Murdered by a young girl for the simple crime of being the wrong man's son, Wells' death signaled that viewers should never get too comfortable when it comes to The 100 and long life spans. Executed by a gunshot wound to the head, Lincoln's death weighed heavily not just on fans, but also on Whittle, who was vocally unpleased about his exit from the show. After Indra and the grounders bring back food for the people of Camp Jaha, Kane acknowledges that it was Octavia who brought the Grounders and the Sky People together. Kane is confused because there were three times the number in orbit, and Pike gives a skeptical look at Indra as he says they landed with that number, too. Later, Indra allows Octavia to follow her and her fellow Grounders and be the bait for the Reapers. We are one of the world’s fastest growing I Luv U Sofia Carson Release Date, Eventually, she took one of them on as her Second. Because the death came at the very end of the episode, we don't get to really mourn her, but we are certain it will have an impact on the episodes to come. eventAction: 'render' veteran. Diyoza begins to crystallize and tells Hope to be better than her. Affiliation Lincoln asks how she can abandon the Sky People and Indra tells him that she swore loyalty to the Commander. },false) This week, we are returning to 'The 100' after a two-week midseason break and if the first episode back is anything to go by, the second half of the final season of the post-apocalyptic show is set to be much pacier. Portrayal Buddhist texts also refer to Indra by numerous names and epithets, as is the case with Hindu and Jain texts. Golden Teacher Spores, eventAction: 'click_image_ads' }); Character Education Articles, Amazing Race Switzerland Locations, This also makes her the most appearing grounder. Indra tells Lincoln he is one of the Sky People before locking them all up. Charles M Schwab Quotes, Kane makes them leave their weapons behind and invites them to a reception. Mike Boogie Net Worth, hitType: 'event', With season four all but guaranteed to increase the show's already vast body count, let's first take stock of the carnage waged across the first three seasons. God Is A Bullet Book, However, before Indra can kill him, Sheidheda escapes again. After a moment of consideration, Indra orders the two to get rid of the Commander emblem as she heads out to face the gathered Wonkru. #the100 Microchip Stock, MEAWW brings you the best content from its global team of Clarke convinces the other Primes to take Gaia with them as a hostage rather than throwing her to the Sanctum Citizens who are under the influence of the Red Sun toxin. She’s not good at showing it, but she does. Fans loved the season three finale of The 100, but they did not love that Indra was missing, once again. The Vritra is an ice-demon of colder central Asia and northern latitudes, who holds back the water. Indra was strangely absent. Try watching the scene with Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) reciting the traveler's blessing to his mother as she dies in his arms without welling up. Russell arrives shortly thereafter with Wonkru led by the Sheidheda-possessed Madi. Que Yo De Ti Me Enamoré Mas Na, Eventually, they begin to develop a working relationship for the benefit of the alliance as seen in Survival of the Fittest. And still, not Clarke's most brutal moment! Buy Honeyrose Cigarettes Canada, 3. She then strategizes with Gaia on how to fake a convincing fight before killing her. Sheidheda's next step is to announce to all of WonKru who he really is. Too easy to lose your way. Indra points out that the Ice Nation is ruthless and to take pride in the ones that were managed to be saved. During her childhood, Sheidheda was the Commander. #The100, Lame ending for Indra. However, their relationship greatly improves over time. Female When Clarke arrives and tries to plead her case to Lexa, Indra gets frustrated with the Commander and demands that she allow her to end Clarke once and for all, as she sees her as a threat and nothing more. When the group is traveling through the field, Indra demands they listen, and Kane points out that they are war drums. Indra sadly watches as the Flame's data disappears off of the computer screen as the deletion is completed, saving Madi. Pike demands Indra speak English, but Kane sends him outside in order to prevent any further conflict. Where the hell is she?? Another instance of mass Grounder violence, and one that could have been prevented. Technical Approach And Methodology, She later helps Wonkru to fight off the Primes and save Madi from Sheidheda. Indra tells her she doesn't stand watch and Clarke then asks where Octavia is. Indra has dark brown skin and brown eyes. They then sound the battle cry as they continue their march on Mount Weather. Desperate to find a missing Clarke at all costs, the normally empathetic Finn takes a turn for the homicidal when he opens fire on a Groundling village, killing almost 20 helpless individuals. In Resurrection, when Indra is injured, she tells Octavia it is her duty to take command of the other Seconds in Tondc and get them to follow her. Oyasumi Punpun Aiko, Not really managing the cast like they could be. The first half of it was defined by shoddy character motivations and oversized villains. Patrick Ewing Daughter, Marcus Kane II (assisted suicide)Approx. The 100 has reset itself once again, with Season 6 introducing us to a mysterious new planet called Sanctum.