The chief concern of the new pope, whose kindliness is universally praised, was the promotion of peace among Christian princes, though he himself became involved in difficulties with King Ferrante of Naples. Thank you for visiting Remy Lafort, S.T.D., Censor. The problem was that transgressions from official policy often began at the top. These remarks are included in Part 2, Chapter XV, which is entitled: "How they Raise and Stir up Hailstorms and Tempests, and Cause Lightning to Blast both Men and Beasts":Heinrich Institoris, Heinrich, Sprenger, Jakob, Summers, Montague; The Malleus maleficarum of Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger; Dover Publications; New edition, 1 June 1971; ISBN 0-486-22802-9. Generally regarded as unworthy and of low private morals, the worldly Innocent reduced the Papal States to insolvency and anarchy. If you find something abusive or that does not comply with our terms or guidelines please flag it as inappropriate. If this statement shocks you, you are not alone.…, The Pope is in the house. Son of the viceroy of Naples, Battista spent his early years at the Neapolitan court. Pope Innocent VIII . Rom., III (Rome, 1677), 89-146; SERDONATI, Vita d' Innocenzo VIII (Milan, 1829); PASTOR, Geschichte der Päpste (4tb ed., Freiburg, 1899), 175-285: bibliog. He was acquitted after quoting from Christ in his defense: “Let you who are without sin cast the first stone.” In the centuries to follow, political skullduggery and a corrupt election process thrust one improbable candidate after another into the position as god-fearing believers looked on in impotent horror. I must say, that Stephen VI was a sick & twisted motherfucker! Do you think it would have been enough for Stephen VI to just reverse the actions and/or change the policies enacted by his predecessor when he was alive? Nothing has changed. Weber, N. (1910). His successor would later turn the building into the Cortile del Belvedere. Upon his death, 50 priests offered Mass for the repose of his soul for nine consecutive days, but French wits agreed that this was nowhere near enough. In Rome he became a priest in the retinue of cardinal Calandrini, half-brother to Pope Nicholas V (1447–55). By submitting a comment you agree to abide by our Terms and Community Guidelines. At the conclave of 1484, he signed, like all the other cardinals present, the election capitulation which was to bind the future pope. Julius II (1503-13) is remembered for commissioning Michelangelo to paint the Sistene Chapel’s ceiling. He was made Bishop of Savona in 1467, but exchanged this see in 1472 for that of Molfetta in south-eastern Italy and was raised to the cardinalate the following year. Repenting of his sins, he actually abdicated to a monastery, only to change his mind and seize office again. © Copyright © 2012-2020 Stories People All rights reserved. Some scholars view the bull as "clearly political", motivated by jurisdictional disputes between the local German Catholic priests and clerics from the Office of the Inquisition who answered more directly to the pope. In March 1489, Cem was transferred to the custody of Innocent VIII. Ferdinand's oppressive government led in 1485 to a rebellion of the aristocracy, known as the Conspiracy of the Barons, which included Francesco Coppola and Antonello Sanseverino of Salerno and was supported by Pope Innocent VIII. He became a priest in the retinue of Cardinal Calandrini, half-brother to Pope Nicholas V (1447–55), Bishop of Savona under Pope Paul II, and with the support of Cardinal Giuliano Della Rovere. Nature But the Bull pronounces no dogmatic decision, and the Pope does not wish anyone to believe more about the reality of witchcraft than is involved in the utterances of Holy Scripture. The only canonization which he proclaimed was that of Margrave Leopold of Austria (6 Jan., 1485). He famously declared that having sex with young boys was no more a sin than rubbing one hand against the other — which should make him the patron saint of Boston priests today. To Valori, he had become 'an inert mass of flesh, incapable of assimiliating any nourishment but a few drops of milk from a young woman's breast'.[19]. Darst, David H. (15 October 1979). He didn’t like his predecessor and many of the things he did one bit. The rule of Innocent VIII (1484-92) is remembered as the Golden Age of Bastards: He acknowledged eight illegitimate sons and was known to have many more, although he found time between love affairs to start up the Inquisition. He was the foremost church lawyer of the age. As the Smart Set closes its doors for his…. The choice fell on Cibò himself who, in honour of his countryman, Innocent IV, assumed the name of Innocent VIII. In 1473, with the support of Giuliano Della Rovere, later Pope Julius II, he was made cardinal by Pope Sixtus IV, whom he succeeded on 29 August 1484 as Pope Innocent VIII. [6] The fall of Granada in January 1492, was celebrated in the Vatican and Innocent granted Ferdinand II of Aragon the epithet "Catholic Majesty. However, the sultan paid the Knights a large amount to keep Cem captive. Witchcraft in Europe, 400–1700: A Documentary History. Not to Stephen VI, though. The Italian journalist and writer Ruggero Marino, in his book Cristoforo Colombo e il Papa tradito (transl. I am a minister of the Gospel, and when I say Catholics aren’t Christians, people get upset. TOMMASINI in Fonti per la Storia d'Italia, V (Rome, 1890); CIACONIUS-OLDOINUS, Vitæ et Res gestæ Pontif. He had a son with his teenage mistress — the prostitute Marozia, 30 years his junior — and their illegitimate son grew up to become the next pope. >>, The Smart Set is published and supported by the Pennoni Honors College at Drexel University. IN the issue of NATURE for April 11, p. 113, is an erratum which corrects a statement made in NATURE for April 4, p. 82, regarding Pope Innocent VII. The protracted conflict with Naples was the principal obstacle to a crusade against the Turks; Innocent VIII earnestly endeavoured to unite Christendom against the common enemy. The rule of Innocent VIII (1484-92) is remembered as the Golden Age of Bastards: He acknowledged eight illegitimate sons and was known to have many more, although he found time between love affairs to start up the Inquisition. The editor of New Advent is Kevin Knight. He was also the first pope to contract “the French disease,” syphilis, from Rome’s male prostitutes. THUASNE, I (Paris, 1883); INFESSURA, Diario della Città di Roma, ed. The rule of Innocent VIII (1484-92) is remembered as the Golden Age of Bastards: He acknowledged eight illegitimate sons and was known to have many more, although he found time between love affairs to start up the Inquisition. Golden Age of Bastards INNOCENT VIII (1484-1492) was the 211th pope. His rule was contested by his brother Cem, who sought the support of the Mamluks of Egypt. The fact is that he died seven days before the departure of Christopher Columbus for his supposedly first voyage over the Atlantic, raising speculations that Columbus actually traveled before the known date and re-discovered the Americas for the Europeans before the supposed date of 12 October 1492. Benedict IX, (1032-48) continually shocked even his most hardened cardinals by debauching young boys in the Lateran Palace. Sergius III (904-11), known by his cardinals as “the slave of every vice,” came to power after murdering his predecessor. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. The Columbus Conspiracy: Columbus as the bastard son of Pope Innocent VIII and an agent in the war for the New World. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Innocent VIII, 1432–92, pope (1484–92), a Genoese named Giovanni Battista Cibo; successor of Sixtus IV Sixtus IV, 1414–84, pope (1471–84), an Italian named Francesco della Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! Regrettably, I can't reply to every letter, but I greatly appreciate your feedback — especially notifications about typographical errors and inappropriate ads.