The place for students, instructors and charter guys in Oz, NZ and the rest of Oceania. However, the pump drive system should be checked to see if there are any pins connecting the drive gears to the shafts. The Spitfire, Hurricane and Bf109 used underwing radiators. However, the aircraft conversion is still rated much higher than the engine manufacturer’s industrial version. Come to think of it, things haven't changed all that much :-). Chains are prone to galling (tearing away of metal from load- bearing surfaces), tension failures and fatigue failures. Auto Engines for Aircraft, Part 1 Part 1 of an engineering perspective on these popular conversions. Units are horsepower (33,000 foot-pounds per minute). Many housings have open sides to facilitate inspection, but consideration should be given to enclosing them to prevent debris from damaging the teeth or breaking the belt. If left in service long enough, all bearings will fail due to fatigue failure of the rolling surfaces. Lubricating oil should be the type and grade recommended by the engine manufacturer. There are many different companies that manufacture this kind of engines however every engine shares the same characteristics: they are complete engines ready to … The obvious differences between these two types of engines are weight and first cost. The history of engineering is full of examples of experimenters confounding the theorists and vice versa, but in general, successful engineering depends on a combination of knowledge, analysis, experimentation and test. The difference between maximum rated power and normal rated power is extremely important to this discussion as it directly affects reliability and TBO. Orenda Canada built a modified V8 replacement for PT-6 in King Air 90 many years ago. Our kit accepts Constant Speed Propeller. View Cart. These plans go along with many of the airplanes plans and info that we sell. Some more stuff I have seen over the years. It produces 630 hp from 2 litres......on stock internals. In 1960 I built a Taylor Mono, the first to be built from plans, and converted a 1200 CC VW engine for aircraft use. Provided the correct power and torque ratings are observed, any core automobile engine should provide reliable service. Aftermarket valves made from titanium or stainless steel are made specifically for reduced valve inertia at high rotational speeds or for special fuels such as alcohol. AUTHOR TERRY EDWARDS is a senior mechanical design engineer currently working on marine propulsion drives. In the US, the boom in use of the VW as an aeroengine came with the Mini Ace (Anton Cvjetkovics CA-61), the Evans VP-1 (it's original designation, the Volksplane, was nixed by VWoA) and Calvin Parker's Jeanie's Teenie, and it's much more successful followup, the Teenie Two. The theme of all of these was efficient inlet and exit ducting with few or no bends, with the radiator core perpendicular to the airflow direction.