“He managed to put his vehicle in gear and run down the shooter before he could reload. The documents showed that she did reimburse the Downtown Eastside charity for $32,992.57. TORONTO - Alex Kerfoot has an idea of what's coming. A Blueshore Financial Credit Union mortgage for the property was registered July 11, 2016. theBreaker also made repeated requests to the Office of the Premier for permission to inspect full copies of the disclosure and material change forms that Clark submitted to Fraser. U.S. officials said in their sentencing memo that before the shooting, Purdom “had fallen back into drug use and drug trafficking, including with Kerfoot.”. According to the RCMP, he has refused to make any statement about whom he was working for, and the investigation is ongoing.”. “However, circumstantial evidence does suggest Kerfoot did order the hit.”. The NDP granted this reporter a supervised inspection of Kwan’s cancelled cheque and her related bank statements. I was particularly surprised that there weren't specific figures available for Thohir, especially after he became majority owner of Inter Milan last year. “He admitted to submitting false sworn testimony in the Canadian extradition proceeding, at Kerfoot’s request. A Surrey man who pleaded guilty to leading a cross-border drug smuggling operation likely arranged the attempted murder of a witness in the case, new U.S. court documents reveal. While Clark was MLA for Vancouver Point Grey in 2012, her cabinet approved a $14.5 million grant to the Whitecaps, primarily to build a training centre at the University of B.C.’s main campus. The shooter also survived and is pending trial in Canada for the attempted murder. “Public libraries typically require proof of address and photo identification,” the report said. The U.S. sentencing memo says "it appears that Kerfoot decided to have (Purdom) killed in a last-ditch attempt to silence him before Kerfoot’s extradition could be completed.". expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Toronto One year ago, on April 7, 2016, real estate agent Tina Oliver posted a photo on Facebook. I can't say enough good things.". Clark walked away from theBreaker’s questions after the April 26 televised leaders’ debate (see video below). “Perhaps he thought he could fight a war of attrition — but this office and our law enforcement partners are committed to holding leaders of drug trafficking organizations responsible for the poison they spread both here and in Canada.”. Former NHLer Dominic Moore organizes the event and also happens to be a Crimson alumni. Lombardi said Kerfoot “appears to have had every advantage growing up,” yet still became a criminal. The B.C. Last fall, her spokesman Ben Chin claimed, without showing any proof, that Clark was paying $5,500 to $6,500 per month to rent the Dunbar house. Purdom also said “that Kerfoot made a not-so-veiled threat against him.”. Kerfoot and Sangha both moved their corporate records to the same Langley law firm last summer. He grew up alongside Maple Leafs defenceman Morgan Rielly, and his father owns a professional soccer team. It is a vehicle to stop secrecy, unravel the spin and enable citizens to better scrutinize those who hold power and influence on the west coast of Canada and beyond. B.C. For as low as $2 a month, you can help support theBreaker.news on Patreon, Many questions remain about Christy Clark’s Dunbar dwelling, Aspects of Sangha and Kerfoot’s business affairs are intermingled. Kerfoot does know a thing or two about being the centre of attention, even if it's begrudgingly. Clark had lived in a house less than a kilometre south of Vancouver city hall, since she moved in 2005 from Port Moody with hopes of becoming Vancouver’s mayor. © 2020 Edmonton Sun, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. All rights reserved. "It's great to play in markets where fans are interested and there's exposure," Kerfoot said. It caused more than 30 seconds of commotion on Facebook, when several of her followers offered their congratulations throughout the day. Assistant U.S. Attorney Vince Lombardi said in the memo that “Kerfoot repeatedly suborned perjury” in addition to “likely” ordering the hit on Purdom. Hours earlier, Purdom drove a powerboat across the border into Washington to pick up 41 kilos of cocaine and drop off the black bag full of ecstasy. Purdom’s evolving role as a witness in the U.S. case against his former friend has been the subject of several court rulings in B.C. watches as United States in an excited state, Exclusive: Wilkinson stands behind BC Liberal platform, campaign despite crushing Oct. 24 loss, Lawyer grills RCMP officer about why Meng Wanzhou’s Canadian connection was missing from document. Oliver’s website said the 2005-built house was listed at $3.488 million, but sold for $3.688 million. “On August 2, 2016 — approximately two weeks after Kerfoot lost his intermediate appeal of his extradition — Kerfoot asked (Purdom) to go meet with another drug trafficker to pick up narcotics in a parking lot in British Columbia," the documents state. There was an error, please provide a valid email address. But that’s the position that all of her glib answers, all of her glib filings, have put us in,” Travis said. British Columbia laws do not require the registration and reporting of beneficial owners of land or companies. Pavilion Corporation signed a new B.C. In its No Reason to Hide report last December, Transparency International said it is harder to get a library card than to register real estate or a business in Canada. Kerfoot does know a thing or two about being the centre of attention, even if it's begrudgingly. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Lions. The summary version for public eyes, filed Jan. 16 with the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, said Clark is receiving rental income on a residential property. "But they haven't got into specifics. Registry Services database shows Sangha is the sole director of Carrera Management. All UPDATE, May 4: Bob Mackin spoke briefly with Clark’s lawyer, John Esson, on May 1 after sending him a detailed request by email to see Clark’s tenancy contract, cancelled rent cheques and annual conflict of interest disclosure submission.