IF your good in the post, you’ll know walk when flys by you in the “C”. In the NBA, the first step occurs “after he’s gained control of the ball”. In picking up your dribble you are allowed a two count rhythm and if you use it, the second footfall becomes the pivot foot. Each video “take” was different; some being “traveling” in my view and others not so. The moment you gain possession or end your dribble, you can establish a pivot foot in the following ways. Unless the “Euro-step” is defined as taking two full steps, it is not necessarily illegal in itself. Do not think of this as a legal move as ever definition of the euro step is described as a two step process. When it comes down again during the layup…travel. He ended his dribble with his left foot on the ground making his left foot his pivot foot, then he took the step to the right with his right foot not returning his pivot foot to the floor. I went over and over this video and the best I can tell his right foot is on the floor when he has gathered the ball in. The difference between the regular layup and the eurostep is that you pick up the ball thereby establishing the pivot. I’m sorry that you don’t like the rule, but you are wrong. The rule is so simple its almost impossible to misinterpret as you have! Billie Eilish just debuted cat-wing eyeliner, Things Donald Trump has actually said about women, Jesy Nelson just won Halloween with this makeup, Gigi and Zayn share first pic of their daughter, Kendall dressed as Pamela Anderson for Halloween. If he passed the ball, it is a travel. It doesn’t return until shot is gone. You can’t just pick up your pivot foot and let your other foot touch the floor since it hasn’t touched yet lol wtf! Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Anyone calling travel is too technical and jealous. Sign up to our newsletter to get more articles like this delivered straight to your inbox. If this happened in the middle of the floor and “Player A” was on a fastbreak and a defender “Player B” somehow ended up on the ground in front of him and “Player A” stopped mid dribble launching off his left foot to jump over “Player B” landing on his right foot and then lunged forward of his right then passing and/or shooting the ball it would be called a traveling violation every time. The “Euro Step” – Is it legal or a violation? If he started hopping then he taken more than 2 steps (1 1/2 for purists) However, he didn’t hop. This has nothing to do with 1-step allowed or 2-steps allowed, it’s a standard layup with a change of direction. Therefore this was a travel. Likewise, on the front-end of drives from triple threat it used to be that if a player jab stepped with a foot and then tried to start a drive by moving the pivot foot priors to putting the ball down on a dribble drive that was routinely called, now it is routinely ignored. Cookies help us deliver our Services. No even close to a travel. if this is your judgment, then his left foot is the “pivot” and it’s not traveling. Since 2007, 60 Seconds on Officiating has been teaching, serving and inspiring basketball officials in over 90 countries worldwide. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. The video didn’t Confirm there was nothing illegal. “there are no Pivots, as the dribble NEVER ENDED.”, Did the pivot foot touch the floor again – BEFORE the ball was released for the try? How does anyone think that this is a legal move. The eurostep is just a nice term for running illegally on purpose…and the refs ignoring it…. Like this article? I’ve coached middle school basketball for over 10 years and I’ve attended seminars, read books and watch countless videos on this by experts. watch it again. It's designed to spin up the turbo charger before the car starts moving. Here’s why. If you pause the video at the 1:05 mark, it shows that the dribble has ended as he is holding the ball above his left knee. in full speed this might not be #recognized# as a travel, but that does not mean that it is not a travel… it is. This can change the moment when the ball is gathered, and usually when it’s done very slowly, the gather point happens “earlier” in the step sequence. if he “picks up” the ball with both hands with his right foot down THAT is his pivot foot. Whatever you saw for the future in 2020, it probably wasn't this. That is everywhere except the NBA. It's illegal because it's noisy, terrible for emissions and flames / unburnt fuel is coming out of the back of the car. No matter how you want to parse this, you would be guessing if you think the dribble was ended (ball caught) while the right foot was still on the floor. Learn how your comment data is processed. this happens with the #right# foot on the floor and it is a traveling violation. The left foot is the pivot foot. foot. Great move. Regardless of how you rule on it..in a game, we have to make split decisions and cannot rewind, rethink, pause and/or debate it. e. A player who comes to a stop on the count of two, with neither foot in advance of the other, may use either foot as the pivot foot.