Gives massive amounts of XP and has a chance to drop Exp Rings +3 & +4. Inflation RPG Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The more powerful you get the less fights you will need. After I unlocked all the one and two star accessory slots, this is the configuration I went with. Kill Both Level 27,200 bosses. If you are farming the Crystal Cape there is a spot you can stand in the middle of Level 43,000 where you can see the other 3 zones for bonuses. +4 is only slightly better than the best you can buy, but +5 is significantly better. The mobs are around the difficulty of the Goddesses in Normal Mode, and Heaven lv 54000 to 70000 area in Hard Mode. Best part was that all of this was done in Normal using regular equipment from Normal. Of course if you don't have the 3rd equipment set unlocked then ignore it altogether. Unfortunately, about 1/3 of your encounters in here will be with "the Gool," the last enemy in the list, which gives no drops and almost no gold. Areas 10840, 12000, 12400, and 13111: Elemental Goddesses (Bosses, Hard Mode only), Area 10840: Fire Goddess (Boss, Hard Mode only), Area 12400: Wind Goddess (Boss, Hard Mode only), Area 13111: Ice Goddess (Boss, Hard Mode only), Area 12000: Thunder Goddess (Boss, Hard Mode only), Area 5200: Oculus of Hatred (Boss, Hard Mode only). (Not 100% chance revival, it mean you could die if unlucky), is a very good weapon for mid and later in normal mode. Run between Levels 45,200 and 44,444 via 47,500. What you'll find is that theĀ ??? Everything else pour into luck. Revival Necklaces keep your HP at 1 to avoid dying but will not work again if your HP stays at 1. Small and regular Recovery Necklaces do not stack. Do note that there has been a time or two where I only entered the Crystal Area with less than 15 BP left. As you can only use it once per day, it's best to use it on a run where you really need it. In fact I could consistently hit 4 million with my record high being nearly 8 million gold. Appears after TimesPlayed 5 only. Def Gem +3 (or better). Head due south till you cross the border into zone 1. Will a recover necklace and a small recover necklace stack together? share. 100px: Lilith (ene0_0a) HP: Hard: 150,000 ... Inflation RPG Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. You can buy or loot 3 of every accessory but some of them can only be equipped once: more will not grant anything when several are equipped (refer to Stacks or No Stack in the templates below, and check the bottom of the page for more info). Accessories are the most important part of your Sets. Now obviously if you do have some rare drops or hard mode gear that will make this easier. This first map is your perfect farming zone. The first needs to have a high total attack after bonuses. Recovery Necklace is the first thing you should get it. Plus if you don't have the recovery necklace yet you'll want to grind any of these that you see anyways. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Saves you tons of stat points that can be invested into your Luck Stat. Grind here for a few turns even after you can kill the Level 36,000 Boss. When you equip the Revival Necklace, the first time you hit 0 HP or less, there is a percentage chance that your HP will be set to 1. A (???) Unfortunately you have to set foot into 45,200 and 44,444 to see their bonuses. If you encounter a Bonus monster from either Group, only this one Group will be available to encounter while this (???) level 1. best. I recommend Estoc+1 followed by Crystal Hammer and Crystal Cape. Kill Level 37,777 (Luck Set, Drops BP Ring +2 & +3). The Wiki's data has the wrong information for the gold drops here, but I don't know how to fix it or what the correct values are. level 1. Group A are the Succubi, that drop some of the best, and worst, accessories in the game, most important being the recovery necklace. In the hidden map, you should kill all 5 color boss around before kill the 7 color center boss ( which will finished this hidden map ). Rather than fighting the boss, who is in the centre of the screen, activate one of your bonuses. (With a recover necklace) Each one has a chance to drop a stat gem of it's colour of +4 or +5.