A templated link extension is displayed as a link in the Verse User Interface (UI) which, when clicked, opens a URL to a third party web application. In the src/manifest.json file there is a matches property, which contains an array of URLs. Inspect the message event listeners and make sure that they are receiving the correct data from Verse. You're ready for the future. This will ensure that you only run your code for the correct message events. If the navigation bar extensions are contributed by external developer, administrator should check whether the extensions have any potential risk and control it when they deploy the exensions. For related information, visit: Easy shopping, plus grocery delivery or pickup. Extension: A feature that contributes to a specific part of HCL Verse. The below example indicates ftp and thunder schemes are added to custom URL scheme whitelist, thus ftp and thunder schemes are allowed to be used in extension URL. Verse supports both URL query string parameters and/or cross-document messaging to communicate with your application. you could use this to post a mail to Watson Workspace. It is the responsibility of the extension developer to ensure data received is treated appropriately. whichever of To, Cc or Bcc input fields is currently selected. If disableSend is set as true, when the user clicks the send button it becomes disabled while the extension is loading and validating the mail. You can refer to this guide Managing extensions for Verse for details. Romanian / Română HCL Verse allows extensionss to contribute or remove UI at specific locations in Verse. Verse provides you with a set of extension points. Simple Link and Templated Link extensions provide an easy way to contribute clickable UI artifacts that result in the opening of a webpage in a new tab/window. There is much more detailed documentation available here, but it’s not required to complete the tutorials. 330 Potrero Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94085 United States, Cookies help us deliver our services. We can use renderParams to specify the new window’s size. In this section, you will install the default Verse Developer browser extension and make it work with Verse. The attachments property is an array of JSON objects. This tutorial gets you started on building an application for Verse. By default if an extension displays a UI with a warning the user can decide to send the mail anyway by clicking the send button again. Bosnian / Bosanski If the extension is registered via Verse Developer browser extension, then chrome-extension and moz-extension URL schemes are also allowed by default. The following extension points are supported in offline mode as of Verse On-Premises 1.0.5. ; In the New Mail Dialog, type in Path:live-text, Tel:82451234 CN in the mail body. There are a number of options available to the extension: The Live Text extension point recognizes defined patterns of data in email, and displays the information with an underline. It’s a comma-separated string. HCL® Connections is social software for business enabling team collaboration. For example, an extension that adds a button or link to the Verse UI which, when clicked, opens a new browser window containing a third-party web application. The Widget Actions can also be dynamically added to a widget. For example, a widget can contribute an action to More Actions… menu in toolbar when composing/viewing a message, or contribute an action to Verse business card. Congratulations! To get a full list of the extension points supported by HCL Verse please go here. The user can select names using the name picker then the selected names will be added to To Cc Bcc fields accordingly in mail compose view. Below is the sample code to handle Verse message and notify Verse your application is ready to receive and send data. In this sample, a widget contains two actions, one action is contributed under More actions button when viewing an existing email and the second action is contributed under More actions button when composing a new email. In this section, you will add an action which will display when the user is reading a mail i.e. Join your crewmates in a multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal! For example, an extension is contributed to the bizcard cards which has a person object. Note that the Verse ping will time out in 30 seconds, so your application must send back the com.ibm.verse.application.loaded message as soon as possible once it is ready to receive data. The Verse Developer browser extension is a tool for developers who are adding customised capabilities to HCL Verse. This Verse Developer browser extension already has one sample application, which contains one extension. Verse is able to send data to your application using what’s known as a context object. There is a tutorial to get you started. The directory search extension point allows you to contribute a custom directory search to find people in Verse. See here for more information on communicating with the Verse window. Open your Firefox browser, and type in the address bar: Hover over a People bubble, and click on the, At the back of the business card you will see a new link called, The external application also declares a single extension of type, The web application location is specified in the. Application: A third-party web application that contributes new functionality to HCL Verse. Valid parameters are described in the Verse API Data section. For example, adding a mailRead action extension sends information relating to the selected mail: title, subject, body, etc. Congratulations! In this sample HTML page, when posting message from the sample page back to Verse, we are specifying the targetOrigin to be the origin of the previous event we received (event.origin), instead of using a wild card *: If you have verified origin of the message by implementing the suggestion in the previous tip, you can be sure that event.origin here would be your Verse domain. Slovak / Slovenčina To add an application to Verse on-Premises, Verse supports two approaches to deploy your applications/extensions to end users: Verse On-Premises implemented a built-in endpoint to serve the application’s JSON data from a local file or an HTTP hosted file. Russian / Русский HCL Sametime is a secure, persistent team chat app for HCL Sametime platform. The ${extensionPath} in the previous example is only a path var of this repository. If your extensions are not appearing in the Verse UI, make sure that you have specified the correct path and object properties in the applications.json. In the sections below, the structure of each of the different context objects is outlined. 3. It operates through the following segments: Cloud & Cognitive Software, Global Business Services, Global Technology Services, Systems, and Global Financing. Below is the sample code to handle the message from Verse and send the Search Results message to Verse. Both methods are described below.