MG-6280: Axle Housing Spring Pad Set (Pair) $16.95: 24. Measurements were taken before cutting off the housing ends. Only 5/8” wider than our normal Ford 9” brake system Here's the left rear axle shaft in our Tacoma, after just 3 trail runs (see pics). The weight of the vehicle is supported on that flanged axle, and while that is not a bad thing for conventional driving situations, it is not as strong as a full floater. This bracket is mounted first, and after measuring the spacers could go on the caliper side or the backing plate side, depending on the results. All parts used in the COMP 9" Differentials have been tested and used in intense use and we believe them to be the Strongest components on the market. Be sure to stay tuned for the next update to Project Storm Trooper as we get it ready for the green flag. The compact Baer Tracker Full Floater assembly looks rather complicated, but the benefits far outweigh the complexity. Member. All rights reserved. Doing this would save us time getting the axle reinstalled after the conversion; we would not need to tab everything out again. It is also virtually impossible for these fittings to rust into place.”. The truck handled and stopped, which meant it was time to get started on the next part of the project. They also do not allow proper spline engagement into the differential, nor do the aftermarket hubs use cone washers, which are vital to retaining the lock hub to the wheel hub. This definitely is one piece of the truck we would not need to worry about. There was a huge difference seeing the axle before and after. On some other applications, a puck, or spacer, is used inside the differential to keep the axles in the proper location, the bolt works in a similar manner. The Tracker setup is designed to work with Baer’s 4- and 6-piston calipers, and eliminates the need for a C-clip on the axle. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Inside that hub is a pair of bearings that ride inside the hub and support the weight of the vehicle. SEMA 2020: Chevrolet Performance Adds More LS Crate, SEMA 2020: Stay Cool With DEI’s Black Floor & Tunnel, Bringing The Show To You: PRI Embarks On Cross-Country Road, Strapping Your Race Car Or Hot Rod To A Trailer Just Got, Get The PerTronix Wiring Products You Need In Your, Event Alert: LOORRS Returns to Glen Helen Raceway July, RPM Racing’s Justin Matney Survives Heart Surgery, Returns in, SEMA 2020: Superchips Flashcal Comes To Jeep JL And, SEMA 2020: New “Max Amp” Alternators For Mustang And, Packed: Garvin Wilderness Racks Fit Every, KOH 2020: Levi Shirley Won’t Stop On The Way To The, A Better Bearing: Learning More About FK Rod, Video: Brake Bleeding 101 With Performance, Prerunner Building 103: Testing, Tuning, And, Chick’s Corner: Video Game Off-Roading, From Good To, What’s Inside? The concept is basically the same as what you’d find on any one-ton rear. “In addition, should an axle shaft break, the wheel does not leave the vehicle. The pedal feel is almost identical to properly setup drum brakes, except the truck stops quicker. Sure, the cost will be more, but it’s a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing. The spindles used in Currie’s full-float kit all start the same. The driver must then pump the pedal to move the fluid back into the caliper and re-establish the firm brake pedal. The nut is used as a jamb nut to lock the bolt into place; Anderson recommends that the space between the two axles is approximately 1/8-inch with the bolt in place. It should be tightened enough to allow the hub to rotate without binding. Since the truck was taking a more serious build direction, we wanted to make sure the third member was up for the challenge. In this design, the load is spread over 2 components. We had an additional brace mounted to the drop down for the panhard bar, so that meant we couldn’t just lift the rearend into place. Copyright 2020 Front Range Off-Road Fabrication. The carrier bearings are pressed into place and then installed into the housing. However, before we got there, we needed to upgrade our Currie Enterprises F9 rear axle. Then we measured the axle and adjust the bolt to make up that length. Baer Brakes Tracker Full Floating Axle Conversion System is purchased as an upgrade to a variety of our brake systems. We can make the full floater a very strong unit and at the same time make it very compact and lightweight. Rick Elam from Baer tells us, “The biggest factor about a full floating axle conversion comes down to cost. These two bolts make contact with the bearing caps and help reduce ring gear deflection under load. “By running a separate material rotor and hub, the materials can expand and contract at different rates,” Scully continued. To increase the durability of the plates we went with Currie’s heavy-duty spring plates (PN CE-9031B), which use a 3/16-inch top plate and 1/4-inch lower for the skid plate portion. This part is best left to the pros to install if you've never done it. It’s a torsion type differential that has no wearing parts; the helical gears rely on friction to provide the limited slip effect, and for that reason Eaton recommends that conventional gear lube is added to the differential instead of synthetic. It is a bit more expensive, but for someone who is racing competitively that extra cost could mean better lap times.” We’re going to explain why in this article with the help of Baer and Moser Engineering. The wheel bolts to the hub, and that hub rides on a pair of roller bearings that support the full weight of the vehicle. Currie's spring plates were exactly what we needed to replace our piece of metal. All of the work that went into installing the semi-float housing made reinstalling the new axle smooth. You many not think you’ve ever seen a full floater rearend, but it is likely that you’ve seen tons of them – “tons” being the operative word here. This protects them from harm and allows for easy removal.”. The spindles also have a continuous … Setting up the differential takes skill and special tools. We chose a Fox body Mustang 8.8-inch rearend that we picked up locally, and we sent it out to Moser Engineering for the modifications to be done. DO NOT USE WARN, MILEMARKER OR OTHER AFTERMARKET LOCKING HUBS!! Once measurements were taken, it was time to bring out the saw and cut the ends. Rick Elam from Baer tells us, “The biggest factor about a full floating axle conversion comes down to cost. If a wheel bearing fails, the wheel does not leave the vehicle because the bearings are tapered roller, and held on by 2 spindle nuts. “The U-bolt if ever needs to be removed and one of them is bent over – you are done. After the hubs were installed, we installed our four-piston Wilwood Superlite calipers. As the lateral forces increase, this deflection is more noticeable. This additional cover is only about six pounds but will help improve the life of the ring and pinion gear. Unfortunately Warn has discontinued this kit – they can be found on eBay and other used product sites. The semi-float axle shafts were removed as well as the third member. All rights reserved. There are a lot of parts to assemble the hub. • Standard car patterns (5×4.75 and 5×4.5) The Fox body rearend has brackets attached for the factory four-link suspension setup, but the two inner mounts will not be used. In order to get the dimensions correct, Moser needs to know the overall width of the rearend. DO NOT USE WARN, MILEMARKER OR OTHER AFTERMARKET LOCKING HUBS!! Bottom: Moser begins setting up the ring and pinion, and installs the Eaton Truetrac differential. -Rick Elam, Rick Elam from Baer tells us, “A full floater can be used on a street car if the owner desires, but it is a bit overkill.