ready to be harvested when the seeds have turned black. It can be planted right away or stored until spring.Since most Hostas are hybrids the seeds will take on the characteristics of one of the parent plants. The pods above are too green to harvest the seeds so I will place them in a paper bag and let them dry. Watering the seeds will ensure good contact between the seeds and soil, so compacting the soil at planting is not recommended. I think the hardest part about seed saving is finding the seeds. I sow the hosta seeds in quart-sized plastic plant pots, hopefully labeled and one variety to a pot. Clear plastic wrap, nursery pot lids or domes. I live in CA, and have OSH, Lowe’s, and a Capital Nursery nearby. I have a huge Hosta in a good position and would really like to leave it in the ground but just reduce its size at one end. I know the offspring probably will not have the same beautiful blue color as their parents, but I’m hoping for some nice plants regardless! Many areas have a huge problem with the hosta virus, and one infected plant can spread the virus to other hostas quite easily. I keep my seeds in a cool dry place once the seeds are throughly dry. Cover the pots or flats with a clear plastic cover to create a greenhouse effect. The cover can then gradually be removed for more hours each day to slowly acclimate the tender young plants to their surroundings. Hi! I fill each pot nearly full with potting mix and press it down lightly. Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! The differences between the hostas I collect seed from and the hostas I grow from that seed are amazing. Thank you. I check the pots every few days for signs of germination, and usually within two weeks there will be some seedlings starting to pop up out of the soil. If you want to get exactly the same plant it’s best to dig and divide your Hostas this month. I’ve divided before, but voles and moles have eaten almost all of mine up – will have to start with a new fresh batch this year, unfortunately! I let each pot drain for several minutes, seal it in a large plastic bag, and put it a warmish place. When the pods are dry you will need to be very careful when opening them as the seeds are paper thin and break easily. I use fresh potting soil each time I transplant (in the spring I add the “used” soil to the gardens outside). Some of my hostas produced loads of seed pods this year. Can’t wait to try growing hostas from seed!!!! Hostas can easily be started by seed and will produce a new plant seedling in a matter of weeks. By mid-August, my hostas are no longer. Today I am going to show you how to save Hosta seeds from your garden. The seed pods need to be a tan colour and dry before harvesting your seeds. I picked the seeds shown in the video below from this variegated Hosta. Today I just picked pods from 5 or 6 varieties of hostas (with permission! How Did Your Vegetable Garden Grow This Season? Some of these will develop streaks… other seedlings will start out as streaked and mature into a solid color. Golden Glow (Rudbeckia laciniata hortensia), The Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15 — Fruits and Vegetables and Pesticide Residue. I’m in zone 8 and start most seeds inside. Plant your hosta seeds approximately a 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep in the potting soil. Can u plant the seeds in the ground in late September in ohio or will they have to be started indoors. I never cull any of my hosta seedlings… partly because culling goes against my philosophy, and partly because a seedling that doesn’t look very promising at a few months or a year old will often turn into a beauty. If the winter is cold I will bring my seedlings into a protected area such as a greenhouse or cold frame. I disinfect and re-use the same cups year after year. Jeffrey, I have had great results without stratification. Hosta seeds should be started indoors in the late winter or spring. I have not been happy with purchased hosta seeds. Then I scatter seeds … In the past I’ve had some success just direct-seeding into the ground outside, but I’m sure that I’ll have much higher rates of germination, then of mature plants, by pampering the seeds and seedlings like you recommend. Above is a flower stalk from one of my Hosta plants. Its fun to experiment with seeds. You need to buy hostas as dormant, bare-root divisions or potted plants.