Shinra asked. Novel The real psychopaths are Izumii and Adabashi, but Izumii was abused and Adabashi's dad was a piece of crap. Despite his excellent ability, his personality is rather unpleasant. Okay, so at the anime and novel start, Izaya is 23. This is a thing between Izaya- san and me. Doubting his hearing ability, thinking of the possibility that a drunk person could hear voices instead of seeing double, he looked around him and when he knew he saw that he was alone, he couldn't stop himself from asking: "Yay, Shizu-chan can hear me now. Birthday At least try to enjoy it as much as possible. Sees everything as a game and does not think he will lose. Anri wants to love but she is unable to, he has the abilite or ability I'm not a good speller. ChromeCircus (talk) 18:02, February 23, 2016 (UTC), You guys are lucky i had a break long enough to check in. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Assuming that the story spans about a year and a half, shizuo would be 26 by then. You wanna hurt those sweet, cute little devi- ehm… girls? Durarara!! We don't know anything about that. Shinra opened the door, saw the life-long enemies behind it with one holding the other and wanted to clear it out right away. (refering to your previous comment.) We must also keep in mind that Izaya routinely lies about his age when he's using an alias, so we can assume whatever birth year was attributed to that card, was also a fallacy. Sure, he said that he just turned their unwavering trust to him, but isn't that most would do? The pest didn't start to attack him. Despite his excellent ability, his personality is rather unpleasant. Right now I'm trying to focus on updating character page layout but if you want to go for it then do so. Shortly after Raira Academy's opening ceremonies end, Mairu introduces herself to her class and proceeds to openly read a pornographic magazine in the middle of a lesson. ", "Oh so you didn't figure that one out. I left you a present, my dear Shizu-chan.". Izaya subsequently deems them 'monsters' and claims responsibility for their peculiar natures. I thought that pest instructed you with something? When you guys are done reading Volume 13 of the Light Novel, I want to know what happens to Shizuo and Izaya. 14 (at start)17 (SH) By the way do you have some Sake? When will this lowly life be out of this world completely? Hearing the parasite ones enjoyment Shizuo wanted to avoid doing what Kasuka asked but he couldn't find a reason to deny it either and sat down on the chair. Deals P.Dmg equal to 217.49% ATK to all enemies, with Recoil effect that lasts for 2 rounds. Season 1 She comforts Mairu successfully, but Mairu's newfound cheer is muted shortly thereafter when a four Toramaru bikers swagger up and harass the twins for information on the Headless Rider's whereabouts. She makes use of her combat abilities more often than her sister does. When he got to the doctor's house again, Shinra told him that he took care of Izaya as Shizuo instructed. Shirou Orihara is the father of Izaya, Mairu, and Kururi. Another snicker and Shizuo's face turned bright red as one hand slowly opened the pants of the bodyguard. He'd be more of a megalomaniac if anything, but he's also the one who said that the world is much more interesting since it doesn't do anybody's bidding, and also told Aoba that he wouldn't mind being used by somebody who is better at using somebody than himself. Why? Talk: Izaya Orihara. 16:49, April 9, 2012 (UTC)V. Concerning the recent change in the personality section about izaya showing "physical Love" to an individual who peaked his interest...Could someone provide a source? He usually gives information for his own enjoyment, and he claims to love the entire human race, excluding Shizuo Heiwajima. "Then let me ask a question first: Is Izaya-san with you?". Despite his honest attempts at connecting with people in the only way he knows how, and for just being him at times he was still shunned. However, he is also described by the same characters as appearing mischievous or otherwise unsavory.His regular outfit consists of a black coat with brown fur lining that goes down to his hips, along with a plain black long sleeved v-neck, pants, and dark brown shoes. Her usual streetwear consists of a dog-eared white hoodie and a black skirt (yellow and green respectively in the anime), the outfit similar albeit possessing an opposite color scheme to Kururi's own usual streetwear. How can I get you to disappear? Warning: Yaoi & Incest. If you believe me or not discuse it btween each other. 