We could dominate the world from where I am. No need to wait, you can laugh right now at these great jokes sent in to us by Boys’ Life readers! Topics Best Pickup Lines, Best Chatup lines, Jokes, One Liners, Puns tags Animal Pick Up Lines, animal pick up lines clean, giraffe birthday puns, giraffe humor, Giraffe jokes, giraffe one liners, giraffe play on words, giraffe puns, Giraffe trivia, why don't … If I were a giraffe, I’d make sure you are on top of the world. Q: What’s the difference between a tractor and a giraffe? I suppose when you’ve seen one lion catch a giraffe, you’ve seen a maul. Submitted by Alex S. , Marietta, Ga. Joshua: Why are giraffes so slow to apologize? this was a fun little thing to read and i enjoyed it! I could get you to heaven, for free of course. It is a new exciting world up here full of opportunities you can never think of, for instance, me. You will find the love of your life if you look up to me. All rights reserved. It usually takes eons to notice people from here, but it took me seconds to notice you, you must be so special. Do you know why I am so tall? You are so beautiful; I would never look down on you. is called a turkey. Q: What do you get when two giraffes collide? Would you like to have bamboo sheets on your bed? I wish you could see my love for you from up here. giraffe pick up line [Top 50] Pick Up lines -To Melt An Animal Lover Heart. Proudly powered by WordPress How to Make a Face Mask Using a Scout Neckerchief, Extra-Cool Camping Gear to Make Your Outing More Fun, Spice Up Your Camp Meals With These 8 Essential Spices. she asks: "What is that?" 45 Funny Thanksgiving Day Jokes and Comics, Scouts Find Adventure on the Peace River (Hint: It Wasn’t Totally Peaceful). | Powered by WordPress.com VIP, rolling 3 strikes in a row,while bowling. It is obvious that women are in love with giraffes. Funny tree pick up lines. What you see while standing up, I see while lying down, right now I see us having a family. It would be safe to say that no animal in the world matches a giraffe’s height. Theme: MH Magazine by MH Themes. Q: What did Dracula say then he saw a giraffe for the first time? Enjoy! You are so hot I couldn’t help but notice you don’t belong down there; you belong up here with me. On April 27, 2018 September 1, 2018 by allpickuplines. Nick: A person everyone looks up to. Joseph: Bacon and legs. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Affiliate Disclosure - Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy. Take it easy, I am not going to breath all the air up here. We are the same height, its just that I am not lying down. I will slam my neck for you to gain your dominance. It therefore comes as no surprise that to sweep women off their feet, especially lovers of wild animals, one has to include giraffe related pick-up lines. | If I bend my knees, will I still be up to your standards? Giraffe Puns, Jokes and Pick Up lines! On my most careless day, I would tramp on you if I looked the wrong direction. What? Giraffes are one of the most unique animals due to their exceptional physical appearance nature. Do These Five Campsite Items and Snacks Work as Fire Starters? So that I can easily spot beautiful girls like you. All rights reserved. You will never have to be scared again in your life, I will be watching out for you. Animal Pick Up Lines. "Your name is … A Turtle-Neck. | You are trapped; it will take you forever to climb down from this heart. I just broke my neck trying to get a glimpse of you. Q: What’s the silliest name you can give a giraffe? Lion: "You are late! We said meet at sunset!" My neck keeps turning down to you, I wonder what you have on them. On March 17, 2018 May 17, 2018 by allpickuplines. Jake: Tell me. Submitted by Joseph R. , Nutley, N.J. I paint the sky for a living, if you wish to know.