by dtrue17 ยป Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:00 pm, Post i have this question too... it seems like it should be a no brainer feature to be included.. i don't get why there is no time-lock function :(, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Ableton's drum rack is probably the most commonly used instrument for triggering samples and finger drumming within Live. To see each section on the drum rack within Live, you will need to use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to jump to each section when the Pad Overview is selected. I find 12 semitones to be the max i can change a sample before it becomes too different from the original sound. very awkward. yo i have searched and searched online and still haven't had a definitive YES or No answer to the following. Before that I have worked in the sound department on a number of feature films doing everything from locati... Read More. This way I can use the Pitch Plug-in to enable me easy access to whatever section I need. I find 12 semitones to be the max i can change a sample before it becomes too different from the original sound. Yes. TLDR: can you play a audio sample from sampler / simpler in a lower or higher pitch without the sample slowing down or speeding up? Ableton push is the greatest thing ever. I have a question about sampling. Triggering samples in Ableton Live 9. what version of ableton are you using? Load each cell with a copy of the exact same hat sample. You're playing live. yeah if its a audio sample i guess, as i do this for vocals ( but can you do this in simpler/sampler? Create an account or login to get started! Once you have an Instrument Rack you can now add more Drum Racks (or other Instruments) into new chains. Remember to switch one plug-in off when turning on another as Live will add the two transpose values together otherwise. No problem. If not what is the easiest work around, other than having to record all the notes i want separately and then adding them to a drum rack. Change the transient mode to complex or complex pro. So what is the best way of accessing a particular sample (among a possible 132) at a second's notice when performing live? Under MIDI Effects in the browser, drag the Pitch effect onto your drum rack track. Create a few different instances of the plug-in by clicking its title bar and pressing Command-D.My first section of samples are spread across Drum Rack pads C1 to D sharp 2 and are automatically mapped to the 16 drum pads on my controller. Use Simpler as a standalone channel. Hey thanks a lot for your reply. I have no channel FX on the Drum Rack track apart from a compressor. Change the transient mode to complex or complex pro. (Hold down Command to scroll one row at a time). However, I have also another section of samples located from E2 to G3, 16 notes above my first section. Multiple questions, all with the same end result. Adding more Drum Racks and Chains. Step One. Click the rack's Save Preset button and rename it in the browser accordingly. If you actually want to use the piano roll, don't use the drum rack. what vst plugs can achieve this? Ask.Audio is your ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers. EDIT : can native ableton instruments such as simpler/sampler do this - Let's take a further look. You could use chain selectors of course within an instrument rack, but what about using Ableton's Pitch plug-in to instantly trigger your sample of choice?