“Enough of your magical riddles.” What! So that last one was okay but I’m bummed we won’t have any more hijinks. xD. While Ryan was a failure at his job. I donno I think you say things just to agree with me. Won’t even let him finish his goodbye speech. Rarely do I laugh out loud, but the fourth deleted scene had me waking up my neighbors. “haven’t you ever made a sandwich? My nephew made a ringtone of the Dunder Mifflin song from “Local Ad”. I mean we have already put together chairs. I mean first days are always the hardest, right? Connect your Spotify account to your Last.fm account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. Post. Anyone know how I can get the ringtone onto my Verizon phone without a data cable or bluetooth hookup? thanks! I'm gonna bring you the catalog. kudos. the “the humps” by black eyed peas…. i love it! and he’s below john’s shoulder! Basically you can’t set a directly recorded sound as your ringtone so the trick to get around it is to text it to yourself. Last clip was kind of “eh.” I was hoping for something Jim and Pam related. Last ditch effort to find the actual ringtone used on the phone at reception. Don't move a muscle, I will be back momentarily. after everyone’s comments and worry about them, it makes me feel better! anyone know how to upload the theme song to the iPhone? You are talking to Jim. I nearly feel asleep when he gave me a tour of the files. РФ. You do not need iLife for the iPhone. I have a Nokia 3120 with Cingular that plays polyphonic tones… will any of these work with my phone? I have bell mobility, how can I get the office ring tone using this particular wireless service 8D. That cracked me up, Dwight’s hysterical. Right click the link you want (i.e. Receive the message with the sound clip and you are now able to save it as a ringtone. Record the 30 second clip What do I do, I do here. Subscribe to "The Office Quotes in Your Inbox". This is in regards to the 27th comment from Gary. Nice, thank you so much for posting this! Hi :) Dwight, I want you to look at Holly right now. Today is Toby Flenderson's last day. These deleted scenes are awesome… Pam and Jim’s sort of acknowledgement of the whole Toby situation, Dwight being hysterical with Troy, and Hot!Angry!Jim. Every year my sweet, sweet grandmother sends me a check on my birthday for fifty dollars. Goodbye To A World. It did the whole thing in less than a minute. And that is that we are all very lucky to have her here. Grrrrr. ?” very funny. thanks for the ringtone for my itunes, but how do I convert it to an iPhone ringtone without the bell icon next to it? I receive a text telling me to reply with the word “BUY” and when I do it tells me that it doesn’t understand it (or something like that). thanks. Poor Toby but that JAM pose was adorable. Love the third deleted scene, gave me a hankering for some JAM on my PBJ! I am not too sad you are leaving…. Log in on the website. I- would not be surprised to find out that she had worked in a bakery before coming here. I LOVE this scene. Go to htt://www.ventones.com for free ringtones, they have tons of the office ringtones that can be sent directly to your phone. I guess I can wait till I get a chance at home, but I am impatient! HELP. i can’t figure out how to download the theme from this page. thanks guys!! That TH was wonderful! poor toby. Hey, I got the ringtone to work. I felt so sorry for her after she walked in on Dwight and Angela, although after she swallowed the tiny bit up vomit that surely came up, I’m sure she laughed all the way home, especially after Angela’s cruelty. He has been a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1992. I took it slow. Did you enter the sale on the website? She has that kind of warmth. :), I love how Pam was laughing after the picture was taken! I was hoping someone has seen the ringtone or mp3 for the commercial made by Daryl, Creed, Andy, Kevin and Kelly in the “Local Ad” episode. It’s usually just as easy as copying it to your phone and setting it as the ringtone in settings, but most phones you must send the file through a message and/or get it in a different file type. MP3) and “Save As” on your computer. The deleted scene where she says “Jim, I’m f–ked.’ absolutely cracks me up. How come this didn’t make it in, even if it was showed on national television? Troy seemed a little out of place to be brought in, but Dwight and Pam’s reaction to him was funny. Go to the recording feature on your cellphone That's what she-- A lot of places are like that. There are currently no reviews for this ringtone. I was thinking... fireworks. I hope that in season 5 we get more of the supporting actors (Kelly, too, and Darryl). It’s great! Poor Toby – went out and bought a camera just to get a pic of Pam…totally saw that one coming! I’ve never had a deep fried Twinkie either. Loved #4. You’re the best. It's pretty good right? I liked the 4th, but glad it wasn’t in the episode. drew- I went to DbPowerAmp and am hesitant to download it as this is my work computer. That's how we buy them actually. i wish they had been able to keep this in, but i’m glad that we at least get to see these! Toby Keith - "Missing Me Some You" (1 ringtone). im trying to put it in my verizon motorola razr. :-D. I have a Blackberry Curve 8310. He now resides in Hiram, Georgia off Travis Tritt Highway. Goodbye To A World. Same here #134! My Verizon LG 3450 phone is not a camera phone, and evidently must use java somehow to get the ringtone. OK, I give up. RATING. I don’t think Jim comes off as arrogant in that scene. “That’s a cool camera” The webisodes are apparently focused on Kevin and his strategies to take care of his gambling debts. Is Jim gonna propose tonight? And I always thought that those two things would go hand in hand, but now I think it might be one or the other. The hazing scene made no sense without it. I have t-mobile with a samsung phone but I think I lost the usb and I have no idea how else to get the ringtone on there. That would be amazing. how do i get the ringtone… I am not all that computer savy…. I have a verizon phone with no recording option , how do I download the Office theme? They kept hiring from the outside. Save the clip on your phone maybe originally they were going to have different people talking about toby leaving and they cut them all out but decided to leave pam’s for the hmmmmmm factor. Feder Goodbye. I mean, I never thought Phyllis was a genius or anything, but I love the idea of her being “together” enough to pull off the rockin’ carnival party. It was Troy the hobbit! I LOVED Pam’s reaction to seeing Troy suddenly appear at her desk. He seemed hurt that his friend didn’t mention him in any personal way. Someone please advise. Thank you though. Isn’t this the scene Rainn showed on the Leno show the other day? (I have verizon). i love you!!! Have it as a ringtone now :))))) Happy happy! #174: I’ve never had a deep fried Twinkie either. I am totally gonna bang Holly. Anyone have any success with a Verizon RAZR? Have it on my brand new iPhone 3G! I tried compressing the mp3 and sending either by email or the uploader that someone posted, but no luck.