current autism detoxification protocol is very good. It is now July and my child has been myoclonic jerk free since February. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. An Italian pair of scientists tested dozens of vaccines and all were found to contain several metals like aluminum, mercury, cadmium, and many more. The detoxification and immune health benefits are derived largely from Far Infrared light. I’ve always wanted to use an infrared sauna for autism, and I’m so pleased to be partnering with this wonderful organization! I would love to get him in a far infrared sauna to help speed detoxification through the skin. Near infrared light does not cause the body to heat up and we actually do not feel any heat from this wavelength of light. Near Infrared Sauna For Autism & The Brain. We use a coconut oil-based soap. So, in that sense, wouldn’t you agree that it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that some kids may actually lose their diagnosis once they start feeling better and thus functioning better? ; 7:273-84 (2005), 404. It’s the toxins we spray so we can have pretty, bug-free lawns. This reduces the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released into our air. Fiji water has approximately 45mg/litre. Fiji water is actually one of the few things that can help the body detox from aluminum. All non-organic grain containing foods contain ample amounts of glyphosate. I just started looking through more posts so forgive me if this is covered somewhere already! It’s so ubiquitous in the world today. Andrasi, E., et al. As the body temperature rises, more immune cells are activated and these cells can then go after the harmful microbes that are invading your child. ; Chronic experimental epilepsy in Macaca mulatta; Neuology, 4:218-227 (1954), 407. In exchange, I will be sharing our family’s experience using it. Here is one story and there are many more like this. It was incredible!” - Dec. 2019, “We just got back from a trip to Mexico with our family. The detoxification and immune health benefits are derived largely from Far Infrared light. ... respected and supported like any other Fiji … YES I have heard of parents putting their children through intense detoxification processes to try and ‘get rid’ of their autism. Unfortunately,glutathione supplements are largely ineffective. As a parent of an autistic toddler, I applaud you and your whole family. They can be processed by the kidneys and excreted through urine. We owe it to our kids to help them to truly heal, so they can become that person they were meant to be. Sierra….where’s your proof? These toxins are also detrimental to gut health, which of course is linked to brain health as well. The highest incidence rates of epilepsy have been reported in both the very young, particularly in the first few years of life, and the very old402. When a doctor told Susan Levin her 4-year-old son, Ben, was autistic, she was shocked. ; Seizure and elevated blood aluminum in a remelt furnace operator: connection of coincidence? Consequently, his body has been overwhelmed with toxins. At the same time, it will be helpful to read about our current diet as well. Save up to 20% and get free delivery when you subscribe to FIJI Water Home Delivery. ; Aluminum in brain tissue in epilepsy: A case report from Camelford; Int. FIJI has a size for every usage and occasion. This is targeted directly at our son’s needs. Symptoms can either include convulsions, such as in tonic-clonic (a.k.a. (read more on that here). It also doesn’t taste as good. Scientific studies regarding autism have recently made their way into the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and national headlines across the country. Also, I dilute his juices with Fiji water. Breakfast cereals aimed at kids is off the charts loaded with it. Follow the links below. The last seizure was in November. I definitely won’t be stopping the Fiji water anytime soon!” – Jan. 2020, “My daughter has autism and epilepsy and since starting her on Fiji water I have seen a big improvement with her. Chlorella, citrus pectin, and activated charcoal are the most common binders. Both Fiji water and Silicade contain 124ppm of OSA and most children and adults do not have side-effects when drinking these silica waters. The detoxification and immune health benefits are derived largely from Far Infrared light. Genuis SK, Birkholz D, Genuis SJ. The long time argument of "Nature or Nurture?" At APEC, we strive to provide the best drinking water available to everyone. Not one seizure even when she had the flu just before Christmas, she has started talking, giving eye contact. It’s essentially a lotion containing a powerful antioxidant, alpha lipoic acid (ALA). It’s kind of a miracle he didn’t end up in worse shape. 375mcg) as aluminum hydroxide per dose of any vaccine given to children. My son, and most kids on the spectrum, have an impaired ability to detox thanks to poor methylation. I haven’t even mentioned it to the doctor that it was after drinking Fiji water. We are America's leading supplier of high quality drinking water systems and information source. Hi. It will give you an idea of how to refine your diet should the basic GFCF diet not be sufficient. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Kopeloff, L.M., et al. We are sticking with Fiji”. These two organs are often not working efficiently as it is, so avoiding this pathway can also lighten the load and help them function better. Common microbes and the problems they pose to water quality. God bless you all and may your child recover soon. Some of the parents have stopped the Fiji water to see if it was having an effect.