Will there be some sort of ‘whois’ record with my personal information associated to my domain? I claimed my domain with Trust wallet, and transferred it to another wallet, but the status of my domain under My Domains shows: Pending Claim. You must use Guest Manage to manage domains stored on a Ledger device. Claim protected brand names on Unstoppable Domains. You must restart your browser after adding the extension. Blockchain domains + decentralized storage =. Step 5: Claim your Domain! How will I be able to view a blockchain website? hi guys, Please email support@unstoppabledomains.com if you you would like details of how to do the transfer. After hearing about crypto domains I thought to give it a try. If you wish to use, sell or gift a domain - you must first claim it. You can transfer the domain to a different wallet with. This is completed by following this guide. If you wish to use, sell or gift a domain - you must first claim it . All domains had a 2-year lifetime and a renewal fee would be paid upon expiration, but Unstoppable Domains claim this is contradictory to their beliefs on blockchain and eliminated the fees. It means you are the holder going forward once you buy a domain. Adding a wallet is also covered in that same guide. Many thanks Paul, I’ll be giving it a couple of weeks and hope for the issue to be resolved. Can I get step-by-step instructions on how to transfer my domain from the currently registered Ledger HW with MetaMask to Opensea or whatever other non-HW solution exists? Thank you for your opinion. Brave (Desktop//Browser) change the default settings from Ask to Crypto Wallet or Metamask from Menu, Settings, Extensions for Web3 provider for using Dapps. The domain is stored in your wallet, just like a cryptocurrency. Are blockchain domains part of ICANN / traditional DNS? and everything seems ok. Is it only a matter of time or is there a problem? We would recommend they use a Metamask wallet on a desktop device and then they can manage the domain by creating an account on our site and adding the wallet in the same way you did when you claimed the domain. You can not manage domains through Ledger at the moment. That’s not all; … Hi @Paul_Costas, is there any update on the GitHub push for Metamask? Which cryptocurrencies will I be able to use with my wallet? This is quite frustrating that my domain(s) are stuck with the Ledger HW (I managed to register the owner ETH address but nothing since) and there seems to be no solution in sight. You head to Unstoppable Domains, enter the domain name you desire, and find out if it is available. Claiming is the process of pushing your domains from our database on to the blockchain, and into your cryptocurrency wallet. Thanks. Any advice? But the transaction seems to be stuck since nothing is showing on metamask. Once you enter your domain name, Unstoppable Domains gives you the current price for the domain. Chrome Extension. Unstoppable Browser. Purchase your blockchain domains today! Blockchain domains + decentralized storage = A website only you can put up and take down. Claimed another domain with my metamask wallet linked to my ledger and this one is unable to save changes when trying to set my ETH/LTC/BTC addresses. Once a domain is claimed, the user has full custody over their domain. MEW mobile (Android and iOS but currently with Guest Manage only for domain management after claiming to the wallet), If your wallet is not in this guide, try following the steps of a different one above. Step 2: Choose any name you like from the list and click on Continue. so I registered, Bought my first domain and tried to claim using metamask following the instructions which are not complicated. Point your domain to content on a decentralized storage network. Send bitcoin, ethereum, and any other cryptocurrency, No more worrying about sending to the wrong address. Hi @Mago, You’ll receive the link to open a giveaway page at the Unstoppable Domains website. Learn more about Atomic and explore blockchain from A to Z. How do trademarks work with blockchain domains? I have claimed a .crypto domain, now the owner and eth addresses (for recieving) are the same. And I have some problems. Join our communities to follow latest updates, giveaways and lot more! please help? A lot of interesting features are coming soon.