Then pass the balloon around the circle again and ask everyone to answer three questions on the balloon. Employees shudder at the thought of meetings. Participants have the option of sending the letter, if the person is still alive. The person with the highest number then reads them off and everybody with a duplicate entry must cross it off their list. This game can be held with medium to large sized groups. Calli: 15 Tips For Sensational Slow Cooking. Sharon: Food Figuring Guide, How Much is Enough. This is the age old charade in a workplace setting. "Gratitude Guess Who" - This is a great table game, or post-dinner game! Make … Conducting this ice breaker game makes meetings participative, gives control to the facilitator and ensures that all participants understand the objective of holding the discussion. Everyone gets a five second limit before they pass on the ball to someone else. © Vantage Circle. Icebreakers. Now the second person must repeat the first person’s adjective and name and then add their own. If a movie is repeated more than once, the person who repeats is eliminated from the game. For every person in your office, write their name of 3 slips of paper, and drop them into a bag or a hat. To play this game, provide everyone with large-sized index cards and marker pens. The questions can be around the company’s founding date, biggest client, biggest challenge, company’s motto, busiest motto, etc. There is so much in our lives to be thankful for. Some people express gratitude by telling people they are grateful, some people pray and thank God, others think thoughts of gratitude. Brian Gabriel has been a writer and blogger since 2009, contributing to various online publications. It also develops the skill of asking the right questions to solve a problem. To make it interesting, you can conduct a quiz competition instead of handing out printouts or soft copies of the company’s history. For example- Serious Sam can turn out to be the funniest person ever! Nov 19, 2016 - Want to help your kids learn about gratitude? (source). Gratitude Grab Bag. When the time is up, everybody counts their number of entries. To bookmark a post, just click . Instead of just saying one thing they are grateful for and moving on, these questions will provide conversations and stories that will enrich the lives of those present, deepen you feelings of gratitude, and nourish the heart while you feed your body! Select various categories relating to your workplace like departments, situations, job roles and such. The rest of the group has to identify which job description is written by whom. To play this fun icebreaker, give out a piece of paper to each employee. It’s not that children aren’t … Ice breaker games can and should be conducted at workplaces. This has led us to achieve many great feats from time to time and the same continues even today. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. What is The Gratitude Game? For example- salt on one and pepper on a completely different paper. Check out “The Secret“ by Rhonda Byrne or check out the website Moments A Day for some Simple Gratitude games you can play with your […] Reply. A Complete Guide to Decoding and Driving Employee Engagement. They say, “we acknowledge something that was far above and beyond their typical responsibilities and thank each other for surpassing expectations.