Hopefully we’ve given you plenty of inspiration to carry out your own Ikea Ivar hack. _ Tons of DIYers have turned the humble EKET cabinet into a custom masterpiece—and with a little creativity, you can, too. IKEA has since redesigned all of their kitchen products so the exact base cabinets … Usually it blows it out the front , outside the oven cavity. This bank of cabinets from PaulSvera does just that. The Ikea Ivar is a great piece of furniture and one of an Ikea hackers biggest assets. Thanks for those pictures. I was wondering if anyone has bought two, After years of using various sheet pan storage solutions, including the expandable pot lid rack, I came up with this idea to use up the dead space between my f, We had space in our kitchen for more counters, but to get the real thing easily cost double or triple this PLATSA hack! "Due to the small space we had, we used relatively smaller modules: people most commonly use 15-inch or 30-inch wide cabinets; we went for 12-inch or 24-inch," says Daniel. Doors on the bottom hold bigger items, while the baskets in the top part can corral smaller ones. I'd been using this item as a s, Faktum easy magnetic bin opener SOLVED! Another cane based Ikea Ivar hack, this time as part of a TV unit from Make It Boho. In the Akurum line there was a cabinet that had space for a microwave below. IKEA only gives you so many options for countertop slabs, so Noam and Daniel took their search to a marble remnant place in New York City, where they found a three-quarter-inch-thick piece of honed Arabescato marble on the cheap. This narrow rolling cart is the perfect tool to maximize storage space by fitting it in between small gaps. if you love IKEA hacks check out these other two posts I wrote compiling all the best IKEA hacks on the web: 13 DIY Ikea Hacks to Transform Your Furniture, 10 DIY IKEA Hacks That Will Save You a Ton of Money, 21 IKEA Kallax Hacks That You Need To Try In Your Home. You’re bound to find something to inspire you. IKEA has since redesigned all of their kitchen products so the exact base cabinets we used are no longer available. To make three side-by-side EKET cabinets look like one unit, she and her husband cut a board to size to make the top; hollowing out half an inch from the inside helps it sit snugly on top of the cabinets’ existing frames. Inspired by a cane-front cabinet she saw on Pinterest, Gaby of @casa.de.hollis and her husband created a sideboard with two EKET cabinets. The following Ikea Ivar hacks demonstrate the versatility of this cabinet. Check out full instructions at Jen Lou Meredith! After sensing something was missing from her EKET cabinets, Cajsa decided to give them a lift with traditional picture-frame molding. Please excuse the mess and the painter's tape pull :). If you have little ones who love to help out cooking then this hack is a must try! "These things can be found anywhere, and there's no reason to spend a lot on them. We are using the same door style and color as you. It’s all about the legs with this gorgeous Ivar sideboard featured on Pretty Pegs.