In 1999 TV Guide ranked him number 4 on its 50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time list. Rachel says she is really going to miss watching Phoebe freak people out like that. He is celebrated for his cool and rebellious attitude, his pompadour, and hip leather jacket. She is also the grandmother of Fonzie's cousin Chachi. Fonzie makes no secret of what he considers to be "cool" or "uncool", often showing his approval or objection with his signature "thumbs up" or "thumbs down", the former usually in tandem with his trademark expression, "Ay-y-y-y!". In a later episode Fonzie's half brother, named Arthur (Artie), visits to tell him that their father died, and had left Fonzie a broken pocket watch. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (One of Fonzie's leather jackets is now on permanent display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.). He endorses Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower's 1956 presidential campaign. Fonzie was known for his Greaser look, motorcycle-riding, and thumbs-up gesture which accompanied his catchphrase, “Ayy.” Thanks to his popularity, there is a bronze statue of him in Happy Days’ setting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. or the Fonz Fonzie eventually sold his interest back to Al, who became partners with the drive-in restaurant's original owner, Arnold Takahashi (Pat Morita, Seasons 1–3, and 10 & 11) in Season 10 before selling his interest in it to Arnold in Season 11. He always treats others with respect and sticks up for those who can't defend themselves. When Fonzie finally broke the box open (running over it with his tricycle) the only thing inside was the key. In subsequent episodes, he out-dueled an expert fencer and mangled a gangster's prosthetic iron hand with one fist. See also the related categories, english and gothic. 255 in series (Happy Days) "The Mork & Mindy Special" (Mork & Mindy pilot episode)"The Society Party" (Laverne & Shirley pilot), Arthur "Artie" Fonzarelli (Half Brother) Chachi Arcola (Cousin) Spike Fonzarelli (Cousin) Angel Fonzarelli (cousin) Grandma Nussbaum (grandmother) Louisa Arcola (Aunt, Chachi's mom, later Al's wife) Al Delvecchio (step uncle or uncle) Danny Corrigan, Jr. (later Danny Fonzarelli; (adopted son)The Cunninghams (Surrogate Family). He appeared in Not With My Sister, You Don't, in which he went on a date with Joanie. "Fonz" redirects here. In the book, Engaging a New Generation: A Vision for Reaching Catholic Teens, author and youth minister Frank Mercadante laments “spiritual Fonzies,” people who seem to possess a quality that suggests they “have it all together” in terms of holiness. Very few women turned down his advances or made him nervous. Mr. Cunningham, who was on the same jury, went to bat for Fonzie saying all jurors are permitted to present arguments and he took it very seriously about taking a man's freedom away, which he refused to do without rocksteady proof of guilt. I've tried! Grandma Nussbaum (and she alone) calls Fonzie "Skippy". He hopes that our culture and church have moved away from the Fonzie perspective because “spiritual coolness” distances young people from choosing Catholic role models. Behind the scenes Similar to when he raps the jukebox to play music, all Fonzie has to do is snap his fingers and a girl (sometimes several girls) will come running to his side. Unfortunately we do, too.”. People have grown anxious because it will be racially integrated. Joey has a video camera and is making a video for the babies to look at some day. Fonzie Meaning - Ready for Battle, Noble. Or they want me to pound my fist on the hood of a car, and start the engine. (In Requiem For A Malph, he gives a "half-thumb"- halfway between up and down- to Rebel E. Lee as he was about to fight Ralph Malph.). Routine and system are foreign to your life, and, of course, these assets are an integral part of any successful undertaking. Winkler receives requests to "be the Fonz" in real life. On the other hand, he often expects others to follow his example. She was the only person Fonzie allowed to address him by his first name, Arthur, which she always did affectionately. When a show or series jumps the shark, it means it is past its prime, especially when resorting to sensational, gimmicky content to attract declining viewers. Ayyy.." Eisenhower carried Wisconsin with 62% of the vote easily defeating Adlai Stevenson (supported by Richie Cunningham's more-researched speech). Jamie J. Weinman, “Why Spike ruined “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”,”. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Fonzie is a seldom used baby name for boys. