i love your honesty and especially how you interact with everyone. I want you to notice the young sami girl I mentioned earlier in this rather extended opinion: she was kind and serviceable. Thank you so much for sharing your honest experience. I started looking at all the other options and Finland has lost out to Sweden this time…and I haven’t even started peeking into Norway yet. The aurora borealis tourism market is one already crowded, with communities in Northwest Territories, Yukon and Alaska offering packages and tours. After all, she gave me her word but in the world of business, it seems a person’s word is not enough. Do snowmobile tour I read the whole thing and learned that the sides aren’t good, but still don’t know about the main course. Luxury tent accommodation in Northern Norway, 9 km from Alta airport and Alta cruise ship terminal. You’re welcome Tracie! The best things to do in Lapland and "must do", included almost in all Lapland packaged tour: But the northern municipality is also a prime location for viewing the aurora borealis. Glass igloo is an accommodation with glass roof to experience a night under the sky. Glass igloo rates in Finland are from 250€/night during low season up to 990€/night during high Christmas and New Year holidays. Being selective sure pays off, next time I better trust my gut! Required fields are marked *. Capacity 2 persons + 2 extra beds possible. 2:56 pm on August 18, 2018. Unique experience to stay in the middle of the frozen lake. and Levi (Huskies!!! During high season like Christmas and New Year holidays price can be 2 times higher. Igloo (iglu in Inuktitut, meaning “house”), is a winter dwelling made of snow. And yes, you better might make that closer to 30 minutes if you’re carrying your luggage. how many days? What a strange review! It will definitely help people that want to get here, to reed all the information about the place on their website, but I guess if they do that they can not rob them. That really takes the cake. I feel like so many comped reviews only ever give the good side which really is of very little value to readers. When the dedicated Northern Lights activities have ended, what better way to continue your search than with specially designed accommodation? Trondheim Airport - 70 km from Trones Eye. Aurora bubbles in the middle of nowhere. Want to book a cheaper tour with a local operator? Those are the main activities suits even for a short Lapland holidays. Nellim’s sister hotel, Wilderness Hotel Muotka, also offers an exceptional night in an Aurora Kota which incorporates the cosy benefits of a cabin with a private sauna, allowing you to gaze at the night sky in real style. There are Levi, Pyha or Saariselka ski resorts offering wide variety of self-catering log cabins to stay. The problem? Have you tried to post this so Finnish suppliers could read this? Reasonably priced glass-roofed huts for 2 and 4 persons. An in case I visit that place at least I already have an idea of their culture and be more aware on what to behave. I am dying to see the northern lights. Builders leave a hole at the entrance and at the top of the igloo so Afterwards, an elf took us all to visit the Reindeer farm and forgot (or perhaps wasn’t even instructed) to tell people to turn off their camera’s flashes off. Activity providers also concentrate around those resorts. Thanks a lot for your constructive comments on Kakslauttanen Resort. In this day and age, having a good product is simply not enough. I wish I could adopt one!!! Covering two levels, the design is based on a ‘Komsio’ which means a traditional Sámi cradle for an extremely comfortable way to search the skies for the Northern Lights. Every time i meet fellow travelers and Northern lights, Lapland and the glass Igloos are the topic. Those negative experiences aside, there still appears to be other service issues which clearly need attention; issues that the brand can choose to resolve and turn this negative into a positive. I’ve found myself in a number of situations in the wilderness when a phone signal would have helped. Dana Meachen Rau, The Inside Story: Igloo (2006). Well…. As an owner of holiday accommodation myself – as well as being a travel blogger – here’s my take on it: 1. Your forwarder are welcoming. Thanks again for a honest review! hello! var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; It’s said that 200 days in a year, nothern lights are visible there. Huskies are awesome, nature’s most loyal and friendly animals by far. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure in Lapland. As soon as we arrived we were warmly greeted by the manager, got offered some hot drinks (later we found out that this is not the same treatment that regular customers get but more of that at the end of the article), and were then given a tour of the West Village as we were checked-in into the cabin where we would be spending our first two nights. Staying at a glass igloo does not increase the chances to see the Northern Lights, as the weather and cloudiness is always the biggest factor no one can predict. Hudson Bay, might have had as many as 10 domed units, each with a different function; for example, a living unit, dog kennel or storage. - Golden Crown Levin Iglut (Levi resort, Kittila airport). It’s such a shame that they treat customers so badly. - Star Arctic Hotel (Saariselka resort, Ivalo airport). I’d always thought sleeping in one of those igloos would be cool, I’m sorry you had such awkward customer service in the end. Audience Relations, CBC P.O. 4. The Aurora pyramids are situated at Elves Experience village, 10 minutes drive away from Levi centre and 21 km from Kittilä airport. Each suite is equipped with panorama windows and heated glass roof. Historically, it was used by Inuit families and traveling hunters during the winter season. sadly, I haven´t any photo of this experience because I had my camera stolen at the hotel common room! Same price for you and a small pocket money commission for this website of yours. rather than vaulted or domed. Sky View Cabins with 2 huge glass windows and glass roof. Obviously, it’s not good for the guest either, BUT THAT’S WHAT TRAVEL INSURANCE IS FOR. # Kittilä airport. Most glass igloo resorts are located in Finnish Lapland. Sleep under the stars in the cabin of your dreams Indulge in the cosy warmth of a log cabin while enjoying the sensational views of our glass igloos. Given the price, honestly, I don’t think I would have even considered staying at this place despite it being sponsored. Glass igloo hotels suit for 1-2 nights stay during the Lapland trip as an experience. Oh. Want some teabags for your cabin’s kettle? Fort McMurray is hoping to compete with other destinations in Canada that offer packages to tourist looking to experience the north's aurora borealis. Littleisland Lighthouse is an alternative accommodation in Northern Norway. Some companies (especially the ones with a positive differential advantage in terms of product) still have a 90’s mentality of not caring about the feedback from the customer since they (wrongly) assume that even if dissatisfied customers leave, new ones will automatically arrive next year (only to depart as dissatisfied customers). Dome accommodation is 25 square meters, over 3 meters hight. Why should the business suffer a potential loss of income from someone else’s misfortune? Igloos were sometimes arranged in clusters, with a number of living chambers sharing a common entry tunnel or a communal facility, such as a feasting room or a dance house. Narrow passageways, sometimes dug just below ground level, provide entry to the igloo. “How can I make sure you two will actually come back? At AUD2000 per night, this was easily going to double the price as the most expensive place I’ve ever stayed (a Chinese Junk in Halong Bay Vietnam…and even that had the magical photos but the crap night’s sleep wreck that experience!). thank you The roof of glass igloos is usually made from electrically heated glass. During our stay, I was invited to take part in a visit to Santa Claus’ House (yes, please stop laughing, Santa is real yo!) Where can we read about Seven Fells and The Northern Lights ? I’m grateful for bloggers like you who tell it like it is! The two-person igloos include a toilet and the option of an extra bed. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In this day and age, communication is essential even if only as an option. For our third and last night, we were checked-in at our individual glass igloos (they’re so small inside that sharing is hard for a non-couple!)