this will give you threads that had recent updates. HPE sells a hybrid cloud product called HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub. Despite challenging circumstances, HPE GreenLake, our as-a-service offering, gained traction with 17% ARR growth and our Intelligent Edge business grew 12% in North America outperforming the market while expanding margins. It's not easy finding a new job right now. The layoffs come as enterprise hardware giants struggle to maintain sales amid the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic fallout. This type of issue would be terrible for consumers, but it's catastrophic for the enterprises that buy such drives. All three […], With all of us now learning to live, work, and learn from home, it is becoming apparent how critical video streaming is as a tool […], You don’t have to be a chip designer to program an FPGA, just like you don’t have to be a C++ programmer to code in […]. read more. —  11,045 Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE reviews. The big name reshuffle comes quick on the heels of other significant changes in HPE, namely the very public split of Hewlett-Packard in two and, more recently, the spinoff of its enterprise services business and merger with CSC. read more, So good results. And of those two, the more modest-sized Panasas would be easier to swallow. High Performance Compute & Mission Critical Systems (HPC & MCS) revenue was $589 million, down 18% year over year when adjusted for currency. Another area that continues to be ripe for acquisitions is the storage market. I know I will never recommend any HPE products ever again. That’s because the way storage is being used and deployed in the datacenter these days is being transformed by cheaper capacity (disks) and cheaper IOPS (NVM-Express and other SSD devices), the availability of cloud storage, and the inverse trends of disaggregation and hyperconvergence. HPE beat earning... but investors may still not be convinced... Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our. IBM also announced layoffs today, and Dell Technologies froze new hires, raises and promotions until the end of the fiscal year, Bloomberg says. Our source speculated it will become almost impossible to implement bug fixes because US software engineers wrote the code to address technical escalations. Compute Sales/Presales has targets on their backs Alibaba’s Ant Financial tests blockchain for charity, The New Network Normal: SASE and the Harmonisation of Networks and Security, Azure Goes Down in APAC, as Infrastructure Bottlenecks Continue to Trouble Microsoft, Europe’s Markets Watchdog: Prove You Can Exit the Cloud, How ITIL 4 can Help your Organisation Respond Effectively in the Digital Era, Tech Must Work Across Borders to Help Aviation: Virgin Atlantic CIO, How the UK Train Network is Going Digital. LHH rewrote my resume but cut out a lot of... An individual with knowledge of the situation told The Register that HPE axed eight of its US employees working on the Azure Stack Hub project on July 17, 2020, leaving a single manager in place. —  Don't turn in your laptop until the last day. Which positions are less likely to get hit in this round? CES 2020 Preview: 8 Biggest Rumors And Trends To Expect. That said, HPE has recently invested in IonQ, a promising quantum computing startup that has built workable prototype using ion trap technology. Wake up JJ! In an emailed statement, an HPE spokesperson said, "We continue to drive support and R&D for HPE ProLiant for Azure Stack Hub with a talented team in the US and India, and we shift projects and resources between these locations regularly." Microsoft Wobbles Again: Do Azure Staging Procedures Need a Rethink? Where's the rest of the $1.5B Q2 backlog? Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has warned that certain SSD drives could fail catastrophically if buyers don't take action soon. Has anyone been let go as of today or been told tomorrow is going to be the day? $40 billion buyout rumour persists as HPE cloud chief and storage boss leave company Increase / Decrease text size - Ellie Burns Editor 2nd August 2016 read more, Recent article about her attempts of making a streaming platform to compete against Netflix, Hulu, and Disney becomes a failure: renewed small business server push for channel partners, MSP 200: Top 200 Public Cloud MSPs for AWS, Microsoft Azure & Google, Technology Mergers and Acquisitions: Deal List. The Next Platform is published by Stackhouse Publishing Inc in partnership with the UK’s top technology publication, The Register. HPE sold them as standalone drives, but also as part if its HPE ProLiant, Synergy and other storage products. Your favorite posts saved to your browsers cookies. Have there been any layoffs this week or was it strictly Europe and U.S that was hit? Is no one talking about today and this coming Monday? October Festival (WFR) Target date 10/19/20 ; same as last year to optimize cost reductions. Wait to turn in your laptop if hit by WFR. Normally, the data is still protected in a RAID even if one or several drives fail. A spokesperson for HPE said the exact headcount cuts have yet to be determined, Fortune reports. Following Vriji’s departure, HPE’s sales team will be aligned into a single organisation, led by Peter Ryan, while Bill Philbin will take over as head of storage. All rights reserved. Oh no, you're thinking, yet another cookie pop-up. Your email address will not be published. