Pinned. Copyright Tuff Shed, Inc. All rights reserved. Down the road, I plan to install shelves and other organizational units. Choosing the “with paint” option allows you to “move in” and enjoy the benefits of ownership from the moment the builders finish their work. This post may contain affiliate links to products we personally use and love. I used the first piece I cut as a template for the remaining seven, and the task breezed right by. I love your shed – it’s so large and it looks pretty too! Sounds amazing!! So I adapted my plans to put the shed ramp on the left side and put steps on the right side. The step-by-step instructions are all below. I should have gone with the 5-foot ramp design with a more gentle slope. My plans included having two entrances – a double door entrance for the riding mower and a single door entrance to access backyard storage and garden supplies. I originally wanted to put the ramp on the right side of the shed, but due to the slope of the ground, it wasn’t very practical anymore. It is best if the site is located in a high spot of the yard to provide drainage away from your building. I also wanted some lighting for the shed when it was dark. These products are covered by a manufacturer’s 50-Year Limited Warranty. I definitely should have gone with the 5-foot ramp, so hopefully you’ll learn from my mistake. Slowly and surely, the blocks were leveled. If you do require a concrete pad, one can be ordered from a professional contractor. We understand that every building serves a unique purpose, so we work to make sure your Tuff Shed building is designed to fit your business’s specific needs. This will be great if I ever want to use some power tools from the shed or run some extension cords. Will I receive any blueprints or plans of the building? I came up with the cheap and easy solution of using plastic lattice fence. 1. These came in 2’ x 8’ strips which I cut to fit using my table saw. The sky’s the limit, and you can bet there will be a blog post to tell you all about it! Some materials, such as siding and shingles have their own manufacturer’s warranty that may exceed our Tuff Shed warranty. The rest of it went by much more easily and quickly. “Clean” means the build site, the surrounding area, and the pathway to and from the delivery vehicle parks are clear and free from all obstructions, debris, boulders, branches, animal droppings, etc. The leveling took a little bit of time because I had to constantly adjust the height of each hole until the level was perfect. I first used window flashing tape to seal the window frame and the siding. Using environmentally friendly methods, Louisiana Pacific™ designed these products to resist moisture, insect damage and hold paint extremely well. I also want to install another solar motion light inside the shed too. You’re welcome! I attached them to the stringers with L brackets and used some more Tapcon screws to secure the spacers to the concrete blocks. If you found building the steps easy, the ramp isn’t too much harder. Near the bottom of the 2 x 10, I bolted on a 2 x 4 for the ramp stringers to rest on. Then I covered the flashing and nailing strips with trim. I bought 3 pre-cut step stringers from Home Depot. Almost any shed can benefit from a ramp and steps. For these custom projects, be sure to ask your Tuff Shed representative about projected start dates and completion schedules. I did my research online and estimated that a pre-built shed this size and quality would have been more than $7000. For the shed ramp, I first had to determine the angle of the slope. It really depends on your project requirements, but we can place any siding on structure. Five foot ramps seemed to be the most common length for a shed ramp. Thanks for the inspiration! hanks for joining in with #TriumphantTales, do come back Tuesday! Keep reading to find out why I regretted the 4-foot shed ramp. Thanks for visiting! Permit regulations vary according to location, and the customer should consult with the local governing body in the area where the building is to be constructed. This was just a piece of wood attached to the shed that the stringers rested on for primary support. Garden Series come with a 5-Year Limited Warranty that covers material defects and workmanship. You are responsible to select a location for your Tuff Shed building that is within your property lines and in conformity with any applicable set back rules or regulations. , Your email address will not be published. Then, I positioned the solar panel on the right side of the shed where the most sunlight was available. Oh wow this is brilliant. Filed Under: Backyard, Build, Garage, Gardening & Landscaping, Home Decor, Outdoor Projects. To install the shed doors, I put them in place and spaced them properly in the door frame with some wooden shims. I love the clear roof idea! Thanks Jann! At this point, I was almost finished building the shed, and I was beyond pleased with the progress. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Our standard in-house siding is LP SmartSide™ panel, and LP SmartSide™ siding with Silver Tech® Radiant Barrier technology. Here’s a picture of what the shed ramp looked like so far: Here’s a close-up of the stringer foundation where I used a Tapcon screw to secure the spacers to the concrete blocks: And, here’s a close-up of the stringer/ledger connection where I used an L bracket and a 6-inch TimberLok screw: To finish the ramp, I screwed on some sheets of ¾” thick pressure treated plywood, as seen in the picture below. I used 3 pieces of wood per step, with a little spacing in between. If you missed Building a Shed Phase 1 (Foundation and Framing) or Building a Shed Phase 2 (Paneling and Roofing), be sure to check them out. We built our own shed a few years ago nd I love I! Provide at least 24″ of workspace between your shed and any fences, trees or other immovable objects, on all sides and above. Thanks for your compliments too:). It will have 2 doors–no windows. Yes, we do offer outside financing for our buildings. lol thanks Jaki! Onto the foundation for the shed ramp now – just like the steps, I used some wooden 2 x 4 spacers between the stringers. Managed to build a 10 X 12 shed so far for 1000. The caulk held the window in place long enough for me to drive some nails through the window nailing strips. Once leveled, I worked on attaching the stringers to the shed. Still working on the exterior! With no construction background, and never having built anything close in capacity to a shed, I impressed my wife, my neighbors, and myself by building a shed. What kind of roof will I get on my shed? To attain maximum performance from your Tuff Shed building, the structure needs to be built on a “level” site. Any such additional costs are clearly detailed for customers by their Tuff Shed sales consultant upon placing an order. To wrap up, I screwed on a door handle and a bolt lock. For smaller buildings you do not need a concrete slab. It was fun to design and make:), Great! Too much water means rotting wood, blistering paint and rusty hinges and none of that will highlight how hard you worked to build this shed. I would also later apply a coat of deck paint to protect it from the weather: At this point, I was very excited. Floor joists, doors, wall sections and rafters are pre-cut or assembled before delivery to expedite the actual build and to assure that the building is square and weather-tight.