We’re allowed to draw an image of him. We’re seated across from one another at a restaurant in the posh Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, digging into an early-morning breakfast. West spoke about the portrayal of Jesus Christ during a radio interview. “When you do great things, you know it,” Rhymefest says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. Straaaaait Separation?! You know what’s awesome about Christianity? “I’ve written for all of Kanye’s albums with the exception of 808s & Heartbreak,” he says, adding, “There are a lot of songs that my name isn’t even on.”. Common, a fellow Chicagoan whom Rhymefest has known since they were young, is not one of these rappers. He rapped the song better than I probably would’ve at that time. For more on West’s debut album, read HipHopDX’s “Kanye West’s ‘The College Dropout’ In Review: 10 Year Anniversary.”, RELATED: Kanye West Explains Jesus Portrayal On “Yeezus” Tour, Diddy Reunites With Nas & Mary J. Blige For Turks & Caicos Birthday Celebration, Ice Cube Told He 'Got Played' For Believing Donald Trump Will Invest $500B In Black Communities, Ty Dolla $ign Wants To Channel Quincy Jones By Crafting Whole Albums With YG & SZA, Rihanna, 2 Chainz, Common & More Demand 'Count Every Vote' As 2020 Presidential Race Drags On. If I stop being of service, that’s the day that I cease to exist.”. Rhymefest, a co-writer on Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks,” recently spoke about how the song has impacted West’s career. Rhymefest embarks on a mission to help rehabilitate his father, from securing him a job, to landing him an apartment, to purchasing him a new set of teeth, all while battling his father’s frequent alcohol relapses. One piece claimed that CyHi The Prince “has been doing a spot of ghostwriting for Yeezy,” while ex-G.O.O.D. After giving K Michelle a few bars he slid gracefully over to Tekashi 69 (who he did release music with) to get off a few rounds while saluting the late Nipsey Hussle who was murdered earlier this year. As for the Cameron rendezvous, the two discussed violence in rap lyrics, with both agreeing that hip-hop needs to focus more of its attention on positive messaging. He was already signed to Def Jam and had an album slated, so this is the point where you could become selfish or practical. Other religions, you’re not allowed to do that. Murda raps: “Tekashi really told on all of his homies/His baby mom’s f***in’ one of his homies … Wish Nipsey was alive and they killed 6ix9ine/Nip was like Malcolm X and 2Pac combined.”. “But Kanye had access. Murda even gives his opinion on Kanye West using the church for-profit and blasts him for not even writing “Jesus Walks” which he tells listeners to ask J. Cole about who wrote it. He knew more about the industry, and he made that song a success. Rhymefest is fed up. It’s not their fault, totally. At the end of the year there are a few things you can always count on, people to shove their New Years resolutions down your throat, people saying they are leaving people in the previous year and and Uncle Murda to dropping his year-end wrap-up freestyle. Though he began cutting his teeth on the battle rap circuit—famously beating Eminem at ScribbleJam in 1997, which can be viewed in all its glory on YouTube—since then, his rap modus operandi has been more closely aligned with Common, spouting positive rhymes about social justice issues and the importance of giving back to the community. Rhymefest calls him a true “collaborator,” and explains the genesis of their Oscar-winning song, “Glory,” as follows: Common called me up and said he needed a song for an independent movie, and it had to be a rap song. “I’m never going to hell.”, In 2013, West performed “Jesus Walks” with a person dressed as Jesus Christ during his Yeezus tour set. “I had a friend of mine that’s a pastor there as we started discussing how we wanted to deliver it,” Kanye West said at the time. “He’s exploited,” Rhymefest says of Keef. The media is turning autism into entertainment. And I said, “OK. Something’s Wrong. When you look at the way artists get paid now, streaming has decimated the income of the writer, so the writer doesn’t really have a career anymore. “If what you do is only about money, then you’re being self-serving and not of service,” he says. He immediately took shots at K. Michelle who recently came out in support of Tekashi 69 and his snitching ways which surprised a number of people. One young rapper who’s made a name for himself by spewing violent lyrics and promoting violence is Chief Keef, who, like Rhymefest, is a fellow Chicago native.