The Rebels find their success when the entire team devotes to a defensive structure which clogs up the neutral zone and forces turnovers. With that said, their game can breakdown quickly when their breakouts are not on point. To find success in the Semi-Finals, The Marlies will need to be hard and fast on the puck, and work more effectively as a team to generate offence. Greater Toronto Hockey League U15 (GTHL U15) - Complete rosters, stats, standings, awards and facts from In fact, these four teams have been so consistently dominant that their records make up four of the best five records over the past three seasons of GTHL Minor Midget hockey. The Red Wings boast one of the top goaltenders for the 2019 OHL Draft in Joshua Rosenzweig, allowing the team to make more high-risk decisions, but they will need to play a safe and structured game against the Rebels in order to replicate their regular season success, where they went 18-0-2 in their final 20 contests. They boast an active defensive core with tremendous size and strength, making for an intimidating opponent to go up against. Facing an opponent who can sometimes struggle to produce secondary scoring, the Nats will find success by sticking to their guns and playing a responsible and composed game. Related: Catch up with all of our 2019 OHL Prospect Profiles. The Rebels were the league’s second-best defensive team through the regular season, allowing just 1.76 goals per game, a testament to their forwards’ defensive responsibility and the play of goaltender, Justin Wu. The Nats are one of the few teams in Ontario who can roll all three lines without getting burned. Further, the Marlies will need to be able to trust their goaltending more than usual in order to allow their top defenders to join in on the offensive side. In this series, they must focus on taking care of defence before offence. The Red Wings ran into severe trouble in their first round series when the Rebels were able to neutralize their speed and transitions. Another aspect where Vaughan can potentially cash in is on turnovers, The Nationals tend to give their defencemen tons of leeway to join the rush or bring the puck up ice themselves. Minor Atom A. When they’re confident and flying on the ice, they can be just as unstoppable as the Flyers. The Flyers ran away as the first seed this year, posting an incredible 30-0-3 record with 208 goals for and just 44 goals against. Despite being relatively even in most aspects on paper, the Nationals’ goaltending and scoring depth should be the difference in this series. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Marlies on the other hand, cannot say the same, and that could be the difference here. Vaughan finds their success in tight-checking, low-scoring games. They certainly have the skating and skill to join the rush and create opportunities, but they will need to be able to trust their goaltending in order to jump into the play more often. Related: Catch up with all of our 2019 OHL Prospect Profiles. The Marlies will need to play up to their potential regardless of the opponent to find success in the playoffs. They will prove to be too strong and powerful on defence for the Senators to overcome, although they stand a chance to push the series to five game. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 2014-2015. Further, James Norton will need to be at his best to limit the Marlies high-powered offence. 1. In the end, all four favourites came away as victors and booked their ticket to the 2019 OHL Cup, but there were certainly some tremendous battles along the way. They have consistently overwhelmed the Marlies this year with a combination of smart and effective puck movement, hard forechecking, and excellent goaltending. The Flyers will need to focus their attention on this line, because when the Wings boast two scoring lines, they’re a tough team to stop. 0.6452. Keeping the end-goal in sight, the Marlboros must lean on their strengths. 1. This will be imperative against the high-powered Red Wings, whose bread and butter comes from speed on the rush. Breakout Star of the Month. FINAL STANDINGS . The Red Wings boast a high-octane offence with scoring depth through their top two lines. At times, Don Mills has slight troubles exiting their own zone with controlled possession. Dineen’s legacy lives on through family Warsofsky prepared for new opportunity with Maple Leafs Panthers re-sign Marchment Gabriel, Megna join San Jose organization The AHL. As long as Don Mills sticks to their game plan, they will have no trouble booking their ticket for the second round. If Vaughan can pressure their top defenders and pick a few pockets, they may be able to generate enough offence to earn some points. During the regular season, the Nats have seemed to have the Marlies number in terms of