This aspect changes the special to Magnetic Cutter. How to get Cerberus in Roblox Adopt Me’s Halloween 2020 event, How to get Halloween candy in Roblox Adopt Me – Halloween 2020 update, How to complete the Silver Stars Moise Kean objective in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. The Breaching Skewer and Chain Skewer upgrades work best. The Hera Aspect lets you load bloodstones into your attack. This aspect capitalizes on the accuracy needed to use this weapon well. The Zagreus Aspect increases your max ammo for the weapon up to an additional 12 ammo. The downside to this aspect is that it cuts your max life and healing effects in half when fully leveled. Either be patient and do runs, or fudge them and suicide until it comes up, there is really nothing else you can do to move it along. This is great for dealing with ranged enemies as you can strike them with a thrown spear then rush in close to take them out. At its highest level, this aspect increases speed and dash distance by 25% making it excellent for speed builds. Malphon is the newest weapon added to the game. Upgrading your Cast attack and ammo at the Mirror of Night can create a very unique build for this blade. The special attack fires a volley of arrows in a cone wherever you are aiming. This supercharged special when stacked with boons can make bosses like Alecto and Theseus and Asterius much easier to deal with. The Critical chance increases with each level up to 10%. Each weapon requires a unique playstyle and can drastically change the pace and the difficulty of the game. Poseidon boons are usually pretty good for the shield regardless of the aspect being used as they can stack knockback damage with the main attack. This buff is really nice as Critical damage, even if there is only a small chance for it, can be very helpful in the later parts of escape runs. This weapon will also look a bit familiar to fans of certain Marvel movies. The Long Knuckle upgrade from the Daedalus Hammer can help thanks to the increased range, but this effect is still probably best saved for boss and mini-boss battles. Boons from most of the other gods like Zeus do secondary damage which can be good for damage over time builds but will not pull the same numbers on initial attacks. This ability to block damage is extremely useful in boss fights against Megaera and Hades due to their ranged attacks. The upgrades for this aspect should probably be purchased last since the ammo change is the only benefit. Players will need to stay mindful of their bloodstones and be sure to pick them up after they have dislodged. You could have searched. The dodge chance added by this aspect is very useful since the close-ranged playstyle for this weapon makes you easier to hit. It has a medium-range with a good balance between speed and strength. You can make up for the slower attack speed with boons from Hermes like Swift Strike and Swift Flourish. The dash attack is similar to the main attack but if well practiced can be used to fire more quickly with lower max damage. This aspect is great for chain attack and fast attack builds. When using this aspect your special temporarily creates a stationary defensive aura the slows down enemies in the area and reduces the amount of damage you take. The primary attack is a quick combo of five punches that deal low damage. The DoT caused by Dionysus’ Hangover and the debuff caused by Aphrodite’s Weak can make stronger enemies a cakewalk when combined with Critical damage. Hades, the Greek mythology-themed action-roguelike from Supergiant Games, ostensibly gives you six weapons to play with. Players that prefer a longer-ranged playstyle will need to adapt to this aspect or pass over it altogether. To get the full effect against stronger enemies you will basically be reloading after every shot which is tedious and time-consuming. The damage from Thunder Flourish also stacks with the two hits in the special and creates an AoE attack that can do a lot of damage.