OUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS AND EXCELLENT MARKSMANSHIP. Given the distance and trajectory, the risk should be pretty low. Besides, this is a secret fantasy for every man. I would be more worried about all the schrapnel coming from under the mower being thrown up from the blade than from the firearm Hickock45 is a veteran firearm shooter and knows what he is doing and does it safely, just the post of another person that dont know what they are talking about stirring up crap. JavaScript is disabled. He gives good reviews and he and John are very entertaining. Any responsible person would do well to look at these reviews before buying specific firearms. Like the people posting these comments are markmen or something. What is wrong with this video? I think you’d have a difficult argument saying one would take any shrapnel in this situation. The bullet penetrates the lawn mower an exits into the ground, there’s NO shrapnel to speak of and he has taken the time to wear all of his PPE. Since I abandon college to join the army, can somebody of local intellectual type made calculations concerning real danger posed by that “shrapnel”? You need to get your facts straight. Any of us who have owned dogs know how it feels. , i have to agree with the previous posts, hickok45 is one of the best out there, and the source of lots of good reference information. I wonder if they would yell silently? I do and I am from South Africa. FLAME DELETED, I’ve been shooting for….nevermind…the earth’s crust was still kinda warm yet He had glasses on and was no closer to that mower than when he is normally shooting at steel targets. Hickok is a pillar of the gun owner community and this author is a wanker. Your bio says: “Ben is an aspiring gun-writer….”. Only someone with a massive pole up their ass would criticize his videos being exclusively for the inexperienced and children. He gets a lot of heat for not being critical enough of the guns he showcases. Nothing in a lawn mower can come close to the hardness of AR500. This is no more dangerous than shooting steel plates. He’s not about to do some stunt without fully checking out the hazards and making sure he and his son are safe. I bet you’re the type of gun owner who likes to rattle off a Kreighoff rifle parts list at parties and argues bullet weight to velocity ratios with the 16 year old sporting goods clerk at Walmart. TTAG – you’re on the wrong side of history this time. Has the basics for all you IGNORANT NEWBS, down pat. All in all, by my standards Hickok45 is the best youtuber that there is. Hickok45 is one of the responsible good guys out there. You could apologize and that would be a good first step…. You don’t see him taking 30 minutes to “properly inbox the product”!! Hickock45 is not someone I’d trust very far. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is deleting this website from their bookmarks. People are so negative. Hickok45 is a YouTube channel created by Greg Kinman, a retired middle-school English teacher and former police offer with a tour of ten years from Tennessee. If the weapon is reliable, and he can hit what he shoots (and i have never seen him have that problem) he is satisfied. Find another profession. Have a good day. Moreover, I won’t even consider buying a firearm without first checking to see if he’s done a video on the item and watching it to obtain his impressions. Rock on Hickok! Serve a tour with me in the sand box and you’ll know what shrapnel really is, Ben. I can see why so many just have not had a good day unless they check in on this seasoned gun owner. As someone else posted already, Hickok45 is the man everyone wishes was their grand father, I’ll extend that to include, father, uncle, friend, hickok45 would be great in all those roles and many more, there is only 1 role I would not want him to fill, and that role is that of an enemy! Hickok45 has done more for the firearms community then you ever will. d8^). He had some very sad news today. Leave the man alone. Another retired law enforcement/firearms instructor here. And my first encounter with a renegade lawn mower didn’t If you have writer’s block or posted this article just to bitch about something, the find another subject. I hope this might ease you just a little. In the video above, Hickok45 and his son explain what happened over the course of those few scary days. John. Hickok45 is a standup guy. Hickock45 has a great video on gun safety, which I frequently reference when talking to new shooters on gun safety. Luckily, the channel was back up and running before a lot of the conspiracies could start coming to light. Well, the people have as we’ve worked very hard to bring all the world’s problems here. Whether it is for recreational or defensive purposes, I have always found (and most likely always will find) that all of his methods go by textbook gun safety. See the cockroaches everywhere. Trying to uphold the words “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free….” has seriously backfired. You are right, Dave. There are egos and then there is Hickock45 who is in a class by himself. FLAME DELETED. How childish! There is a reason Bud’s Gun Shop sponsors the guy. His approach is always safe. Don’t see the problem. Reply. And people who mimick you are hilarious…. Just because a man has fun with his guns doesn’t mean he’s irresponsible. I’m appalled. I need a laugh once in a while. Bennie, you sound like a jealous doosh. Good Luck gun writing……. I think that “Wee Willy” is his girl friend’s nickname for him! By the by, how could you be so delusional as to think you are qualified to offer “constructive criticism” to your betters? . How does he know to be gentle but dogs instinctively know.