The conditioned air then re-circulates back into the system as needed. Secure the jack studs by hammering two 8-penny nails through the heads and into each end of the jack studs. CLICK HERE to Get Tim's FREE & FUNNY Newsletter. Measure over from one of the two vertical studs attached to the header 14 3/4 of an inch and place a pencil mark on both the top and bottom headers. If an HVAC installer laughs at this concept, show him to your door. If you live in a home that has rooms that are either too hot in hot weather or are cold in cold weather you could have a return-air duct issue. Much better than chopping up the structure and it will work better too. Yes, if your house is either hot or cold, I'll bet you have inferior or lacking return air ducts. The furnace or air handler is probably on the other side of the wall behind that door. Maybe you have upgraded your windows or insulation. Supply air from furnaces and air conditioners should be on outside walls. My House is Hot or Cold. A forum community dedicated to Do it yourself-ers and home improvement enthusiasts. If it is possible, run the duct down and through a floor joist section out through a side wall. The top-selling stack ducts product is the Master Flow 3.25 in. Thanks so much! Rease served a four year apprenticeship to become a union sheet metal journeyman and earned a construction management degree from Florida State University. Go to a first-floor closet and get the flooring from there. The return air vent openings need to be on the opposite side of the room so the conditioned air is pulled across the room. Well I suppose that if you've never done it you just dobn't know but a standard size stack ducting comes in 3 1/2 inch and 2 1/2 inch sizes.It comes in 10",,12",,and 14" withs.On internal walls you always use the 3 1/2" stack and external walls you use 2 1/2 " stack so you can get at least 1" of insulation in. Use the square end of the rigid duct as a guide to mark the plates. How much do stack ducts cost? Seal and secure the connection to the existing duct with duct tape. ", The red arrow points to a large wall-mounted return-air vent. Once you have created the opening, sheet metal will allow you to connect this to your existing return air system. Cut the stud on both extended lines with the reciprocating saw. Your furnace is simply a recirculating pump. Rubbish! Adding heat runs in a basement may change the … Let's try to keep the garlic odors and hairspray in these rooms if you don't mind! Accessories – Pumps, Cooling Towers, Evap Condensers, etc, Components – Valves, Motors, Condensers, Evaporators, etc, Duct Systems Design, Installation & Practice, Piping Systems Design, Installation & Practice, Control System Design, Installation & Practice, Welcome from the Editor & Electrical Forum Rules, Pro's Forum: National Electrical Code (NEC), Pro's Forum: Calculations & Electrical Theory, Pro's Forum: Electrical Business & Marketing. Install dampers at the registers to adjust airflow. the 2x4, being only 3 1/2" thick, seems too small to cut a hole through to pass a duct down. Cut two holes -- one in the stud cavity and the other one into the existing return (Image 2). Measure out from the centerline half of the duct width plus 1 inch and place a pencil mark on the floor. Cut the straps to length with sheet metal cutters. Don't freeze those tootsies: Keep any room warm and comfy with radiant floor heat. Ask Our Pros-Owner Assistance - NO DIY advice will be given. If you want to really have a way to get the most bang for your return air buck, think of installing grill covers on the wall that have operating louvers. 3.25 in. For the system to work, you have to re-circulate the air back to the furnace. Make him/her prove to you that the interior coil will handle the outside unit. Seal the connection with duct tape. Use plastic cable ties to secure the ducting. Align the bottom of the lower header with the low line you transferred to the studs in Step 8. Maybe you added a small or mid-sized room addition or remodeled an attic space. Complete the form below and each week you'll get: Unsubscribe at any time. First, building codes in many areas require that the cold air return line gets external insulation, and therefore you will need to leave a gap for the insulation around the duct return line. Often you can collect the ceiling air through a network of flexible pipes in an attic. In 35 years, he's gained expertise in all phases of residential construction, retrofit and remodeling. Do you just cut out an entire section of the 2x4? Let's get together. What are the shipping options for stack ducts? The #1 question asked by NEW MEMBERS. I wish you luck in your effort to stay cool. Snap the duct together. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker. x 10 in. Repeat the process for each wall that you encounter while running the ductwork. That is why you need a cold air return (Image 1). This principle is no different than dampers which are used on supply lines to regulate airflow. CLICK or TAP HERE to get FREE BIDS in hours from local HVAC companies to have new return air ducts installed in your home. How to Calculate Vent Piping for a Furnace, How to Install a Wall Register Into a Heat Duct, How to Install Heat Ducts in a Suspended Ceiling, How to Drywall Around Air Conditioning Ducts, How to Install a Woodstove Chimney Ceiling Box. The result will be improper dehumidification. As the duct gets less round, resistance to flow begins to increase as the corners become more rectangular. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Mark the center point for the takeoff and drill a pilot hole using the cutting bit in the hole cutter.