(26, 27), Regularly consuming nightshade foods that have high levels of alkaloids may also be connected with inflammatory digestive issues. Aimee McNew is a Certified Nutritionist who specializes in women's health, thyroid problems, infertility, and digestive wellness. (28). The AIP movement has developed a large following and has numerous food bloggers, nutritionists, and health coaches who create AIP-specific recipes so that those who follow the plan don’t feel deprived or trapped into a restrictive and boring food plan. 60 Days of Keto Meals with Easy to follow and make recipes. (5). Zucchini, yellow squash, and carrots can also stand in for bell peppers. (35), Inflammatory bowel disease can also be symptomatic of food intolerances or sensitivities. Here’s a quick list followed by some interesting facts about each spice: Turmeric; Ginger; Cumin; Cinnamon; Cloves; Black Pepper; Coriander Sweet potatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers, and onions are not nightshades. Bottom line: Nightshades can cause problems with inflammation, digestive problems, autoimmunity, and leaky gut. Instead of eating nightshade berries such as gooseberries, you can eat blueberries, grapes, citrus fruits, and cantaloupe melon. Nightshades are a common food group found in many diets, including the Paleo diet. Although cayenne pepper is a hot spice, it has many health benefits that include lowering blood pressure, improving digestive health and helping to lose weight. MCT Oil: What Happens Inside Your Body When You Consume MCT’s. If you want to consider eliminating nightshades, it might feel overwhelming to realize you could be cutting out several long-time favorite foods. However, they still contain good amounts of vitamin C and A, as well as fiber. In nature, the presence of alkaloids in nightshades serves as a natural insect repellent to prevent the plant from being destroyed. Bell peppers also belong on the list of nightshade vegetables and are well-known for their high vitamin C content. (34). So go ahead and enjoy our Keto Butter Chicken Recipe which has turmeric! (41) Sorrel leaves are also used as an ingredient in green smoothies, soups, and sauces. (18), Pepino melons are a variety of nightshade berry fruit that comes from South America. Learning the simple swaps you can make will increase variety and satisfaction with your diet. It is important to remember that although we refer to “nightshade vegetables,” many of them are botanically fruits. The nutritional value of tomatillos is similar to goldenberries and have a modest amount of vitamins and minerals. Bottom line: The answer to how long you need to avoid nightshades will be different for everyone, but most do best by eliminating them for a long time and then slowly re-introducing them to determine if it’s the whole category or just specific foods or preparations that are the problem. (32), Eating tomatoes has been linked to lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. (9). Bottom line: The AIP plan is a variation of the Paleo diet that skips nightshades and other inflammatory foods and focuses on foods that reduce inflammation, like leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables, meats, fats, and fruits. The answer is, you are in luck as Turmeric is not a Nightshade food. Yes, add me to your mailing list to receive comments and replies to my comment, If you want to include Turmeric into your diet or have been already and you suffer from an autoimmune disease like arthritis, you may be wondering is Turmeric a Nightshade food? Some studies have shown that the nightshade compound capsaicin helps to increase feelings of fullness and can help to manage weight gain. Goji berries are a superfood that is on the list of nightshade fruits and contain a number of powerful antioxidants. When this substance becomes too concentrated in the body, it can crystallize and increase the risk of kidney stones and joint inflammation in some people. Several common herbs and spices, such as chili pepper, paprika, cayenne, and red pepper flakes, also fall into the nightshade family. Read more about this spice in my article about the scientifically proven health benefits of cayenne pepper. Let’s start a conversation! Far from being dangerous foods, researchers say that foods from the Solanaceae family of plants are important foods in the diet. Like us on Facebook for delicious recipes and a lot more! The AIP diet can initially feel restrictive, as it further pares down what even the Paleo diet allows, but it has been a successful food plan for many with chronic, autoimmune, or other health problems for which the Paleo diet or other food plans have not shown improvement. They can have health benefits, but for people with nightshade sensitivity, they come with an unpleasant set of side effects that can range from digestive problems to inflammatory issues. Research into the health benefits of eating cooked eggplant show that it is good for your heart health, improves digestion, is a diabetes-friendly food and helps to lose weight. (22), However, some studies have suggested that lectin content (that is found in tomatoes and other nightshades) may be involved in the development of rheumatoid arthritis. Pumpkin and squash-based sauce can replace tomato sauce for pasta-based dishes. In fact, a cup of gooseberries has over 25% of your daily fiber needs. Black and white pepper are from peppercorns (a fruit), which are not nightshades. (11). padding: 5px; There is anecdotal evidence that going on a no nightshades diet can help to alleviate many of the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. [tweet_quote]Some people have nightshade sensitivity, which can lead to inflammatory problems and digestive upset. (9, 10, 11), While it can be hard to specifically diagnose some aspects of nightshade problems, they are best found when eliminating all nightshades from the diet for at least 30 days to determine if symptoms improve. One of the controversial claims is that nightshade vegetables are bad for conditions like arthritis or autoimmune diseases.