At the time, the Norse-origin form eggys (which gives us the modern English eggs) was found only in northern England, and in the south it was called eyren: And that comyn englysshe that is spoken in one shyre varyeth from a nother. Give us a kiss - Give me a kiss / Give iz a kiss. of English? don’t really know how human languages and societies work. Howay - Come on; Howay is the Geordie, Ha'way is the Mackem version. Reality is far more nuanced, though. For example, the West Midland dialect of Middle English retained front rounded vowels that were unrounded elsewhere already in Old English period. Alreet mate what ya uptee the morra?Hello, what are your plans for tomorrow. Nee singing, yer t, Geordie Gifts, unique range of Geordie Coasters & Newcastle placemats. Byeuts: Boots, Caa': Call 57 Geordie words, phrases and sayings you'll only hear someone from Newcastle say Here's a list of popular Newcastle, Geordie and even some (gasp) Mackem sayings - we've updated it … But as just a slang word for food, it dates back to the early 1800s and was probably originally a military term for solders’ rations, particularly those of poor-quality. But what about all the other words we use here in the North East? ), Aad: Old - from the Anglo-Saxon word 'Eald' Ahint: Behind Geet – great, large. Spuggy: A sparrow distinctive dialect because of the Vikings', 'Geordie has some special Segger: A nickname for the town of Sacriston. A very similar dialect is spoken in For example, Northern Middle English dialects had more sharply reduced case and verbal inflection systems and the most innovative syntax; eventually those changes spread from the north into southern English dialects as well. Staithes: A pier for loading coal onto ships There's nothing like the Geordie accent, and is said to be one of the most friendly dialects in the country. Blaydon Races: National Anthem of Tyneside Aad: Old - from the Anglo-Saxon word 'Eald', aa: To fall, also the name of a Gypsy clan (Faw), Geet – great, large. Whe? 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Beor: Beer Beuk: A book Bishop: Bishop Auckland Blaa: Blow Blaa Oot: Heavy drinking session Black and White: A Newcastle United football club supporter (See also Toon Army) Blaydon Races: National Anthem of Tyneside Boggle: A ghost or spectre. Plaque reads: Whey aye man - nee place like home​Size: 29x15cm - 1.2cm thick Designed to stand on a shelf but is light enough to hang. Kitchen islands are also the focal point of the kitchen design. Spelk: A splinter Mair: More Strang: Strong. Another Geordie word that might have continental relatives is netty, which has been used as another word for a toilet since the early 1800s. Geordie words, most of which have their origins in our Viking heritage. The word bairn ‘child’ in Geordie is another example of a Norse loanword. “Champion”. Chav on the other hand is thought to be a shortened form of chavvy, another Romany word dating back to the late 1800s meaning “child”. This work is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). Distractions; Jokes; 16 Geordie phrases you’ll only hear in Newcastle The Newcastle dialect can be confusing, but Geordies are renowned for … Card: Cold Cracket: A wooden stool dialects of The same can be said of other dialects and accents in northern England, which together with the ancestor of Geordie formed a dialectal area already in the Middle English period (which lasted, roughly, from the Norman invasion till the 15th century). Covering something in mud was known as beclarting way back in the 13th century, while later in the 1600s clart came to be used to mean “to smear plaster on something”, or else “to stick two things together”. But in some ways, some of the southern dialects were even more conservative than those of northern England. Doon: Down Wife was used in this sense by the Anglo-Saxons Larn: Learn (another Anglo-Saxon word) Tatie: Potato Neenth: Ninth Lads: Blokes And the marchaũt was angry, for he also coude speke no frenshe, but wolde haue hadde egges, and she understode hym not. Plaque reads: Wor Netty, Geordie Toilet Rules. Probably referring to shipbuilders - 'We mackem, ye tackem' Where does Geordie Come From? Lonnen: A lane Another innovation that started in the East Midland and Kentish Middle English dialect areas is the palatalization of /k/ into /tʃ/, which gave us church in the south, compared to the retention of kirk in the north, which features prominently in many place names such as Kirkbridge and Ormskirk.