Basic tools to troubleshoot your speed and WiFi range are also provided. Plug the network cable into one of the ports on your WiFi Router and plug-in the power. It automatically measures the speed of your internet connection and you can see how your upload and download speed does over time. Choose the appropriate reason and then choose the days of the week and the time. The Fing app that turned into the Fingbox. Hi Kenneth, thank you for your positive feedback! Finally, there’s no monthly fee. Since the purchase and install of FingBox I had not had to worry with my network. You select the devices to test and Fingbox will tell you how much bandwidth they’re using. Cujo has the firewall features which makes it more valuable. Fing Team. I wish these had automation or scheduling built in, but if you suspect that something is not right, you can always run it from the Fing app. I believe this is the biggest advantage of this device. It has warned me of unauthorized attempts to connect to my network from outside my home. The full privacy policy can be accessed here: Fingbox is capable of looking at your WiFi network and scanning for the devices that are nearby, even though they are not connected to your router. It has 10 million downloads from the Play Store and 7.47k from the Apple App Store. I’m not suggesting anything mean, but if you got a ‘we left your parcel with your neighbours’ this is a totally valid way to check if your neighbours are currently home. Aimed at home users and perhaps small businesses, Fingbox and Fing app require very little knowledge to get the most important information about your network. Stay safe online. You see I was living with a person I didn't trust and he kept resetting my network gear. Note: Fingbox monitors a network. At some point later I recharged my Kindle. If you have a slow network, this test could let you know if you have some devices hogging all the bandwidth. There was a device I didn’t recognize on my network and I used alerts to try to figure out what it was. Fing app is fast, info is available outside of your local area and you never have to browse long to find the info you need. I already had my WiFi router locked down, but I think this is still a useful tool. It is great to see that Fingbox has helped with identifying who has connected to your network and updates you on your devices. The Fingbox tab has many things on it. Fingbox is a small network scanner. I am extremely happy with the Fingbox, since it was very easy to install and to see and control all my devices in it. -Fing Team, Hi Howard, thank you for your feedback and review! You assign devices to users and schedule times where you want internet access disabled. Even though my Linksys comes with an app, the information is buried in a labyrinth of menus. Fing is a popular, free mobile app for network scanning. View techfornontechies’s profile on Facebook, View 103015535763049992664’s profile on Google+, Programming For Non-Techies – Interface Types. You will also get a notification (email/phone notification) when a new device is connected or you have set up a notification for a particular device. A firewall sits between your internal network and the internet which makes it the first line of defense. I ran a test of my high bandwidth devices such as streaming devices, computers, phones, etc. If your main concerns are parental controls, the router is probably a better way to go. If you have any questions, please email us at we can help you improve your experience :) Thank you ! I use the Fing app almost exclusively to access the Fingbox features, but if you prefer something on a computer, there’s also the Fing Web App. You need to go into the Fing app and decide if you want to allow or block the new device. We are working very hard to clear the backlog and have in fact just tripled the size of that team, most of the new recruits will start around mid november when the situation should start to normalize. ITEAD just dropped a range of very affordable smart Sonoff lightbulbs. After you have a user, then click on Schedule Pause. Before I get into the features, let’s look at what Fingbox comes with. It went well and was very easy. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Its a time saver and a life saver. The data about your network devices is stored on a server, which allows you to rename the devices, add notes and descriptions etc. Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with. Fingbox is a small network scanner. With some finetuning (names for recognition etc) it really became my 'personal environment' and now I can easily control who gets access to my wifi and when I close the access again for certain devices. The same set of information is available from the Fing app, however, only using Fingbox this information is available to you outside of your local network. It’s been great to scan and discover devices on my network, but it has one huge flaw. Let us know if there is anything we can help you with you or your clients! You can select someone from your contacts or create a custom user. I wouldn’t personally rely on Fingbox to block a device on the network permanently. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Note that you have to open up a port on your router and use a DNS or your network IP to do so from outside of your local network. If there’s a problem, it tells you. Fing Desktop is an advanced network toolkit and scanner with connectivity health checks, speed tests, notifications of connectivity issues and Internet outages. This is useful if you want to troubleshoot something like a smart thermostat. The Fingbox itself in the bottom left of this photo. The Fing app is my weapon of choice when it comes to troubleshooting my network and supporting my networking projects. Fingbox is a great tool to show you what needs to be done or blocking a device on the network. It’s a Draw. Tech For Non-Techies readers can enter promo code TECHIE10 for $10 off. It’s a convenient way to check without needing to log into the router. Before purchasing my Fing box I constantly worried about intruders. FingBox Review 5th November 2017 administrator Leave a comment So Jason after a week of testing has finally reviewed the amazing little Fingbox, you will have to watch the video for the full and very detailed review. I used this as a chance to change the label in the list to something meaningful. Another cool feature is one-click ability to pause or lock block the device on the internet. Let’s look at what you can do from there. I got my shaky hands on Hohem iSteady X, a motorized gimbal for mobile phones from Hohem. Enter Sam’s name and click on Family and then Kid. Fingbox offers temporary solutions that require follow up inside the router interface. Cujo looks nice and has about the same features as Circle but costs nearly double. From the Fing app, select the Fingbox tab on the bottom right and then click on Add User. If the performance it very inconsistent checking this lets you know it’s time to get the cable guy out to look into the system. The other tabs in the Fing app become available after you add a Fingbox. If I don’t want a device on the network, it has to be deauthorised rather than blocked. If you do need a firewall you can always run Fingbox behind it and have the best of both worlds. Digital Fence is another of my favorite features. To fully take the advantage of the Fingbox, some information about your network is shared with Fing services. It scans your network from the cloud and looks for strange ports that are open. Feel free to email me directly for the issue you have been having and I'll make sure it gets fixed - i cannot find any ticket assigned to you as you full name is not visible on this system. Receive notifications for the open port and the open network. - Fing Team, Hi Peter, we are happy to hear that! I've had this device for about 2 years now. Just plugged it in and it noted the info and the Fing App connected and gave me details I didn't know was available. Thanks! Finally, click save. Bitdefender and Dojo have ongoing subscriptions fees so I’m going to rule those two out because of that. The big question here is, do you actually need a dedicated firewall? Everything looked okay, but I run it now and then to make sure things are still normal. Block will disable the internet related functions entirely, and the pause will allow access to network printers etc. If a device isn’t assigned to a user you can go to the Devices tab in the app and bring up that device’s event log. Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with or if you ever have any questions, we are here to help :) -Teddy, Hi Julian, thank you for your feedback and review! Great little device and App! If you have any questions, please email us at we can help you improve your experience :) Thank you ! You want to have insight in your private (home) networkYou want to expell intrudersYou want to monitor network speedYou want to have detailed information about connected devicesThen there's just one device you need to buy: FINGBoxUnpack - Connect - Grab a cup of coffeeAnd enjoy! It will tell you what ports are open and what devices are using these ports to communicate with the outside world. Its highlights are security features, parental controls, monitoring, alerts and troubleshooting your network. If it keeps losing the connection and reconnecting that may indicate that there’s a problem. Fingbox will automatically scan your networks for open ports. Perfect solution. The Fingbox also alerts you by changing to a blue pulsing light. Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. If you have slow data or buffering video, you can start with a test like this to see if the problem is in your WiFi. To me, the Digital Fence and troubleshooting features are more useful for this kind of device. Then scroll through all the devices and select each device that belongs to Sam. I wrote about the Fing app in detail previously, long story short – I like it. We have delivered over 22k Fingboxes in the past month and even a small single digit percentage of issuse has turned into over a thousand support requests that have put enormous pressure on our Support desk.