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. . You make friends easily as people are attracted to your warm and generous nature. [7] In a 2001 poll conducted by Channel 4 in the UK, the Fonz was ranked 13th on their list of the 100 Greatest TV Characters. Prior to the 1970s, British motorcycles were manufactured with the accelerators on the left handlebar. Set in the 1950s, Happy Days is a sitcom centered on the Cunningham family. Fonzie was consistently portrayed as being very successful with women. Fonzie's checkered past earned him a great deal of reverence from friend and foe alike. The numerical value of Fonzie in Chaldean Numerology is: 6, The numerical value of Fonzie in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3. unknown. Fonzie self-appointed the men's restroom at Arnold's as his "office", where he, Richie, and his friends would gather to work out developing problems. Perhaps Fonzie’s popularity was eclipsed in subsequent generations by the characters on Friends and Sienfeld, sitcoms that illustrated the attractiveness and delight of very imperfect personalities. We truly appreciate your support. He was everybody I wanted to be. Happy Days Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The act of smearing poo on someone to give them sideburns. Through it all, Fonzie worked as an mechanic. Find all the relevant details about the meaning, origin, lucky number and religion is available in this page. During the series, Fonzie never married, although in Season 2 he nearly did (Fonzie's Getting Married), but Howard found out that Fonzie's fiancée worked as a stripper and was keeping it a secret from him. He also became shop teacher in Jefferson High School season in Seasons 8-10 of the series and a Guidance Counselor and Dean of Boys of George S. Patton Vocational High School in the series' final season. Richie is the only person in the series to have ever struck Fonzie without retaliation. Part Owner of Arnold's, Owner of Repair garage and Mechanic and mechanic shop teacher in Jefferson High School season 8-10 and Guidance Counselor and Dean of Boys of George S. Patton Vocational High School You do not want to explain yourself to people. When asked how he does it, he simply replies, "It's a gift.". [citation needed] It received huge laughs from the audience and the scene was made part of the opening sequence. The only advice Fonzie remembered his father giving was "Don't go out in the rain in your socks." Definition of Fonzie in the dictionary. Little is known about Fonzie's actual family. They share another hug at the end of Mr. C's toast. He first appeared as a minor character, an Italian-American biker with a tough and street-smart attitude. is what Fonzie says prior to pinning Richie to a pool table. An important phrase associated with Fonzie is jump the shark. Given the relative unpopularity of incumbent President Ford and the largely unknown challenger Jimmy Carter, some predicted that had Henry Winkler actually entered the race he could have won. Fonzie has a cousin nicknamed Spike, who looks up to Fonzie like an uncle. The robber had snatched the purse of the woman with his left hand. Redefine your inbox with updates. Being the Fonzie of something can designate coolness, rebelliousness, or a facility for attracting ladies. You are ever on the watch for ways and means of making some “easy money” because this name destroys initiative and ambition, producing an easy-going, come-what-may nature which attaches value to money only for the self-enjoyment it can offer. [citation needed] Network executives at ABC insisted he make the combing action, but when filmed he instead stopped himself and said the line. Contrary to Ralph and Potsie, Richie doesn't readily compromise his own principles and sticks to what he believes is right, and on occasion even stands up to Fonzie himself. Fonzie is involved with community projects. Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, better known as "Fonzie" or "The Fonz", is a fictional character played by Henry Winkler in the American sitcom Happy Days (1974–1984). Mr. Cunningham tried to reason with Fonzie by saying "it's just a motorcycle", to which Fonzie explained it's what made him cool when nothing else worked. remark that became ubiquitous to his character and is still in use today. He was originally a secondary character, but was soon positioned as a lead character when he began surpassing the other characters in popularity. Garry Marshall got them to allow Fonzie to wear his jacket close to his motorcycle (a Triumph TR5 Trophy) since a leather jacket was considered safety equipment. Fonzie shares a very close relationship with his younger cousin Chachi. The episode was based on Twelve Angry Men. Highlighting actor Henry Winkler's off-camera work, several episodes dealt with civil rights of people with disabilities. Despite his aloofness, Fonzie had more whimsical traits, such as a devotion to the Lone Ranger, whom he excitedly meets in an episode (played by John Hart). Gender The expression denotes the moment when a television series loses its credibility due to contrived extensions of its theme, usually as a result of the writers being unable to maintain its quality indefinitely.