To prevent the Emperor from entering the World Between Worlds, Ezra and his rebel comrades sealed the portal; thus denying the Emperor's ambitions of controlling time and the universe. Ezra wants to protect, Gideon wants to exploit, and Mando is stuck in the middle. By 12 BBY, his parents were found and taken away by the Empire,[1] leaving Ezra to live largely on his own for the next eight years and find work as a con artist and thief, stealing technology and reselling it on the black market, while unknowingly using the Force to occasionally get himself out of tough situations. If he refused, Slavin threatened to execute the two prisoners. [1] Darth Vader later destroyed this lightsaber on Malachor. Bridger and Syndulla greet Wren and Chopper as they return with Ketsu Onyo. Rau told him that the Mandalorians had fought for centuries. Due to his Force powers, Ezra was able to win five consecutive assessments over a period of two days. Either he is: A) The BDT character in Eps 8 and not really good or bad but has a beef wth everyone. After talking about the recent history of the Jedi, Ezra and Thrawn argued about the Force. Upon further inspection, he found an Imperial pilot named Valen Rudor trapped inside the ship's cockpit. After the rebels received intelligence that the Empire was developing a new weapon at the Lothal Imperial Factory, Ezra along with Kanan and Chopper traveled back to Lothal to enlist the support of Ryder's cell in taking out the factory. Ezra recognized the need to defeat him, but Kanan informed him that since Vader was a Sith, he was too strong both in the Force and in physical strength and the only reason they were still alive was because he had been playing with them during the entire fight. Ezra wants to protect, Gideon wants to exploit, and Mando is stuck in the middle. Based on this logic, this made the rebels and Separatist droids allies. [42], The rebels' problems were further compounded when Agent Kallus' light cruiser resurfaced and issued an ultimatum that the rebels surrender or be destroyed. While Kanan guided the clones in their AT-TE, Ezra used the walker's main cannon to destroy one of the AT-ATs with one blast to the neck. As the Sith Temple closed in on itself, Ezra and Kanan tried to reach Chopper and the Phantom but were held back by Vader. [34], During the meeting, Hera announced that the rebels would be embarking on a mission to supply power fuel cells to the frozen planet of Rinn, which was experiencing an energy crisis. Yes Fate was changed with Time Travel the Emperor said it himself "You know Fate can be changed". PadawanStormtrooper cadet (in disguise)Lieutenant Commander The Rebels chased him through the streets to the road that led out of the city as he attempted to evade his pursuers. [66], Master Kenobi charged up Chopper and gave Ezra a blanket to lie upon. During the ensuing discussion, Ezra successfully convinced his rebel comrades that they had an obligation to help her. The two rebels managed to find Cham's former office and recover the Kalikori. He then brought Ezra to a special chamber inside the Chimaera that contained a rebuilt portion of the Lothal Jedi Temple. Following a near conflict sparked by Kanan's distrust of Clone troopers, they are greeted by Rex, who promptly breaks up the fight. While meditating through the Force, Ezra sensed the presence of the white loth-cat he had seen in his vision. The latter disliked Dev's braggadocio and carefree attitude and suspected that he was a spy or part of the plot that ensnared his sister Dhara Leonis. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With the Imperials closing in on them, Ezra and his companions were forced to leave Chopper behind. Ezra and Kanan commanded the Fyrnocks to attack the Troopers. Ezra Bridger (codename Spectre 6) was a young Force-sensitive human street urchin living on the streets of the Imperial-controlled planet Lothal's Capital City trying to survive by crime until he was taken in by Kanan Jarrus, becoming his Jedi apprentice and a part of the Ghost crew's Rebellion against the Empire. Sure enough, he did so just as Lyste and the others regain their senses, prompting the Imperials to see if she was all right. [63], Ezra tried to make conversation with Tristan but Kanan insisted on letting him deal with the negotiations. However, Hera listened to AP-5's warning and narrowly stopped Chopper from downloading the ship's hyperspace logs. As the Ghost launched away with everyone except Zeb aboard, it came under attack by TIE fighters and Walkers. Ezra and his comrades eventually reached a dead-end only to be cornered by several battle droids and a Droideka. On one occasion, he used this to impersonate the Trandoshan Mining Guild captain Seevor in an attempt to allay the suspicions of the Mining Guild authorities. [60], The two asides put aside their differences to repel an Imperial boarding party of Jumptroopers from Captain Brunson's Arquitens-class command cruiser. Shortly later, Kanan entered the room and discussed the threat posed by the Inquisitors to the rebellion. However, the Grand Admiral stunned him first. [76], After briefing his fellow Spectres about the mission to the Lothal Jedi Temple, Ezra summoned a pack of loth-wolves including "Dume." With the assistance of fellow cadet Zare Leonis, he succeeded in stealing the decoder from Agent Kallus' office. Ezra sided with Hondo when the pirate insisted on loading his treasure but Zeb was unwilling to back down. During a visit from Ahsoka on Garel, Ezra eavesdropped on a conversation between her and Kanan in Kanan's cabin. However, he placed too much faith in the vision and was shocked to find Trayvis had been an imperial agent routing out rebels. Upon arrival, Ezra spotted smoke coming from Tarkintown and took off on a speeder bike to check it out, with Kanan following from afar. Hondo had promised to supply the rebels with valuable intelligence in return for his rescue. I can't, in good conscience, see Kanan killing Ezra. Character Information Ezra's ship then came under heavy fire and was forced to retreat by Kanan. [49], Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka find the Sith temple, While approaching the Sith temple, Ezra and his mentors stumbled upon an ancient battlefield from the Great Scourge of Malachor. Ezra's primary goal as rebel leader was to show the galaxy that the Empire could be defeated and driven from Lothal. With no means of reaching Rebel Command, the group soon set their sights on a Mining Guild Ore Crawler. Sabine and Ezra briefed Kanan about their encounter with the kyber crystal aboard the freighter. While no match for Seevor's agility and strength, Ezra managed to use the Force to cause Seevor to trip and fall to his death inside a smelter.