Clunky old agricultural straight sixes, like the Falcon, have seen their day, and no amount of polishing the turd will save that old engine. Although in the previous year it was sold more than 410000 machines, in 1961, the company released the model Falcon Sprint with a V-shaped-cylinders engine, then, in 1964, sent a ready-to-race cars in Europe for participation in the rally. Why?' Unfortunately, your search found no results. Numbers Correct, Except Paint. The XR6 Turbo lacks horsepower compared to V8 versions of the Commodore (aka VXR8) and its own eight-cylinder XR8 sister, but the motor makes up for the disparity with its eminently accessible torque. Over the years he has had two huge offers on the vehicle. Its got me stumped! EXTREMELY RARE AND LAST YEAR PRODUCED: ACTUALLY A 1964 1/2 'I built it to be used not showed and I am not one to leave it sitting in the shed,' Mr Zerk said. This consent can be revoked at any time with effect for the future. Granted, the 4.0-litre straight-six that all this is bolted to is a motor with more relevance to the ice age than the iPod age. April 1964 präsentierte Ford den Mustang der ersten Generation auf technischer Basis des Ford Falcon als Coupé sowie als Cabriolet und schuf damit die nachmalig nach ihm benannte Klasse der Pony ... 1965 Ford Falcon (Sherman Oaks, Ca) $36,500 obo Mileage. Here you can individually choose the currency in which all offer prices should be displayed. Comes with original USA Title and Customs Papers . Wow i just fall in love with ford falcon au XR6 Turbo its my dream Car. The sister car to Mr Zerk's attracted huge attention at the online auction on August 3. The cabin’s now more spacious, particularly up front, while the rear seats provide above average sprawling space. In order to save your searches, you must be logged in. A senior mechanic, Brian Lewis, completely rebuilt the car, adding more sophisticated suspension, a 302ci engine, and GT40 brakes. By Claudia Poposki and Tom Place For Daily Mail Australia, Published: 23:23 EST, 5 August 2020 | Updated: 02:41 EST, 6 August 2020. In the event, I have kept it longer than expected. The steering isn't as sharp as it once was nor is it anywhere as good as the VE Commodore's. Use Classic Trader as a professional distribution channel and benefit from our services. £8,138. Leave us your request for the purchase, we will select for You a car in the United Kingdom or the United States is in excellent condition and with a good story. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Drive technology & Steering . Take advantage of the watchlist for quick access to your favourite listings. Save search . Supported adapters : Re: Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo 31 January 2009 I purchased a Ba mark 1 xr6 turbo in New Zealand and after a lot of consideration decided to bring it back to the uk … Please reduce your search criteria. Ford have absolutely no choice here with the Falcon that follows the brand new[???] The comments below have not been moderated. 'I had been following the sale [of the Chicken Coupe] and I thought it was gonna go for $150,000 to $200,000 but it went higher,' Mr Zerk told Daily Mail Australia. Both Ford and Holden in Oz are on real notice from perfectly legitimate, and in some respects superior, imports such as the Nissan Maxima, Toyota whatsits, the recently demised Mitsubishi 380, Honda Accord....what have I missed. One Toyota whatsit manages 200kW from 3,5 litres, and the local new 3.8 litre whizz-bang V6 from Holden can only muster 190kW's. You are looking at a very hard to find Ranchero equipped with the Futura option. I don't understand why Vauxhall in particular doesn't bring over more of the Holden range. Reset . 1967 FORD FALCON FUTURA SPORT COUPE' (TERZA SERIE) - BELLISSIMA. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Model name. Login here. -The ... 1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero Futura (Oklahoma City, OK) $19,995 obo The optional six-speed ZF auto transmission is a better bet, allowing the turbo to maintain boost as it elegantly, yet briskly, shuffles through gears. A genuine Sprint dispatched from the Ford factory on the 27th of December 1964, imported ... A second generation Falcon two-door Coupe that's been carefully restored and presents really well... In 1964 has been changed the external design of the car More than 120,000 people watched the live auction on Grays Online and car specialist Rian Gaffy said it was a sign of what a rare find it was. Being based on the fleet oriented Falcon – still one of Australia’s best selling cars, albeit with declining interest – the XR6 Turbo is made for big boned Aussies. In 1967, the British Saloon Car Championship changed to less restrictive Group 5 regulations, and AMR reused a ’64 car for Frank Gardner to drive. 