how the two teams matchup. The Nationals boast some of the hardest-working players in the GTHL, with a combination of size and strength, they can be an intimidating team to go up against. They have received solid secondary scoring as well, and draw even more offence from a defensive core that isn’t afraid to join the rush and get pucks on net from the blue line. A GTHL Top Prospect, Norton has shown flashes of high potential, as well as inconsistencies, throughout the 2018-19 campaign. The Nationals boast a combination of defensive and goaltending depth that is second-to-none. Their team is simply too deep at every position, and while the Red Wings were able to steal a point from their perfect season, the Flyers will prove too much to handle over the course of a playoff series, although the Red Wings may be able to force an extra game or two out of them. They play a low-risk game and stay out of the penalty box. Prospect Pipeline’s 2019 OHL Draft Rankings, 2020 NHL Draft Ranking: Final Top-62 Prospects. Place. The Mississauga Rebels also showed the potential to become a true contender, but a five-game losing streak in the middle of the season dropped them into the fifth seed with plenty of separation above and below them. Greater Toronto Hockey League. They utilize their speed to pressure the Flyers’ breakouts and can trap them in their own end for extended periods of time. GTHL 2007-08 Playoffs. 1. Once again, for the fourth consecutive season, it was the Don Mills Flyers who walked away with the Pro Hockey Life Cup as Regular Season Champions. It’s virtually impossible to stop Don Mills’ offence, so instead, the Red Wings must focus on increasing their offensive zone time and looking at the big picture of the series in order to not lose their energy level. Related: Check out all of Prospect Pipeline’s 2019 OHL Draft Rankings. They can find their breakouts and transition game. In the second tier, all three of the Toronto Nationals, Marlboros, and Red Wings battled in tight competition until the very end, where the teams were separated by just two points. With two of the top goaltenders in the GTHL on their side, the Nationals’ defensive core is given extra freedom to join the offensive side of things, often joining the play to create odd-man rushes and blasting shots on net from the point to create offensive opportunities. Through two periods of the seventh game, the Red Wings were controlling the pace of play and held a 3-0 lead heading into the third and final period. The 2019 GTHL Playoffs are now entering the Semi-Finals, with the top four seeds from the Regular Season still remaining. Further, the Red Wings must keep their composure and stay out of the penalty box, as Don Mills’ power play features five potential first round picks for the 2019 OHL Draft. Change ). The Marlboros often play to the level of their opponents, allowing them to find success against Ontario’s top competition, while also struggling at times against the GTHL’s basement dwellers. A roster with virtually no holes, including two of the league’s top goaltenders, the Nats have the capability to beat teas at both ends of the ice. Although the Rangers have given the Flyers a run for their money at times in their matchups, Don Mills has too much scoring depth and the ability to find a way to win close games. To avoid the disruptive advertisements and subscription fees which we all despise, please consider making a small contribution today. This is a team that can be prone to penalty box parades, which can always come back to hurt against top teams. It seems as though the Marlboros can sometimes get ahead of themselves in games they should win, playing a high-risk, dangerous style of game. GP. They stick to a fast and hard-hitting game. Enter your email address to follow Prospect Pipeline and receive notifications of new posts by email. In fact, when the Nationals stick to their game and play a physical, smart puck-moving game, the Marlies are generally overwhelmed by their depth. 55. If North York can buy into a tight-checking, hard on the puck style of play, they may be able to earn notable zone time. GTHL Alumni. If they can stay out of penalty trouble and be smart with the puck, they should find great success in this series. 1. ( Log Out /  The Red Wings give up their fair share of scoring chances against, but with Rosenzweig in the pipes, the Rebels will need to move the puck laterally to open up holes in the star netminder. © 2020 . They completed an undefeated regular season and went 3-0-0 against the North York Rangers, outscoring them 15-to-7 in those games. They receive secondary scoring and strong goaltending. Whether the secondary scoring comes from their blue or from their second and third line is another topic, but they will need to find some extra offence from somewhere.