My partner always makes fun of me when I say a wine tastes “salty.”. Reprinted from HOW TO DRINK WINE: The Easiest Way to Learn What You LikeCopyright © 2020 by The Infatuation Inc. and Grant Reynolds. What part of the world produces the most underrated wine? He was the second husband of Jillian. Editor's Picks: Science Fiction & Fantasy, The Joy of Mixology, Revised and Updated Edition, The Great British Baking Show: The Big Book of Amazing Cakes, The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer [binder edition], Discover Book Picks from the CEO of Penguin Random House US. This was an opportunity to explain that there are other affordable Italian white wines that are better than grocery store pinot grigio. We had old white and red burgundy, some of the most special wines that I’ve ever had. She said that she was regretting that it took six years to end the relationship. It’s like the cheap stuff is designed to not taste like much. The wines you drink need to reflect that.” He also notes that whatever you’re drinking on the beach is probably going to be served very cold, and that’s important to keep in mind when making choices. What’s a good entry point? The Best Wines to Drink This Summer According to Expert Sommelier Grant Reynolds The owner of Parcelle Wines, which just launched a delivery service in the Hamptons, reveals how to break the habit of the same reliable rosé Among the recommendations: pizza wines, beach sips and sweater weather pairings. It offered very actionable tips, like “Ultimately sniffing is just smelling” and “Body is how the wine feels in your mouth.” As I got more into wine, I realized it was less about '80s American Psycho excess and more about living within one’s means. Photo: Courtesy of Parcelle. Mostly to my partner, who is smarter than me and explains wine in a fun, approachable manner. By reading How to Drink Wine, you will: We are experiencing technical difficulties. And by Wine Guy, I meant: to possess the confidence and vocabulary to tell a trained professional what I like to drink, rather than relying on adjectives my parents threw around at Olive Garden in the ’90s. Good on you. When it comes to rosé, he’s quick to make the observation that people rarely have just one glass. Grant and Chris are like the masterful DJ you hear spinning at a party and make you ask, ‘How come when I play records it doesn’t sound as good?’ But they are not just doing it—they are showing you how, too. Sommelier Grant Reynolds, who is the owner of Parcelle Wines, says there’s more to imbibe this time of year than just rosé but also agrees it’s the season’s perfect quaff. He's on a mission to make the world of wine relatable without having to memorize 63 grape varietals. Use descriptors that are evocative? They’re lighter in body. I’ve been, shall we say, drinking more regularly given our current stay-at-home orders. California officials order delay in Bay Area’s Dungeness crab season We’re trying to encourage people to think beyond pinot grigio. They never taste as good months later, when you’re sitting in your lonely apartment. GR: I think people feel like they need to have seven different types of glassware in order to properly enjoy their wines. It should go like this: “We want to spend between $50 and $70, we really liked this bottle of Gamay recently, but want to try something different. You don’t need to study music to be into music. CLICK HERE TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS. Tannins refer to the bitter sensation you experience when drinking red wine. “We don’t have 35 types of rosé. Nice wine. The path to drinking wine with confidence begins with this very informative, very relatable, very entertaining book, thanks to award-winning sommelier and restaurateur Grant Reynolds and acclaimed writer and founder of The Infatuation, Chris Stang. You talk about this a bit in the book, but for real: What is natural wine? Reynolds Wine Growers SA. And that’s…okay! White wine is crisp or creamy. GR: I think people feel like they need to have seven different types of glassware in order to properly enjoy their wines. Grant Reynolds is an award-winning sommelier, included in Forbes’s 30 Under 30 in 2017 and named Wine & Spirits’ Best New Sommelier in 2013.He is the owner of the wine shop Parcelle and is a partner in the New York City restaurants Charlie Bird, Pasquale Jones, and Legacy Records. They also understand that great wine is about good living; it enrichens friendships, enlivens conversations, and rounds life’s rough edges. Go to a wine shop—not just any old liquor store, a wine shop—or a restaurant known for having a strong wine program. How to drink wine - grant reynolds - (ISBN: 9781984824684) | … From award-winning writing and photography to binge-ready videos to electric live events, GQ meets millions of modern men where they live, creating the moments that create conversations. There are different but relatable wines, which you’ll enjoy more than others if you can sort out which basic grape you like first. There are salty white wines. But don’t drink the wine out of a red Solo cup. They are different, and usually you know which one you're looking for. Also, I’m obsessed with Canary Islands wine made with indigenous grapes.” He’s also favoring producers from Mount Etna in Sicily and Corsican wines made with the Vermentino grape. I use "savory" a lot for reds, which really just means it doesn’t taste overly fruity. CS: We wanted to take a stand on that one. How to Drink Wine solves that problem. “It’s perfect—a little nutty, a little salty.”, His Recommendations: Tissot Crémant du Jura Rosé, Jura, NV, $30; Pierre Peters Cuvée Réserve Blanc des Blanc, $75, Sign up to receive the best in art, design, and culture from Galerie, © 2020 Galerie Media Group, LLC. That was easily the most ridiculous night of wine drinking I will ever have. Think of it like this: You have soup, salad, pasta, or meat. Chris Stang: Wine can be intimidating for some people. Whether you’re at a (50-percent capacity) restaurant or pondering the BevMo home delivery app, venturing outside your comfort zone into the depths of the wine world can be daunting. To get started, try to drink something objectively better than whatever you drank because it was the cheapest at the grocery store. When was the last time you heard of someone going to a seminar because they really enjoy watching football and want to know more about it? Or, contact our editors by emailing For that reason, he sells kegs and 64-ounce growlers of pink wine. Good on you. You have a PhD in Russian Poetry. CS: That’s interesting — I was going to go with Sicily. What’s one wine myth you’d like to debunk? Nonetheless, you can have one all-purpose glass and your experience won’t change much. I’m sorry, but salty is one of my favorite words. Sometimes you buy a bottle that’s just…okay. Treat it more like a hobby than academia. “The colder temperature affects flavors. Recipe request: Baked Eggs from Double Shot café in Taupo. What are five things every wine drinker needs to know? Your first newsletter will arrive shortly. . Grant Reynoldswas born on September 27, 1971, in Norfolk, Virginia. Photo: Courtesy of Parcelle, Parcelle at the Highway Restaurant in the Hamptons. So I started listening. 7 incredible Bay Area things to do this weekend GQ may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. There are four flavor zones to start in: two white and two red. With that in mind, he’s shared some tips on picking exactly what’s right to drink right now. what does it all mean? Spanish wine has come up only in the last couple of years. That’s our next book. You should talk to Grant, she said. It means nothing, but it’s probably the most common word people (parents) cling on to. Next to dry, don’t use sweet. Dry is cringeworthy. “How to Drink Wine demystifies this topic, taking out the BS and replacing it with fun.”—Mike D, the Beastie Boys Everybody knows that the world of wine can be vast and intimidating and complex. Whether you’re at a (50-percent capacity) restaurant or pondering the BevMo home delivery app, venturing outside your comfort zone into the depths of the wine world can be daunting. GR: We’ve really been talking about some of these lesser-known regions in Spain. We want normal people to learn what they like about wine, and break down some of the barriers. It’s an education. His Recommendation: Etna Rosso, I Custodi, ‘Pistus’ Sicily, 2017, $32, When it comes to sparkling wine, again he notes it’s not the season for anything too rich. Cuvée, maceration, sul tes . But don’t drink the wine out of a red Solo cup. They got married in 2006 and have two children together. Although it’s not the natural choice for days when the temperature is nearing 90, red wine still has a place on the table and connoisseurs should stay away from overly big, earthy, or aged wines. Grant, it turns out, was Grant Reynolds, an award-winning sommelier and owner of New York City–based wine shop Parcelle and a partner at the restaurants Charlie Bird, Pasquale Jones, and Legacy Records. Oh, and no one should ever describe a wine as “ethereal.” It’s an alcoholic beverage, not Aphrodite. “Delightful, whimsical.”—The Washington Post  “Grant and Chris have guided my way around wine and food for years. 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