Photopea is free. Their Windows software is much better by all accounts. The clone tool is so much better in Picture Publisher that when I try to use it in other programs I realize they are terrible for that function... once you know what a good implementation works like. We didn't find many wizards or scarecrows, but we did see plenty of lizards and landscape scenes along the Australian coast. And most importantly my comment is rather a sarcasm. Afaik it doesn't send your images anywhere (if I load the page, then disconnect from the network, I can still load an image and work). Ah negative people. Why do you need to use Lightroom with Photoshop? If you've used any photo editing software that has a similar design, you'll be able to dive right into Photopea. Kind of neat! But Pixlr is one of the most known one - why another PS Clone inside the Browser? Thank you for bringing this software for community. @opengloves No I'm not. Don't market it as a free product then. So at least get that right if you're going to criticize them. But IMHO, given the success of the subscription model, your use case is probably an exception rather than the rule. :), Move this very talented programmer, Kutskir from Czech Republic to California and you see a millionaire, if not billionaire ;). No spam, we promise. Translate from here. I am just curious. It seems like it took less than 7,000 hours or 100% of free time for years. Photopea is the same as Photoshop. And the person who make it must be a really good programmer. After months of being avaialble as a beta download, a 1.0.0 version of Nikon's webcam utility is now available for both macOS and Windows 10 computers. All the paid features available in this web software for free. Pricing starts at $1,200, and they go on sale this month. Being an online app means it can be used a cross multiple devices without having to write code for each OS. Sure, buy an readily available older (stand alone) copy. If you want "liquify" Affinity Photo has capable liquify feature. Adobe is a huge for profit company GIMP and other FOSS stuff is made by volunteers in their spare time. (Does any other app besides Photoshop have it?). No, this is the code of the application (written in HTML5, Javascript) that is downloaded onto your computer to be interpreted and executed by the web browser engine, each time you click on the application URL. I do not like Adobe but I pay them for their product as there are no alternatives.This guy would make more money should te make it work locally. No need to install Photoshop Software on your Windows, macOS, iPadOS PC. So why late this time to enjoy Photopea for your Windows or macOS. This is stupid and I love it. The latest firmware significantly improves the EOS R6's response to efforts to let it cool, making it much more usable for stop/start video. Some dude working out of his mum’s basement gets hacked, and all of a sudden everyone on his network is part of a bot net and sharing the root of their hard drive with a guy named Ivan. It's a true Photoshop alternative that won't cost you a dime. I doubt it works reasonably well on a tablet with any files larger than 0.5-1MPx.But, yes, for web-size images i guess it is also usable on a tablet. Hasselblad has released what is effectively a Speedbooster for adapting HC and HCD lenses to X system cameras. 7,000 hours doesn't seem realistic for one person. No need to download Photopea. Instead, Photopea is an excellent companion for photo editors who need to make edits on a machine that isn't their normal setup. As with any other app, they annoy you with ads, until you pay. It is very much easy to use this photo editor. All exported files use sRGB, too. While it doesn't have every feature of Adobe's flagship photo editor, Photopea isn't a lightweight editor either.