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. While this is often necessary to keep companies financially... Spreadsheets will always remain the most popular business tool. In this case, the company is more focused on near-term R&D, like memristors or other memory-centric technologies. The Azure Hub Stack workforce reduction may have other knock-on effects. —  This one looks like it's going to be bad. CEO Playbook: 8 Steps to Immediately Reduce Workforce Costs —  Exclusive: HPE takes giant axe to sales teams – Blocks and ... Still, HPE GreenLake & Intelligent Edge solutions are bright spots for partners. read more, ASAP Checklist for people leaving ...before losing access to your employer's internal systems ...and in the following few weeks read more, Approx 20 which is virtually the entire legacy team in Europe given At risk notice today, Simplivity is no longer a strategic product and not profitable and will be supported out of the cheaper Geo's.Great commitment to those who brought the... HPE did not disclose how many employees the layoffs will impact. Storage revenue was $1.1 billion, down 16% year over year when adjusted for currency. TL;DR: Russian telco company threatened legal action against... Pawsey Finds I/O Sweet Spots for Data-Intensive Supercomputing, having acquired software-defined storage maker Nexenta in May 2019, the company is more focused on near-term R&D, like memristors or other memory-centric technologies, IonQ, a promising quantum computing startup that has built workable prototype using ion trap technology, Exascale Density Pushes The Boundaries Of Cooling, Get The Picture With Video Acceleration In The Datacenter, The Inevitability Of FPGAs In The Datacenter. —  © 2020 COMPUTER BUSINESS REVIEW. But if HPE is truly convinced IonQ is the path forward, it would make sense to pull the acquisition trigger sooner rather than later. Day Range. Since Intel acquired Altera in 2015, Xilinx is the only standalone company of any size that makes reconfigurable logic devices. Major Russian telco company makes settlement with HPE, Are we done yet with the HPE Layoffs for 2020 given performance in Q2. read more, MEG WHITMAN "THE POWER OF ONE" IS A DISASTER - QUIBI IS SHUTTING DOWN, Use blue "ACTIVE" button -, All these layoffs and yet marketing promotes Boko, CEO Playbook: 8 Steps to Immediately Reduce Workforce Costs. "We are moving our Helion OpenStack (HOS) and Helion CloudSystem teams to EG and will become part of the newly created Software-Defined & Cloud Group (SDCG), led by Ric Lewis. And if you’re wondering about AMD’s piggy bank, the chipmaker has $1.2 billion cash on hand as of September 2019. The big cloud providers – Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and so on – will also be making some big investments in SDS technologies, even if they’re not buying such companies outright. HPE could have been a market leader and set trends for decades to come. Microsoft's Azure Stack Hub is a way to run apps on-premises in conjunction with the Windows giant's Azure cloud services. The latest WARN notice from Colorado doesn't mention HPE, suggesting that layoffs there, if any, fall below the statutory reporting threshold. You can also change your choices at any time, by hitting the There’s nothing wrong with that, but a merger is a more complex decision and has greater ramifications for both parties. An individual with knowledge of the situation told The Register that HPE axed eight of its US employees working on the Azure Stack Hub project on July 17, 2020, leaving a single manager in place. We've been told that Microsoft purchased about $500,000 worth of equipment that it had expected to use to help HPE with R&D. hpe lays off the way people breathe. These niche acquisitions will be especially important to these same providers as they expand into HPC-adjacent markets such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and edge computing. 2020 NBA Draft rumors: James Wiseman hopes Wolves pass on him at No. Have there been any U.S. layoffs this week or was it strictly Europe that was hit? Not because people are bad at what they do, but because there're so many people being laid off in the entire industry that those rare companies that are hiring really can choose the cream of the already... Read more…, Sometimes HPC Means Big Memory, Not Big Compute, Ayar Labs Brings National Lab Architects And Industry Leaders Together To Talk Disaggregation, On The Edge With NVM-Express And Object Storage. By bringing these assets together, we create a single organization tasked with a common mission – to provide best-in-class solutions that enable developers and operators to deploy their applications across traditional and cloud infrastructures, simply and effortlessly.