1962 Ford Falcon Inline 6 Cylinder. I have carried out ... Class Classic Cars have on offer here yet another stunning 1965 Ford Falcon, this version is a genuine Sprint two door automatic hardtop and much sort after. Play it now. Mr Zerk said it cost $40,000 to strip the car down to the bare metal and perform a complete restoration inside and out. To learn more about how we use the information you provide to us please see our. The illustrated non-EUR-price are approximations and commercial roundings. Well BMW still has the straight 6 in their model line up - yet you don't hear the 'ice age' comment on their products - so where did this comment come from? Sure this would sell well in the uk if it got priced correctly and would definatly give a lot of the euro 'execs' a run for the money. Mercedes-Benz C-Class C300e 2020 UK review. A 1973 XA GT RPO 83 hardtop in orange, nicknamed the Chicken Coupe and covered in dust, sold for $300,000 last week after sitting in a shed in Queensland for 30 years. Detailed technical specifications and description of the model is available here. Legally, these conversions are not binding. Series. Probably not a lot different to Europe, with one or two car makers providing the mechanical dross for fleet buyers, that come up as the best of a bad bunch, for all those people that have their cars bought for them. So he withdrew the vehicle from races and started to use it as a showroom vehicle instead. John’s 1976 XB Falcon is a rare and interesting car in its own right, never mind the plans that he has in store for it. The owner of a rare Ford Falcon XA GT was shocked to discover its sister car sold for a staggering $300,000 - after he bought it in 2003 for $8,000. As regards the engine coming from another age, I would have thought 24 valves, dual variable valve timing and euro compliance would compare favourably with some of the asthmatic gutless wonders Europe produces. With Classic Trader your vehicle is as good as sold. The success of the Falcon in 1960, led Ford to the further development of the model in subsequent years. Eight cars were prepared by AMR for the ‘64 Monte, and Bo Ljungfeldt narrowly missed out on victory on handicap, despite setting fastest time on every stage. Really wish I could have a newer model now. VIN # 4T13F139313 . An original Sprint with a tuned 289 V8, Paxton supercharger, 5 speed gearbox & upgraded, adjustable suspension. One of those for under GBP30k should be able to capture a chunk of the 3-series market. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at +49 30 437 75 19 20. 'I can't remember how much it was but I remember joking to my wife it was enough to pay off the house and get a jet home,' Mr Zerk said. The independent rear-end uses 18-inch rubber to direct drive to the tarmac, although it’s not difficult to awake the stability control. It is a rare 4 Speed Car . Which, on the evidence of the new car, is a real shame. Create a search request and we'll notify you by e-mail when matching vehicles appear on Classic Trader. Adapted from the earlier Falcon bodyshell with a ladder chassis, fiberglass body panels and a 289 cubic inch V8, the Falcon Sprint was a force to be reckoned with for the rest of the 60’s. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete the payment process. The car was dominant and went on to win the Championship for AMR and Frank Gardner. You will be informed by e-mail when new listings appear on your saved searches. Moving forward it'll never meet European emissions standards so it's no wonder Ford Australia have no export market... Other than us Kiwis that is. Sure they bring the HSV Commodores across as the VXR range. Ford Falcon Sprint V8 -original 4 Speed for restoration. The XR6 Turbo was introduced in Australia in 2002, a legacy of the late Jaguar/ Land Rover boss Geoff Polites, and it has already developed cult status there, where it’s helped Ford to regain some lost muscle car dignity. The Falcon's not sophisticated inside, but it's a great performer. 'A lot of the Falcon coupes suffer badly from rust plus a lot of them got written off in crashes and quite a few got stolen so to find a good solid one it is pretty rare,' he told Daily Mail Australia. 1965 Ford Falcon (Sherman Oaks, Ca) $36,500 obo You are looking at an absolutely stunning Falcon, sprayed in Daytona Yellow paint with Custom flames. The Futura trim exclusively features a two tone paint ... Am 17. I have been trying to track the buyer, because its the sister car to mine.'. Only two versions in the McRobertson's Old Gold Orange in Australia. He spent two years, with the help of friends in the industry, restoring the vehicle before he deemed it worth enough to race. 'If it gets worn during use, I can always restore it again and pass it on to my children.'.