That's because State By State: Differences In How States Handle Driver’s License Renewals, Washington State Passes New Distracted Driving Law That Bans Holding a Cellphone While Driving. Some have been Available from September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018. it for maintenance. West Virginia doesn’t have an emissions inspection, so you don’t have to worry about that at all if your vintage car interests include cars from the ’90s. The money saved in tax resulted in a cottage industry of shady folks that would set up a Montana LLC specifically to register a car to the company, and then lie about the place where it was domiciled. Or you can register it as an Antique for $10 per year with the “exhibitions and special events” restrictions that most states have. running truck. are issued for passenger cars, trucks, or motorcycles that are at least 25 years A cursory search reveals that your additional sales tax can be up to 5.513 percent. Historic Vehicle plates are for those 25 years old or older. Google Chrome, work on it, and the needed repair parts. But we digress. That’s a unique win for restorers in Colorado. Antique car license plates in Texas may be issued for a period of five years to owners of vehicles that qualify as antique rides. Mine is registered as an Antique and has the Antique license plates on it. If I said they were If there were day-of-the-week and holiday restrictions, the score was 50. Are our numbers accurate or do you think your state is way more classic-car friendly than we’ve given it credit for? vehicle event" would be that, if your vehicle qualifies for participation, you The Ocean State also assesses a labyrinthine excise tax every year. stated so their lack of knowledge shows up again. Registering a car in Allegheny County means you’ll pay an additional percent on top of that. Classic registration is cheap at just $16, and you only pay the fee once if the car is registered. These license plates (antique) may only be used on vehicles for limited use. Some might argue that such There’s no emissions testing requirement, but vehicles built after 1980 must have their original emissions equipment present during the annual safety inspection in Ascension, East Baton Rouge, Iberville, Livingston, and West Baton Rouge counties. It’s a one-time registration, so you won’t pay that over again for as long as you own the car. Like several other states, every car must have a title regardless of age, but if it doesn’t you can get a surety bond. Down here in Texas we have Cars older than 25 years have antique status, which means no safety inspections and registration renewals spaced out to either 3- or 5-year intervals. Not only does it snow like crazy, most of the back roads are dirt, and they turn to axle-snapping mud for about a month and a half after the snow melts. a whole crowd of guys named, Bubba" who are constantly wanting to buy one of my Jason Bagge has owned and registered hundreds of classic cars in Washington and suggests the way to register one is to find a set of correct year plates for your car’s model year and register it that way. We heard from Eric Seeger that the state is “rather friendly to antique cars. It’s super cheap, too. charge the battery and test the charging system combines a road test with a However, that means you don’t have an annual excise tax bill to pay, so when you compare it to a state like Massachusetts, it’s not all that bad. Personally I don't believe that any form of government should tell me how much I can and cannot drive my vehicle. We subtracted 10 points for every percent of sales tax. The vehicle may not carry advertising." Texas likes to brand itself as a free-wheeling Libertarian paradise, but registering a vintage car is just as complicated and costly as any other state, and sometimes more confusing. the entire hobby when I see "Truck for Sale – Must Sell – Need Money"  These And outside of Atlanta Metro, the roads in the region are spectacular. we might do with our vehicles that promotes interest in the vehicles or in the The one nice thing about Massachusetts is its rolling emissions requirement. Because the vintage vehicle So there you have it, classic car owners. Start with the restrictions on vintage tags: None to speak of. Sales tax for vintage cars is calculated on your bill of sale, which is a lot more legitimate that using some bogus price guide. It may even carry advertising. Idaho Statute 49, Chapter 4 lays out the requirements for classic vehicle registration, and the restrictions are pretty light. Call it what you like, that’s still a tax. The weather cooperates most of the year, too, but you’ll definitely see snow a few months of the year. The Stadium Tax affords Wisconsin residents the privilege of paying for the $290 million Miller Park (23 years and counting), so they can watch the Brewers lose in the playoffs every time they get there. First of all, the statue says you can’t “exceed 250 miles from your residence.” Secondly, you can use your car for general, daily transportation, which “includes, but is not limited to, driving to and from work.” Nevertheless, there’s a significant advantage to obtaining antique plates: you avoid the state’s annual safety inspection. Once it’s again in roadworthy shape, you can use that Rebuilders Title as the basis to get a standard Colorado title. In fact, there are few That’s what we decided to find out. The weather is the biggest disadvantage. Some are damaged. I don’t even ask them why they Arkansas has no safety or emissions inspections and will allow a bonded title if the original title is missing. Motor homes in EMISSIONS counties are also required to have the appropriate emissions test performed. “Neither of my two pre-1960 vehicles need to have seat belts retrofitted or must pass any kind of emissions test for their annual safety inspection. Alabama makes it really easy for vintage car owners to register their vehicles. Unfortunately, Colorado ranks 30th in commute time and 29th in road quality, according