There was a point when Trump was elected when I was thinking, well he’s clearly a fraud and a monster but there were nevertheless some rational reasons why people voted for him. But Lepore’s preference for historiography over histrionics is far more fraught with dangers than that. If Then is that, and even more: It’s absolutely fascinating, excavating a piece of little-known American corporate history that reveals a huge amount about the way we live today and the companies that define the modern era.”, “Data science, Jill Lepore reminds us in this brilliant book, has a past, and she tells it through the engrossing story of Simulmatics, the tiny, long-forgotten company that helped invent our data-obsessed world, in which prediction is seemingly the only knowledge that matters. Her many books include, These Truths: A History of the United States (2018), an international bestseller, named one of Time magazine's top ten non-fiction books of the decade. Lepore is the recipient of many honors, awards, and honorary degrees, and has been a finalist for the National Book Award; the National Magazine Award; and, twice, for the Pulitzer Prize. Three of her books derive from her New Yorker essays: The Mansion of Happiness: A History of Life and Death (Knopf, 2012), a finalist for the Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Nonfiction; The Story of America: Essays on Origins (Princeton, 2012), shortlisted for the PEN Literary Award for the Art of the Essay; and The Whites of Their Eyes: The Tea Party's Revolution and the Battle for American History (Princeton, 2010), a Times Book Review Editors’ Choice. Photo illustration by Slate. And then it was changed by radio and television and so on. . If you value our work, please disable your ad blocker. All rights reserved. She has been a consultant and contributor to a number of documentary and public history projects. The author, a professor of history at Harvard, places Wonder Woman squarely in the story of women’s rights in America—a cycle of rights won, lost and endlessly fought for again. Her superb narrative brings that history vividly into the present, weaving individual lives into the sweeping changes of the century.” —The Wall Street Journal, “Lepore’s brilliance lies in knowing what to do with the material she has. Things are briefly upended by new technologies before finding a new equilibrium. Lepore is the recipient of many honors, awards, and honorary degrees, and has been a finalist for the National Book Award; the National Magazine Award; and, twice, for the Pulitzer Prize. Only Jill Lepore has the verve, wit, range, and insights to pull off this daring and provocative book. Admin Login. Each chapter is carefully shaped. Like many illuminating histories, this one shows how issues we debate today were under contention just as vigorously decades ago, including birth control, sex education, the ways in which women can combine work and family, and the effects of 'violent entertainment' on children. “Who can write a comprehensive yet lucid history of the sprawling United States in a single volume? In 2018, as part of her research on the Simulmatics Corporation and represented by the Yale Law School's Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic, Lepore filed a petition in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, requesting the unsealing of grand jury records pertaining to the Pentaon Papers investigation in Boston in 1971. A prize-winning professor, she teaches classes in evidence, historical methods, humanistic inquiry, and American history. ), gets the Lasso of Truth treatment in this illuminating biography. However, C-SPAN only receives this revenue if your book purchase is made using the links on this page. Lepore has been contributing to The New Yorker since 2005, writing about American history, law, literature, and politics. The Simulmatics Corporation, founded in 1959, mined data, targeted voters, accelerated news, manipulated consumers, destabilized politics, and disordered knowledge--decades before Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Cambridge Analytica. She is also a staff writer at The New Yorker, and the host of the podcast, The Last Archive. Knowing that there is a mind like hers in the world is a hope-inducing thing.”, “Everything Lepore writes is distinguished by intelligence, eloquence, and fresh insight. David Woods Kemper '41 Professor of American History. In her hands, the Wonder Woman story unpacks not only a new cultural history of feminism, but a theory of history as well.” —New York Times Book Review “Lepore specializes in excavating old flashpoints—forgotten or badly misremembered collisions between politics and cultural debates in America’s past. Given the scale of the administration’s mendacity and cruelty, taking back the White House, if that happens, doesn’t seem like quite enough of a victory. . Contact Information. On Friday, historian and New Yorker staff writer Jill Lepore published an immediately controversial Washington Post op-ed, headlined “Let History, Not Partisans, Prosecute Trump.” Her … Searching through the history of presidential rhetoric (collected by the wonderful American Presidency Project at the University of California–Santa Barbara), I have been unable to find a president who has invoked the notion of being on the “right” (or, for that matter, the “wrong”) “side of history” before Ronald Reagan. How are you viewing November? Filling up a kitchen with the sound of conversation. Harvard University Professor Jill Lepore discussed popular and lesser-known stories from American history going back to the founding of the country. He has also ignored warnings from the National Archives and Records Administration as early as 2017. A prize-winning professor, she teaches classes in evidence, historical methods, the humanities, and American political history. Her origins lie in the feminism of the early 1900s, and the intertwined dramas that surrounded her creation are the stuff of pulp fiction and tabloid scandal….It took a super-sleuth to uncover the mysteries of this intricate history, hidden from view for more than half a century. Free UK p&p over £15, Jill Lepore: 'When did we hand Google, Twitter and Facebook the reins?'