Our 13 year old ducted Fujitsu packed up, had several conversations with the Fujitsu support team who were just fantastic. The company offers a wide range of air conditioners designed for residential use, all of which come packed with the impressive features that Fujitsu … Several 2.5 kW models received five stars for energy efficiency. The system is used for heating and now in winter we don't have heating for a month. We look forward to speaking with you soon. I would definitely recommend this product for any residence or business. After reaching the set temperature, the rate slows down to maintain a stable temperature. And Plasma Duo filters allow you to remove unpleasant odors from the room. The Designer Range has won two awards, one for ‘innovative product design’ and one for ‘design that enriches everyday life’. Hi Geof Thank you for placing your question on Product Review, please call our Technical support team who will happily discuss this further Tel: 1300 364 484 or alternatively PM us your contact details for our technical support team to contact you directly. As the name implies, these air conditioners can be installed either on the floor or under the ceiling. It struggles a bit but does manage. Outside noise levels are far beyond the stated limit after 2 years. Each rating was assigned with a minimum of 30 votes. High Static Single Phase ARTG60LDTA (15.8kW / 18.0kW). The units are absolute rubbish. We are delighted to hear the Fujitsu Air Conditioning unit is working well especially when required fo... Read more. se efficiency & power usage but when 18deg is too warm overnight & can't be dropped any further, it just has to be switched off. Most models fit in the range from 1.7 kW to 9.5 kW. Many air conditioning users have spoken in favor of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brand. LCD remote controls are available in all systems. The system works well, however the outside unit is very loud and I am going to have to build a noise barrier wall to prevent disturbance to adjacent bedrooms. This brand launches all types of air conditioners on the Australian market. The size of the blocks is directly affected by the power of the equipment. More advanced models equip Wi-Fi to control remotely via a smartphone. Wall Mounted (including split system air conditioners), Multi Systems (an outdoor unit to connect a variety of air conditioners). There is a premium option for $160 which is a bit much for just one diode light, how to make it heat up the house really quickly. Ease of use, people rated it 4. This means that before you arrive home from work, you can turn on your air conditioner to your desired temperature so your home is comfortable as soon as you walk in. Some fans also have winter settings to help push the air downwards and improve heating efficiency. 49/3 Hornsey street, Rozelle, NSW, 2039, Australia, Air Conditioners Review – Customers Guide, We urge you to pay attention to essential indicators. has been completed and the quote for the compressor along with your model and serial number so we can investigate this further. Do u mind to contact me via email :[details removed]. But we are still confident that someone can find their perfect air conditioning here. A great investment - I installed this system following a single inverter air-con in my lounge packing it in. And also you can correlate the prices for each model with the above indicators. This was replacement for my 19 year old carrier didn,t need to change ducting as it bolts on to the existing inside unit. Sorry. Now it was failure again and again both vents are required replacement. It is coupled to a metalflex zone controller which works well also. Leaving your air conditioning running while you aren’t at home or when you’re asleep is unnecessary. Despite numerous services by fujitsu which was under 5 years "part and labour warranty", the same issue - error code "11" was still not resolved as at today. Replacement parts are over priced and generally not available. There is a large number of cassettes in the Fujitsu range, ranging in power levels from 2.6kw up to 14kw. Hi DDave, We are sorry to hear of your experience with your Fujitsu Ducted System being noisy and not performing to your expected standard. Cools down a very big room in a matter of minutes, heating is ok but that's expected since most of the units need some time to warm themselves up. We have 3 Zones Family Room-Lounge/Dining Roomand 3 bedrooms all situated on the top floor. To assess the reliability, functionality, and ease of use, we take as a basis the user experience. The outdoor unit is quite large (tall) but very quiet so should be good if your neighbour is a bit of a whinger about noise etc, the indoor unit is to me reasonably quiet and for most wont be intrusive. The MSZ-GE Series has the lowest noise level in the industry. Fully licensed and insured. The company for servicing is Whithchurch. The consumer will get a hushed engine and uniform cooling or heating of the air. Fujitsu has in its range any type of air conditioner for commercial or residential use. Low budget over priced rubbish. The 20 best Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioners in 2020 ranked based on consumer reviews - Find consumer reviews on ProductReview.com.au, Australia's No.1 Opinion Site. Our system lasted just on 7yrs and the compressor is dead, getting quotes to replace it, I recomend you go Daikan!! My fujitsu ARTG45LHTA unit was installed on 14 February 2013, but it was intermittently non-operational with error code "11" for the past 5 years. Hi Sair, Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, we really appreciate it and are so glad you are enjoying your new Fujitsu Air Conditioner. Your custom and feedback is... important to us. Customers rated ease of use at 4 points out of 5 precisely because of the large number of functions and system settings. This brand of air conditioners is a branch of the Electrolux group of companies. A right sleep mode directs the air currents up so that they do not interfere with the rest of the people in the room. A diverse capacity allows you to cover the domestic and commercial segments of the market. The maximum price exceeds $ 3,000. I am really disappointed with this fujitsu ducted system and i will no longer recommend this product for sure. In the manufacturer’s catalog, you will find wall, ceiling, and cassette models, as well as duct ducts and systems with several indoor units. This is our second Fujitsu ducted system and the best one Has multiple zones and the ability to govern the amount of cooling going to each Is fully programmable and very quiet as well Both have been installed in new houses which allows for a better install to suit the owner. Their catalogs have black, silver, and curved cases. Most models fit into the budget of 800-1700 dollars. We have a large house and sometimes have to use day and night settings. There are 3 minor issues that I was not aware of prior to installation -. Advice to anyone who want to avoid stress don't buy a Fujitsu and especially try to avoid Whithchurch. They mix air more efficiently and direct flows to the far corners of the room. We hope your air conditioning is working again soon. These systems combine multifunctionality and reliability, which is essential for smooth operation throughout the year. The manufacturer offers cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing options. We're delighted to hear you are pleased with you... Read more. Please can you email us directly on contact@fujitsugeneral.com.au, please include the name of your repairer, the invoices for the work which... Read more. In this article, readers will find comparative characteristics of the best models of domestic and commercial air conditioners. Very happy with it so far. Please ... contact us directly and ask for Technical support Toll free number 1300 364 484, so we can discuss this further with you. Problems do occur and it is how... the product is backed up which counts, in this case I have no complaints. High Static Single Phase ARTG60LHTB (15.8kW / 18.0kW). The manufacturer has also expanded the range of wall models ceiling and floor. Very concerned about shelling out quite alot of money,for a system with known faults,kind regards. The buyers scored the highest score for functionality, reliability in operation and low noise level. I would never recommend this product to anyone. A third of buyers preferred models with an energy efficiency rating of 3-4 stars. Awesome Product for Heating and cooling your house. Depending on the set of functions, the price difference maybe 5 times. Hi Kevin, Thank you for taking the time to place your comments on Product Review. We got this installed a few months ago, due to our old System being 35 years old and needed replacing. Thanks. a/c capacity – power of the ac in KW (BTU (British thermal units in past times), Star rating – efficiency of a/c in compare to other models with same capacity, Power input –  how many kw of power need to make rated output in kw (a/c capacity). these were the 2 reasons for changing had some teething problems but Jamie from Butler Air and the Fujitsu service guy were great very happy.easy to use and very effective was tested with the heatwave we had at the same time as installation . If you don’t want a regular white rectangular air conditioner, check out Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin.