But we can guarantee that you'll be giggling yourself silly while watching any of the funny anime moments on this list of some of the most hilarious series ever. Saitama is an unassuming man who quit his day job to pursue his dream of being a hero. And we all love to watch anime with our significant others...so that we can witness what our favorite characters are doing with their significant others. Golden Boy is a classic comedy anime that fans will enjoy worldwide. You can check out this list of similar anime if you enjoy this one. And high school boys? Its humor won over audiences and it ranked in at number nine in Newtype magazine for most popular series that year. Need something to brighten your day? Sounds like a decent plan that might have worked, but the residents of Goto Islands refuse to leave Seishuu alone! set the standard! Now, Gintama has to be one of the most hilarious and comedic series, with some great action scenes as well, that I have seen in a long time. Its literally the one that got myself and my friends into anime. This classic comedy stands the test of time as one of the best funny anime ever. Here are 20 of the best, as chosen by Japanese netizens! Aliens, pirates, magicians, odd beings, and practically everything you can imagine—nobody can get in the way of the fun of Gintoki and the rest! Gintama is an anime unlike any other. I'm Sakamoto, it's really good! I enjoyed Nichijou bc I usually watch action anime. Great Teacher Onizuka explores how Onizuka solves the problem of having delinquent students. Suicidal as it may sound, this show actually kills—with laughter that is! One Punch Man is a superhero anime that completely and utterly makes fun of superheroes. Sakamoto desu ga? In hindsight, he should have gone with something more useful. Oe Kintarou is a brilliant young mind who was on the brink of graduating university when he decided to quit despite completing all of his courses. We all agree on that. Press Room The baby is the son of the Demon Lord, Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, also known as Baby Beel. At the same time, he prevents Eu from her masou-shoujo magic power, which leaves her with no choice but to have Ayuma fighting against the anti-masou-shoujo system in her stay. Question: I heard that Gintama also has tragic moments. Gintoki is a prime example of this outcome, as he looks for work doing anything in order to survive while living in a brave new world with monsters, Yakuza, and E.T. But ultimately, the tragic moments are mostly parodies and often lead to hilarious endings. Allowed to take a single item with him and angered over being mocked by the obnoxious deity, Kazuma picks Aqua as his companion. And just so you know, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (a.k.a. the main character's grandfather is a tsundere for god's sake. The prettiest boys at Ouran High School come together to serve as the host club – so what does that mean? You’ll understand when you watch! You can probably guess what happens next. As part of their club activities, they help with any problem no matter what, although the requests are not as frequent as you can imagine. You could listen to the masses and go with whatever anime they deem funny, but how about comedy anime that are created with the sole intention of being funny? The show is also braver and more daring than other shows, making satire out of political scandals and racial issues. This is our list of top 10 comedy anime, but wait! Sakamoto is cool, and so is his show! While not a psychic, Hitomi Mishima's journey from unassuming middle-school student to businesswoman might just be the funniest thing in the whole series! While there is a fair amount of slapstick, Kinema Citrus' comedy is character driven and puts the protagonist through the wringer! As a result, the medium is perfectly suited for comedy. Every anime on this list is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, even if you've just watched Grave of the Fireflies. Everything he does is cool, cooler, and coolest! The series is about the Devil King Sadao who is just one step away from conquering the world. Been watching too much Berserk? Prepare for one of the silliest and most hilarious anime ever! All the talent in the world does not justify punching a critic in the face for describing an artist's work as "unoriginal." Absolutely. is definitely a treat to watch and will surprise anyone who hasn't seen it before. Are they in love? So don’t hold back now. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Other than that, pretty solid list. Although they are not connected to the main storyline, these bonus episodes will engulf you in an ocean of different emotions. Hogging the spotlight of the number two spot, Sakamoto desu ga? Watch thousands of dubbed anime episodes on Anime-Planet. Did we mention that this is actually a shounen anime? The teenager largely keeps his powers in check, but strange people seem to naturally gravitate towards him. Well, Nichijou is so crazy it’s insane! This anime was licensed for an English release back in 2010 but never saw one. That is the goal that caused him to leave his bike gang ways, however, his new class really puts him to the test. Because of his philosophy in life which goes like this: “Never be indebted to anyone, ever!" Oh, what an eccentric teacher to have! sometimes i have to force myself to stop watching it, it's that funny! School Rumble is a show that doesn't really follow a plot because its too busy throwing random situations of guys chasing girls, while providing some hilarious jokes and some that are just down right silly. (a.k.a. It’s so cool, it’s also hilarious! Reuniting staff members who worked on Cowboy Bebop, Bones' anime is jam-packed with references and should be tried by any sci-fi fans. This series was actually a financial flop in Japan when it saw low sales at release. At the same time, another classmate of Tenma's, Harima Kenji, is in love with her and he's too shy to confess his feelings. Except, Kintarou never sticks around long enough to enjoy his popularity. Here are some anime series that combine action and comedy to create explosive laughter. It does not sugarcoat the hard work required to maintain a business and tackles the lack of security that defines the market. From treading the path of normalcy to dashing towards the ludicrous, the six main characters, as well as some others, shall live everyday with high spirits and positivity! You have the prodigies in A class, who have reclining seats with air conditioning?! Well, you’ll just have to see! While the two have their ups and downs, things take a turn for the worse when other psychics start to show up to capture Hina. Saitama is utterly plain and dull looking, but when he wants to be, he can actually look like a superhero---until he goes back to being dull looking. The songs tackle some truly wicked topics, but the series struck comedy gold by contrasting Souichi's timid personality with Krauser II's fiery screaming. As a tribute to and a parody of the older Osomatsu cartoons, Studio Pierrot's comedy cares little about logic and prefers to offer an irreverent experience that oscillates between hilarious and disgusting. The series is about a high school boy named Aikawa Ayuma who one day is killed by a serial killer and then suddenly revived as a zombie. From falling octodogs to a trolling loli professor, it’s hard not to find a character to like in Nichijou. I’m Sakamoto) demonstrates to all its shine of being cool, cooler, and coolest! After opening the box, a psychic called Hina comes out and decides to start living with Nitta. (Gintama. Who knew you could have so much power prepping fries? Nino only wants one thing in return though, to fall in love! Well-deserving of the spotlight, prepare to drop your jaw by means of endless laugher! Jokes, weirdos, unusual settings, gag moments—Arakawa Under the Bridge has all of these! entrepreneurs. Ente Isla is the home base of the demon lord Satan and his loyal generals of darkness. Azumanga Daioh is a classic comedy series that is filled with everyday life experiences and challenges in some of the funniest ways possible. Baka no Test to Shoukarijuu is one of the funniest series I've seen, and it's filled with a lot of cliche characters in a stereotypical setting, who express their idiotic romances in the most hilarious way. grand blue definetly deserves a place in this. It's funny in a different kind of way than normal comedy animes, plus its actually heartwarming sometimes. Gintama is Japan's answer to those shows. Oh, let’s not forget that Onizuka is a bum who doesn’t even have a home! Who wants to laugh their hearts out? ", the disastorous life of saiki is a lot better than sakamoto, Gintama is the best. He’s always depressed, in despair, and always in an attempt to take the easy way out! The Amanto aliens are the cause of it all! Stoic and unable to comprehend human emotions, Hina's deadpan delivery juxtapositions perfectly with Nitta's passionate reactions. And so, with the wacky situation left as it is, things have led to Chiyo becoming his assistant! Ah, I See You're a Man of Culture As Well.