to U.S. News & World Report. It also gets you out of having to have a safety or emissions inspection. We’ll let you determine whether CPI’s values are legit or not. The run west along the Erie Canal basically parallels I-90, but get off the highway and explore some of New York’s state highways, like NY Route 31 to the west, NY Routes 5 and 5S in the Mohawk Valley, NY Route 4 along the Champlain Canal, and NY Routes 48 and 481 and County Route 57 along the Oswego Canal. Contact a nearby TX DMV office and verify the exact registration cost pertaining to your case. i was told it cant be your daily driver no mile limit by the DMV. Go one state north of #50 Massachusetts and the weather gets even worse, locking a good percentage of the state in snow and ice for almost half the year, from just north of the state capitol in Concord all the way to the Canadian border. The sales tax is reasonable at 4.5 percent, but there’s also a steep excise tax of 4.5 percent that makes this one of the most tax-heavy states in the Union when it comes to registering a car. We were ready to hammer Connecticut because its Department of Motor Vehicles is notoriously awful. consider that this is a person who envies you and wants to keep you from The Pine Tree State wavers from wide open to heavily restricted, depending on which of the ranking criteria you’re looking at. The mild weather means you’re able to drive your classic year-round, and the roads can be fantastic. No state accomplished that, but three states finished with more than 800 points. In the U.S., the age is usually somewhere between 20- and 30-years-old. most affordable way to own a 4x4 truck. The average 30 inches of snow isn’t exactly ideal, but Nebraska doesn’t use salt on the roads, which makes it a good place for finding decent classic vehicles that haven’t rotted to the roofline. Be sure to check reconstructed or rebuilt vehicles for all required items of inspection with particular attention to the lighting devices. That’s a massive savings if your emotions ran high at one of the Arizona auctions and you came home with a $50,000 car. Two states didn’t manage to get 50-percent of the available points, and Massachusetts… oh, boy. Learn more about custom and antique license plates rules in Texas in the following sections. If you provide a set of restored plates, they may be displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle. these issues emotionally before we react intellectually. The state imposes the normal “special events and parades” restriction for historic plates, which you can research in the appropriate Montana code. In addition to the base price for a custom or vintage vehicle registration in Texas, drivers may also need to provide payment for additional requirements, such as passing a safety inspection. In order to qualify for Texas antique vehicle registration, your vehicle must be at least 25 years old, and can only be used on a limited basis such as car shows, exhibitions, parades, and travel to and from repair and maintenance facilities. trucks for regular transportation. always seem to be someone who thought they could afford a POWER WAGON, tools to You can register it normally and pay a normal registration fee. "You can only drive it to A custom vehicle is a vehicle at least 25 years old and of a model year after 1948 or built to resemble a vehicle at least 25 years old and of a model year after 1948. When such a vehicle is presented for inspection, all rules and regulations regarding the inspection of the vehicle will apply. In the Maintenance Section of the The state assesses a 4-percent sales tax, but counties can hold you up for up to an additional 6 percent in sales tax depending on where you live. Colorado is like most other states in that it offers a Historic vehicle tag with a few minor restrictions. If your vehicle is pre-OBDII, they require an annual safety inspection, which can be done at any number of state-licensed privately-owned shops for probably less than $25. maintenance, “Inspections can be done by any licensed shop, so most are kind to older vehicles. includes road testing to check operation of instruments and controls. The registration of classic cars may also require a safety inspection on an annual basis. Cars. Fees to Register a Custom or Antique Vehicle in Maine. Any time I am The issuance of antique license plates generally requires applicants to submit a completed application form along with payment for the set fees. A well known "other vintage Throw in an average foot of snow that lots of places in Missouri get every year and it’s not particularly friendly to old cars. Dillon Troxell says you get that tax break whether you decide to get “Early American Vehicle” or “Classic Vehicle” plates, which don’t carry any significant restrictions to use. As a result, few people register their classic cars as antiques.”. Regardless of their poor gatherings, Do I need a Front License Plate in Texas? Some states allow a surety bond, so they got 50. Andrew Baca has a bunch of vintage scooters and a Corvair Greenbrier van registered in Maine. Antique registration means that you pay $25 once for an inspection and never have to pay for it again. Horseless Carriage plates are for 1915 or earlier. I have had several If a vehicle is registered as a classic vehicle, it must be completely registered as is any other vehicle. Per state regulations, TX antique car tags are assigned to vehicles that are at least 25 years old, are collector’s items and are used for parades, exhibitions and other public events. youngster behind the parts computer who knowingly tells you there is no such such an event. Depending on where you live you could see a ton of snow, but even then, Oregon doesn’t use salt, so cars and trucks tend to be in relatively rust-free condition after a lifetime of use. According to what we could find on the Louisiana DMV website, there aren’t a whole lot of restrictions to having a vintage vehicle plate, but getting one is slightly more involved than other states.