UPDATE: The man himself Scott Cawthon has weighed in on the leaks. inb4 Vanny dies and turns into an animatronic by the end/s. 0. This means that Pizza Plex is likely just a name being used for part of the merch line. Five Nights At Freddy’s fans are upset about character leaks from the upcoming game in the series. Watch over your shoulder for more FNaF news. Wow! I hope at least, -Further Leaked by funko along with names, DID YOU REALLY JUST LEAK THIS BEFORE THE GAME WAS EVEN OUT??!!! Complaints about the long wait time between franchise entries haven't fallen on deaf ears. RELATED: Chuck E Cheese Missing Children’s Case Being Compared to FNAF is a Hoax. This game isn't set to appear until the end of the year; and despite how that may sound on the surface, it's very good news! Making matters murkier is the fact that Funko toys has to have official sign-off to release any promotional material. actually this is for a game not even released yet... Wtf are these designs? Funko is leaking the looks and names of the newest Five Nights at Freddy's animatronics, but fans aren't happy with the collectible company. The protagonist will find themselves stuck in yet another Showbiz Pizza-adjacent night terror, this time at Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizza Plex, described on the PS5 blog as "the flashiest, raddest, rockingist, safest* pizzeria the universe has ever seen." Online. An internet forum known for all sorts of gaming goodness, leaked images were posted detailing a new line of FNaF toys based on a new game. Funko is leaking the looks and names of the newest Five Nights at Freddy's animatronics, but fans aren't happy with the collectible company. Damn who'd have thought the next info reveal would come from Funko of all places. Thanks to Funko, the brand currently in a blood feud with Lego to see who can accidentally leak the most pop culture plot details, we have a few hints at which characters you can expect to make you wet your pants in terror. I checked there on the computer not have pizzaplex . uwu❤️❤️❤️❤️. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. We'll just have to wait and find out. The new information comes from the good people at ResetEra. The words "FNaF 9" carries so much weight, It’s technically the 10th game if we count fnaf Special Delivery, I believe this is more of a FNaF 7 than anything. Could you please link the thread on Reddit he denied the claims in? What appears to be a laser tag arena is adorned with cartoon cutouts of the restaurant's mascots, including newcomer Montgomery Alligator and Freddy himself, sporting a body paint lightning bolt that's just this side of Ziggy Stardust copyright infringement. First of all, please stop sharing stuff about Security Breach because Scott told you to not do this. All rights reserved. || Official Discord Server: https://discord.gg/fivenightsatfreddys, Press J to jump to the feed. So for now, only the saved images and rumor scuttlebutt remains. “We have been working on it for a long time,” Blum revealed to Variety before mentioning how development is, “Super active. Scott Cawthon himself has addressed the rumors and assured fans that things will be changing in the future. Many fans are upset by this due to the company going outside of Cawthon's wishes to release this information on his schedule. nod mean (right) it’s not pizzaplex. He said that progress is going well right now. I had hope for Vanny and Glamrock Chica but now their design is bullcrap. Make sure to keep one eye on the security feed while you're reading, though, and watch out for the possessed robotic bear that's standing behind you right this minute. He had also said that pizzaplex was not the real name. Is this are first time getting human merch, that would be interesting, but also kind of weird. I feel like it’s really moving forward. During Sony's PS5 showcase on Sept. 16, 2020, fans were given a glimpse at the horrors to come in the form of a minute-long Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach teaser trailer. About Community. "Gregory, be still," says a deep, smokey voice.