. Stopping the destruction of records is where the real fight lies. Jill Lepore (born August 27, 1966) [citation needed] is an American historian. To order a copy go to In riveting prose. And it rests, too, on a fearless dedication to inquiry, writes Jill Lepore in a groundbreaking investigation into the American past that places truth itself at the center of the nation’s history. The Secret History of Wonder Woman is its own magic lasso, one that compels history to finally tell the truth about Wonder Woman—and compels the rest of us to behold it.” —Los Angeles Times, “The Secret History of Wonder Woman is as racy, as improbable, as awesomely righteous, and as filled with curious devices as an episode of the comic book itself. What books do you have by your bedside?A few, but generally a PD James. Told with verve, grace, and humanity, If Then is an essential, sobering story for understanding our times.”, —Margaret O’Mara, author of The Code: Silicon Valley and the Remaking of America, “It didn’t all start with Facebook. The final chapter of These Truths, your history of the United States, was supposed to be the inauguration of Obama, a symbolic climax of a long arc of history. You obviously saw a parable in that as well?The product they were selling was the accurate prediction of human behaviour. When Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Congress and said: “We are in the business of connecting people to people they love”, no one called him out to say: “No, Mr Zuckerberg you are in the business of convincing people to give you their personal data and selling it to third parties. MORE. This phrase was a particular favorite of Bill Clinton, who placed himself on the “right side of history” so much during his 1992 campaign that his opponent George H.W. This trade-off might entice some historians, but it is not clear why this would be satisfactory justice for victims of the administration’s active violence at the border and its malicious neglect in our hospitals. She has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and to the American Philosophical Society. Jill Lepore is the David Woods Kemper 41 Professor of American History at Harvard University. The Simulmatics story is also an early example of using big data as a con trick, making claims it could not back up. His books include The Conservative Revolution, Goldwater, and Just…, At a minimum, her book should be required reading for every federal officeholder.”, —Robert Dallek, author of Franklin D. Roosevelt, "No one has written with more passion and brilliance about how a flawed and combustible America kept itself tethered to the transcendent ideals on which it was founded. A two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, her many books include the international bestseller, These Truths. Among her recent scholarly and public addresses, she has delivered, the F. E. L. Priestley Memorial Lectures in the History of Ideas at the University of Toronto (2018), the George Bancroft Memorial Lecture at the United States Naval Academy (2017), the, Richard Leopold Lecture on Public Affairs at Northwestern University. IF THEN: How the Simulmatics Corporation Invented the Future, The Prodigal Daughter: Writing, history, mourning, The Shorebird: Rachel Carson and the rising of the seas, Book of Ages: The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin. She is also a staff writer at. . Jill Lepore is the David Woods Kemper ’41 Professor of American History at Harvard University. Here is Lepore: In the aftermath of the Trump administration, whenever it ends, the need for a full and accurate historical record will be especially … “[B]rilliant…insightful…It isn’t until you start reading it that you realize how much we need a book like this one at this particular moment.”, —Andrew Sullivan, The New York Times Book Review, “This sweeping, sobering account of the American past is a story not of relentless progress but of conflict and contradiction, with crosscurrents of reason and faith, black and white, immigrant and native, industry and agriculture rippling through a narrative that is far from completion.”, —The New York Times Book Review, Editors’ Choice, “[Lepore’s] one-volume history is elegant, readable, sobering; it extends a steadying hand when a breakneck news cycle lurches from one event to another, confounding minds and churning stomachs.”, “Jill Lepore is an extraordinarily gifted writer, and These Truths is nothing short of a masterpiece of American history. ill Lepore is professor of American history at Harvard and a prolific essayist for the. “A person can't help but feel inspired by the riveting intelligence and joyful curiosity of Jill Lepore. The American experiment rests on three ideas—“these truths,” Jefferson called them—political equality, natural rights, and the sovereignty of the people. She has been a consultant and contributor to a number of documentary and public history projects. But in fact you were forced to end it with the election of Trump. Does the effect of new technology begin to explain that historical anomaly?Yes and it also makes it very hard to fix anything. Avoiding political and ideological agendas, she confronts the contradictions that come from being born a land of both liberty and slavery, but she uses such conflicts to find meaning—and hope—in the tale of America’s progress.”, —Walter Isaacson, University Professor of History, Tulane, author of The Innovators, "Lepore is a truly gifted writer with profound insight. Much of her scholarship explores absences and asymmetries in the historical record, with a particular emphasis on the history and technology of evidence. Lepore lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with her husband and their three sons. The bamboozling is part of it. Democrats brought Supreme Court nominations to the public, in 1987, running television ads against Reagan nominee Robert Bork.