Understanding it all is hard sometimes even for Justin, who lives it every day, but all the same, it just doesn’t seem fair to keep Aaron out. “HELLOOO EVERYONE, look at my beautiful girlfriend-”, “Fred get down!” everyone was looking at you with wide eyes, “You see,” he grinned, “ She is refusing to go to Honeydukes with me,”, “Merlin Fred,” you climbed up on the table, “Don’t you ever know how to shut up,”, “Make me,” Fred challenged, so you pulled him down by the neck of his tie and whispered, “Is that a challenge Weasley?”, “Mmhm maybe so, princess…,” Fred smirked wrapping his hands around your hips “are you up for the challenge?”. That’s all i ask is that she isn’t that…cause it’d make NO sense! #tumblt is still blocked here............. #still got a long way to go in terms of colouring but at least the poses are getting way better, #no idea if the elephant shrew is actually a patronus but, #it's fig's patronus that's for damn sure, #omg we finally have a ravenclaw in the group, #wanted to draw these two since a while actually, #so I hope this will make you smile a little, #a;sldkfaj;sldkfj ;aslkdjf ;lkj im so sorry, #wtf has harry potter done to me im legit shipping oc x canon over here. And I asked Fred to the Yule Ball. :’D. During her first year, she befriended a fellow house member, Luna Lovegood, and while the two share different personalities, they work very well together as best friends. It makes me feel like I’m doing something good for the world.”. Having grown up on her grandparents’ ranch, Santana always thought she was tough. Their surrogate, Jessica, is a dream, and Aaron’s life changes forever the first time he holds little Myna Jean Dursley in his arms. “You, uh, get sick of Dan or something,” he asked. Peter turned traitor, Sirius wrongfully accused, James and Lily dead, and Riddle thought to be also. “God,” he says to Justin, after nearly knocking over a display. Always dressed in designer brands and luxurious fabrics, true to her family name, she can often be spotted in black. Family/Friends: I am the twin sister of Harry potter, and our parents died when we were young. After the events of the second wizarding war, Olivette is displaced from the life she’d known. Aaron Finch is the Muggle older brother of Justin Finch-Fletchley. Founder: Ara Valmore - Stories: 65 - Followers: 0 - id: 130033 Shining the spotlight on the OC's of the Harry Potter Universe! Why would he separate the Boy who lived and his sister? here we go. Jacqueline, at finding out just how much Alexis is worth, lets her charm her, but in time, they’ll find that their lives were destined to intertwine. She’s super smart, super beautiful, a Slytherin with morals, very aware of social problems in magical world (ekhem, slavery, ekhem torture horror prison) and set on fixing them. But also, I am not going to return right away, and if I do, I am most likely not going to return here. That year I found out thatI was an anmagus but I didn’t want to tell anyone. rules: choose an oc, then post a gif with zero context for each prompt. As far as I know, this issue has been addressed over and over on tumblr and other communities, so I’m quite sure that you can easily find the resources. By CriticalCritiques Watch. (and the Always Insufficient Energy) (On Hiatus), So I made a quick profile template for HPHM (and all Harry Potter Related OCs in General), In the meantime I changed Clarisse’s name to Dear Love (This was a thing in Korean HPHM fandom so I thought Why Not? I have long legs that are meant for running. He left the classroom shortly after. Not one to let things slide, Santana goes to the NYPD the next morning and Olivia Benson is put on her case. You can send us an ask off anon and we’ll help you with what worries you! How about today you tell me about your main character(s)? 11 notes Jan 13th, 2020. One day, during a summer that feels particularly fortuitous with its Muggle and Muggleborn-friendly legislature and new Ministry programs, Justin drags Aaron to a shop in Diagon Alley. When Justin comes back from his sixth year at Hogwarts, saying that he won’t be able to return the next year because of highly anti-muggleborn sentiments, Aaron is secretly - shamefully - a little bit relieved. He cannot imagine, in that moment, ever doing anything. you’re not gonna get anywhere in life by sitting around expecting everything to be handed to you on a silver platter. Imogen Wood has secrets, things she’d like to forget, and a past she wants to put behind her. When I finally got to Hogwarts I meet Harry for the first time. I don’t care what their blood status is or what house they are in. Habits And Mannerisms: Chewing her fingernails, Signature Quote: “I like to watch things grow and help them to thrive. Even if that does happen, I doubt that my MC would forgive Rakepick, considering that she m u r d e r e d their best friend (*gasp*). Not in any position to refuse, she accepts his kind, if not so romantic offer. With him gone, Tisiphone Carrow once again found herself trapped inside Hogwarts’ walls, where she would remain for twelve agonizing years before the truth of that night finally comes to light. I have almond shaped emerald eyes, with thick eye lashes. ©2013–2020 marysuetopia Theme by magnusthemes. Altair: This is the most threatening way I’ve ever been cheered up. +) I really enjoy seeing other people’s inktober works and am totally grateful of those artists & the person who created HPHM inktober. It took her a few years to become accustomed to it, and when she had finally settled down and gotten on her feet, the city dealt her another blow. He never focuses too much on the coursework, it seems secondary anyway. He even did a promposal, in class, like Heather had told him to. Aaron has unrealistic expectations - he thinks life is beautiful and is very comfortable with his place in it, and gets a little uncomfortable when that belief is shaken. In her second year, she met Atticus Bly, a muggleborn Hufflepuff, and they became a dynamic duo instantly. I repeat that i used this in combination with another template: Harry Potter OC: Ryan ElswoodHello. Would they rather have stability or comfort? May 2, 1945, was the day of her death. And she feel anger many times of her life. Find and follow posts tagged harry potter oc on Tumblr. Actually Charlie make fun of Samanthas bad handwriting sometimes. Submit a post. We’re more than open for doubts about anything, really! “But I can’t quite remember how to cast it,”. Just because it’s not written doesn’t mean it’s not there. They have their issues, of course: Dudley has food issues that never quite dissipate, and lots of leftover guilt from his childhood.