Read More:  How To Get A Good Education Without Going To College. That is the modern school: a safe space, that is meant to create problematic un-socialized (not-being-part-of-society, no not-having-friends-and-dwelling-in-basements) teens and adults later, sometimes this leads to create anti-socialized (people-that-are-against-the-idea-of-society) people. Now, the fight is about changing the rotting heads. Here is what you do: get rid of financial aid all together. No one is owed anything and we all have to fight our way to the top whether we are a stem major, liberal arts major or chose to work a trade. But statistics suggest many fields are happy to hire philosophy majors based on the fact that much of the coursework requires backgrounds in logic and reason, problem solving, critical thinking, data analysis etc. I think kids entering college now can “get” loans of 9% and non-subsidized are over 10%. Keep a part time job if possible. Calling a 50%+ tax rate a “fallacy” ignores that the tax rate is high to pay for the things that you think are “free”, which in fact, are just a bill in another form that you don’t have a choice in paying…for the rest of your life. So I basically could’ve burned $60 and been in the same spot. Ok, of course not. If you are 18 and thinking of going to college take a year off. HOW do you want to live? Prior to this, employers could discriminate in hiring decisions. In this Yale financial aid guide, find out how Bullseye advisor Zoe applied to and attended Yale on a budget. I approve this message. In CA I became buds with a Paki with a golden business-opened a wheel & tire shop in the hood. Add to that, Libtard central administering from K-12 through Doctorate education now. Who the hell is paying to have their DOMESTIC fridges repaired? Nothing builds confidence and balls of steel quite like being your own boss! I’d wager that on a man-hour worked scale, your “higher salary” combined with your higher cost of living would come out with me here in the States on top. By then, I was mature enough to take school seriously. education works in Demark or Norway, it’s because those societies are culturally and genetically homogeneous and little else. I have a cousin who’s in high school, his mom wants him to go to college but his dad wants him to learn a trade. It’s not a scam. hide. Pretty much sums up the attitude of most millenials. If you’re a straight white male, and you’re not impoverished per federal standards, most of your loan coming from SallieMae. *The reason why he is highly problematic is only one: your typical Rousseau book starts to say one thing on the first half, in the middle of the work you have a very small part that moves from the first to the second, the second part of the book… says exactly the opposite of the first. If you can provide a solution to people’s problems, develop strong business acumen and approach it with an entrepreneurial spirit, the sky’s the limit! Well, if you speak french, you can have access to superior education. When schools experience funding cuts, the admins give themselves a raise, lay someone off, and then assign those sections to others who already have a full-load. TL;DR: Refrigeration Mechanic = Good choice of career. A similar study a couple years ago found that of the 50 liberal-arts colleges and national and public universities studied, just four require English majors to study the works of William Shakespeare. Obama did not change private loan programs at all and cannot short of changing bankruptcy laws. The smartest and hardest working 20% will always thrive wherever they go due to their work ethic, critical thinking, adaptability, ability to learn from their mistakes, etc. CONTACT US. I think it’s also used in the States, or was at one time anyway. If we passed each test, we didn’t have to take a required gen ed class. In the 1960s, this was tolerated under the notion of campuses as places for the free exchange of ideas, but now they’re anything but that. I come from a noncompetitive HS and no one really understands admissions consulting here. A very good description of the excellent French education system. Make sure you have all the pieces of your college application ready with Bullseye's College Application Checklist! On a side note, this was 2004 and every student had a school email address assigned to them before we got to school. Nothing in the world is free. As for the predatory lending problem, the interest rates should be regulated, and perhaps include a maximum cap of 150% of the original loan amount. “Choosing the truly best universities and academic departments will reward good efforts, and help to starve the beast where the worst is concerned.” Half of them are certifying that you know how to install and play with a particular version of SQL software. This subreddit is for anyone looking for advice about undergraduate college admissions, including college essays, scholarships, SAT/ACT test prep, and anything related to college applications. When getting to know them both and asking what the keys to their success were, BOTH of them at some point said the exact same thing… “I was never too good to work any job.”. Now I’m not saying the workplace environment hasn’t changed – with layers of back stabbing middle supervisor/managers & VP level fucks who simply need their asses beat badly, hell bent on holding others back to prop up their “image” of value – what I’m getting at is persistence, positioning oneself for success. It also showed me how far behind the college was, where they couldn’t even be bothered to email us with our test results, even though email had been an integral communication tool for about a decade at that point. Needed a safe space to cry? You, and I, are not in the big club.”, The late great George Carlin! If a man has- No you basically have to choose your “career” right out the door at 17.5 as you sign up for courses at college. Finance degree — first create relationships at College – the highest paid sales work…High IQ optional. The reason that your entry level is “several times higher than in the U.S.” is due to the effects of local economy, which is heavily influenced by taxation.