00:04, May 27, 2012 (UTC). Even though Kasuka seemed to be fine and like him, the older brother couldn't relax yet. After having questioned Izaya for about half of the way to the hotel, Izaya was nice enough to tell him at least that Kasuka isn't injured in any way. At the point when Kasuka started licking Shizuos member, the bartender could only think of one thing: The answer that popped up in his mind was: "Too~ bad. Will that ever happen? In all seriousness however, I remember reading somewhere that Shizuo was 25 when the series started, with the original story ending in 2004. There are already too many misleading infos in the Durarara fandom and this is one of them. And that you don't have any intention of vanishing at all? I don't think so~", "Telling you would spoil my fun. She also declares that she is bisexual and is looking for girls who are interested. Eijirou suspiciously asks if Mikage still has feelings for Izaya despite what Izaya 'did to her' in high school; Mairu and Kururi eagerly await the answer, but Mikage's answer ultimately consists of a relentless hours-long attack against her brother for asking such a question in the first place. I know it's already written on Mikage's page, but as would make sense it's obviously written with her point of view in mind. So much free room in your head for me. Mairu has long brown hair that is often tied back in a braid, brown eyes, and pink square-rimmed glasses. For all that she acts generally playful, she will treat genuine danger seriously—especially if said danger might pose a threat to Kururi. Just make sure to keep it consistent and add it to everyone else (assuming they have actual pictures to use. Does anyone here know how to make switchable profile pictures? We have no reason to believe he was 13 because that's silly. Lightening a new cigarette with his right and the left hand running through his hair, leaning backwards and letting out a sigh, he continued: "The 'me' last week thought of throwing a 6 months salary worth party. With Taro Tanaka and Kanra absent from the Chat Room, Mairu and Kururi take the initiative to invite new members and liven up the online space. Not only that, but even when the novels said he gave words of comfort, it still ended up hurting them and making them mad at him. Rather than lashing out or becoming discouraged, Mairu and Kururi attempt to compensate for each other's shortcomings by rolling dice to decide their respective personality traits; in this manner, they hope to embody all of humankind's positive traits. That was one of the most interesting scenes to me. They discuss Masaomi’s recent visits to the hospital to see Anri after the night of the Slasher incident. Has enough fighting skill that he took on a sword wielder with just his switchblade and was able to fight on par without getting scratched. Kasuka couldn't keep himself from rolling his eyes but otherwise his expression stayed the same. Share via Email Report Story Send. How can you guarantee that I won't take over your beloved brother's body before you are able to finish your work? Deals P.Dmg of 221.62% ATK to all enemies. To be reworked. Izaya Orihara is a manipulative and skilled information broker who claims to love every member of the human race except for Shizuo Heiwajima. Mairu, Kururi, and Vorona easily drive the would-be kidnappers off by the time Shizuo and Tom return; shortly after the dust settles, Mairu and Kururi head home. I've been working mostly on Dollars, Yellow Scarves, and Saika Army pages. As if to underline the last words that no one but Shizuo could hear, Kasuka's mouth left Shizuo's member with a sweet plop. The next step here, would be to try and find out whether or not Mikage is the 'relationship expeience' Narita couldn't comment on in his interview. These members include: Kid (Mizuki Akabayashi), Pure Water 100% (Aoba Kuronuma), Chrome (Izaya Orihara), Sharo (Eijirou Sharaku) and Saki (Saki Mikajima). It took you quite some time. Oh and 3 bottles of sake, too. Her 'online personality', meanwhile, echoes Kururi's 'real life personality'; she communicates in reticent one-word or few-word sentences while Kururi plays the chatterbox. Watching the whole thing through Shizuos eyes, Izaya couldn't help but to admire the actor standing there. Because my body was beyond help, I placed my soul in yours. "Life and Death are Up to Fate" is the eighteenth episode of the Durarara!! Hiroshi Kamiya After all, Mairu and Kururi were girls and Izaya's sisters at the same time. Those were just the fears of an overprotective brother and the wrong speculations of some fans. Based on the excerpt from his journal, it appears that he is a fairly normal man who only wants the best for his family. He knows a bunch of fangirls are interested in this kind of stuff and he most likely was baiting them in order to arouse the curiosity of a hypothetic love relationship. Does that mean that from now on, you will be always in a bad mood?" Could someone provide the source for this info? If you look at the pieces, the ones with black tops have clearly white undersides where they meet the board. That's part of Izaya-sans plan.". And considering your fable for going on rampages, it fits perfectly.".