If you defeat this enemy you will warp to a new area with several enemies that look like crystals. The goal is to reach the highest level you can before you run out of BP (Battle Points), of which you start with 30. Title: Inflation RPG cheats from players: Device: Android: Author: Tatsuki: File Name: air.infurerpgkuesuto: Category: Role Playing: Added Version: 1.6.4: Content Rating: Everyone: Game type: Apk . 1 < Back to Guides | Check out the Discord 2 [1.6.6] Working glitches on the current version 2.1 ReLoading 2.2 Infinite Bonus Area Glitch For this trick to work, kill your mob to reach the Battle Results screen. Also this Inflation RPG Cheats unlock special features and get all premium hidden powers. We believe that you can identify the game by just see its game cover. There are five crystals to challenge in all, one for each of the main stats: HP, ATK, DEF, AGI and LUC. The Cheat Code for Inflation RPG Hack: GL_8b995a0e2b. The Gray-haired hero (top row, second char) is the best and only character to use in the game. Now tap your screen and immediately shut down the app during the black "Loading..." screen. Gauge your capability to take out a boss by killing the enemies in the same zone. It was classified on RPG category. It also works to kill both Archangels in one run. Do you like this app/game? To take a screenshot with your Mac, Command + Shift + 3 and then release all keys to captuer the whole screen, or press Command + Shift + 4 and press down and drag the mouse over the area you'd like to capture. Watch Inflation RPG : [lvl 470 000] My personnal best run in NM video. Check out the. Having a hard time farming? ReLoading can be used to stay in Black/White Bonus Areas and lose only 1BP per fight, by cancelling the teleportation that should occur once you clean every rounds of the given bonus. Share you own hack tricks, advices and fixes. video. Meet more players and create about scam, annoying offers or lockers. Watch Inflation rpg walkthrough pt 6 (Item farming methods!) Hacks, Cheats and Mod Apk for Android and iOS. Avoid Inflation RPG hack cheats for your own safety, choose our tips and advices confirmed by pro players, testers and users like you. You can use our Inflation RPG Cheats which works without root and jailbreak. Watch Inflation RPG Gold Farming + Secret Area video. Inflation RPG Hack has 99% success rate so we guarantee a great results using our Cheat Code. It may be annoying, but you'll find that you'll need to access this screen after every battle regardless. There is no surveys, no payments and no download. Meaning you won't ever be teleported out anymore and will be able to grind freely until GameOver. Stats are used in early to lower the difficulty but after a certain point (generally lv5200 Oculus of Hatred), they actually will cripple your progress since they take slots of EXP gems.