He had never noticed unpleasant. Single spacing is usually easy to read, and it sure saves paper. It played us to the nurses down the hall in Intensive Care.” In a few lines she let’s us know that she is under pressure to perform (it’s implied that she feels like a criminal) for the woman she is addressing and that she is trying to entertain someone in the hospital with a camera aimed on her from Intensive Care to watch her case (more evidence that the narrator is blaming herself for her friends predicament). Figure 4-10. For each section of your document (even if there’s only one), you set the page size, orientation, and margins, as described in the previous chapter. The horizontal ruler appears at the top of the page, giving you quick access to your tab, indent, and margin settings. I’d like to hear others’ thoughts on that, as well. Table 4-1 is your cheat sheet to every character formatting shortcut known to Word. In Englander’s story we experience the narrator’s anxiety very clearly in how he contrasts his reaction to the bombing with the other characters’ reactions; highlighting his inability to cope or accept what has happened. Figure 4-6. 1. At least is a good option if you have a mix of font sizes or include inline graphics with your text. If you haven’t deliberately set tab stops, Word provides built-in tab stops at half-inch intervals. This article studies the abstract architectural quality of privacy as presented in enclosed border-defined space in modern architecture and provides a proposal on privacy in the learning space as done by Riy... Let us write or edit the essay on your topic. When you hold your cursor over a style, a screen tip pops up showing you details. And when you get really good, you can do most of your formatting with keyboard shortcuts, never even slowing down long enough to reach for the mouse. The bottom section shows bullet styles that have already been used in the document. I had the feel of death and limited time throughout the story. To see more styles, use the arrows on the right to scroll through the list, or click the button at bottom to open the entire menu (Figure 4-22). The depth was in-, sufficient to prevent the escape of effluvia, which, he had often noticed; and one of the causes was, the frequent exhumations for the purpose of, drains; that the destitute poor were buried two, abreast along the drain, which was covered up, as the coffins were deposited. You learn how to format paragraphs with indents and spacing, and how to control the way Word breaks up the words in a line and the lines in a paragraph. “I am watching the people pour around the corner watching them run toward us mouths unhinged pulling at their hair scratching at their faces, they collapse and puff up hop about undirected.” This passage helps to set the tone of horror and anxiety that are present throughout the story. typefaces. The Modify Style box is command central for tinkering with your style definitions. You need to login before you can save preferences. Figure 4-24. “Make it useful stuff or skip it.” The opening line helps to set a tone of immediacy and anxiety. Figure 4-26. The evidence given before that Com, mittee was so voluminous as to prevent our pub. I could relate to the narrator easily because the narrator was confused by a lot of things that I feel I am also confused about. Englander displays anxiety by transitioning between past and present. Word’s Mini Toolbar isn’t quite as much fun as your hotel room’s mini-bar, but there are times when you’ll be glad it’s there. Tough guys and writing teachers: a Kurt Vonnegut classic -. Yesterday’s sounds caught up in my head. A quarter inch (.25”) is usually an attractive first-line indent. The following is its, essence:—" After these hot days, the wind, sud, denly chopping round to the south-west, dis, tributes the whole of these injurious particles, over the town, to be inhaled by the unhappy, persons who are compelled to reside within its, precincts, so that our south-west winds, instead, of being healthful and invigorating, become the, harbingers of evil. Why is there no editing? The anxiety that is presented makes me feel that I have been with the characters from the start. 11:36 The ground was very wet in the Roman Catholic, portion of the Cemetery, and the consequence, was that the graves were not sunk to a sufficient, and stated that he had observed very shallow, graves in the Cemetery, having seen some within, the last twelve months not more than four feet, deep; and he had been told that some coffins. The Handmaid’s Tale Chapter 1 Summary & Analysis | LitCharts. To set up this format, click the Special drop-down menu, and then choose “First line.” Type a number, in inches, in the By box on the right. When you’re typing away and the muses are moving you, it’s a lot easier to hit Ctrl+I to italicize a word than it is to take your hands off the keyboard and grab a mouse. You are putting yourself exactly where you were at that time. Remember to keep these brief–about a paragraph or so in length. In both stories I feel the narrators’ anxiety is transmitted through their structure and format. Your cursor acquires a tiny paintbrush icon. Figure 4-15. Great point about the first sentence in Hempel’s story bringing a sense of immediacy. bring forward for consideration or acceptance. Body text needs to be readable and easy on the eyes. Alt+H, FF selects the font drop-down menu; use the arrow keys to highlight the font; press Enter to finish the selection. This to me also reveals the narrators anxiety. The, medical profession some time ago addressed the, City Council on the subject, but certain trade, interests prevailed, and the evils referred to were, suffered to remain unchecked. Setting a new tab stop is a two-step process: Using the selection box to the left of the ruler, choose the type of tab you want. The most common type of tab, it aligns text at the left side; text flows from the tab stop to the right. This Website is owned and operated by Studentshare Ltd (HE364715) , having its registered office at Aglantzias , 21, COMPLEX 21B, Floor 2, Flat/Office 1, Aglantzia , Cyprus. This book uses numbered paragraphs for step-by-step instructions. 1) In Hempel’s story it is apparent that the narrator is at a psychiatrist’s office.