Thousands of you answered the call, choosing from our suggestions or writing in your favorites, creating your own Dream Team. newsletter. This means that somewhere out there, the campaign’s aides and advisers are in the final stages of agonizing over who’d make the perfect No. By contrast, Ron Klain was well-regarded in his work for Biden and then went on to have a very successful tenure as Obama’s Ebola czar. Ricchetti, Biden’s former chief of staff, is a former lobbyist. Women are the lead contenders for both of these jobs, which would be a huge step forward. Just as Biden is preparing to populate the executive branch, he is laying groundwork to move legislation. This is an unprecedented election. It’s totally about what do you do with the incredible hollowing out that Trump has done ... so many of the agencies just are empty, the career people have left. (Jones is running for reelection in an uphill battle.). There is a very real possibility that Republicans will continue to hold a majority in the Senate in 2021, which would turn every Cabinet selection into a brutal confirmation battle that could dramatically upend these efforts. Some of you went above and beyond, suggesting the creation of new high-level positions: a czar to oversee “tech and cyber attacks”; a “cabinet-level post for National Infrastructure”; someone to lead a “National Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to investigate “the corruption of the Trump administration.”. The reality is that not all Cabinet positions are created equal. Officially, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his campaign believe that three weeks before Election Day is far too soon to think about Cabinet nominees or how to fill any other top White House jobs. One Democratic strategist familiar with Biden’s work to form a government said, “Does it mean that the chief of staff won’t be [longtime Biden advisers] Ron Klain or Steve Ricchetti or something? Michelle Lujan Grisham “comes up a lot” in Cabinet talks, according to one former Biden adviser who remains in contact with Biden campaign officials. Topline: Senator Kamala Harris was your top choice for vice president, though it was by no means a blowout. “His cabinet will be the future”: Readers tell us who they want to see next to Joe Biden, on the ballot and in the White House. “I think those [ideological] distinctions are going to be a little hard to draw in this administration,” said Matt Bennett, whose center-left group Third Way, like others, is developing lists of candidates to propose to Biden’s advisers for sub-Cabinet and other roles. Marsha Miller/The University of Texas at Austin, via Associated Press. False claims, retweeted by the president, about the Michigan vote tabulation exploited a counting error that’s been resolved. I want Michelle Obama for V.P. when elevated to Army chief of staff when Roosevelt reached down past 343 others to place Marshall at the top to lead America during World War II! Get our newsletter in your inbox twice a week. — or, as one of you suggested, to lead a new “Department of Becoming.” It also would be fascinating to see The Times’s Paul Krugman tackle the job of treasury secretary. 1 priority. — Ben Adams, 23, Bethlehem, Pa. Let’s show that a Republican can, and does, care about the environment. Those with a regulatory focus are unhappy with incumbent Jay Powell, while those more focused on monetary policy don’t have a huge complaint with him. They want to make sure women and people of color are represented in top roles at the departments of State, Defense, Treasury, and Justice, which are traditionally seen as the most important Cabinet positions. Bloomberg has the experience and knowledge to help us once again save an economy destroyed by Republicans. People involved emphasize that this is not about tokenism; they are looking at the Cabinet as a whole. A likely choice for secretary of state is former National Security Adviser Susan Rice. Raphael Bostic, who would be the first Black and first openly gay Treasury secretary, is also receiving some consideration. We are monitoring vote counts around the clock, talking to sources, and channeling the firehose of news into comprehensible information. He served the nation in the Middle East. It’s part of an early, behind-the-scenes effort by the Biden campaign to shape the contours of a government he has pledged would be “the most progressive administration since FDR.”. Buttigieg, the former South Bend, Ind., mayor and presidential contender, is seen as a likely choice for ambassador to the United Nations or secretary of Veterans Affairs. Follow The New York Times Opinion section on Facebook, Twitter (@NYTopinion) and Instagram. Elizabeth Warren? Progressives prefer former Deputy Secretary Sarah Bloom Raskin, also white (they like her background in consumer protection and see Brainard as stemming from the Robert Rubin coaching tree) and argue that it would be counterproductive to add to the transition’s work by creating the need to replace Brainard at the Fed. He’s been in the Situation Room for hundreds of hours. It did not go unnoticed when Biden in April called corporate America “greedy as hell.” He has also proposed raising the corporate tax rate. Here are some tips. America is ignoring him. Millions of people are relying on Vox for clear explanations of the state of the vote, whether the election is fair, and what the outcome might mean for the policy decisions that could affect their lives. “the first woman secretary of defense” since at least 2011, considered her seriously for vice president, consistent criticism of Biden’s Latino outreach as a candidate, “go on television constantly” political strategy, paint the revolving door as good for diversity, The “stop the count” vs. “count every vote” protests around the country, explained, How to have a safer — but not safe — pandemic Thanksgiving. Ramrod and iron straight. Tony Blinken is often mentioned as a potential pick for national security adviser. Any of the three would be a historic choice, but what kind of history is made may be influenced by the holistic assessment of the Cabinet. She brings a Western state perspective and can tick up Hispanic turnout like Obama did for African-Americans in 2008. The left often gets what it wants on the secretary of labor pick, for which Data for Progress has a handy list of candidates. Larry Cohen, the former Communications Workers of America president who now chairs the Bernie Sanders-aligned group Our Revolution, said the inclusion of progressives on Biden’s transition team is “the reason I’m hopeful” about a Biden administration. Biden is already forming a government. Other categories were more evenly split. The quest to build the most diverse Cabinet in US history, explained, Vox live results: Joe Biden’s path to victory widens. During Hillary Clinton’s transition planning, there was some back-and-forth over the idea that the secretary of agriculture should break with precedent and represent the California-centric fruit and vegetable farmers of America rather than the traditional wheat/corn/cotton/soy staple commodities. Joe Biden taking a selfie with supporters at a rally in Virginia on Election Day in 2019. — Dean Browning Webb, 69, Camas, Wash. Time to promote his generation. Gov. The activist wish list on immigration enforcement involves a fair number of things Biden may be pretty reluctant to do. But overall, the women of the Senate made a strong showing. “His cabinet will be the future”: Readers tell us who they want to see next to Joe Biden, on the ballot and in the White House. Rep. Karen Bass could be secretary of HUD or Health and Human Services. — John Holland, 57, New Haven, Conn. Mitt Romney is well rounded, smart, could restore diplomacy, has excellent ethics and is a true leader, even if we don’t agree on many things. Joe Biden has been hounded by calls from progressives to pledge that he will include no current or former Wall Street executives in his cabinet. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images. Buttigieg ran for president as a wildly underqualified 38-year-old, so he obviously has big ambitions. Other people in positions of power, both inside and outside government, are engaged in similar conversations. This team will show Americans that they care more about them than the oligarchy, assuage the fears of centrist voters and give centrist Republicans familiar faces. Biden considered her seriously for vice president and by all accounts likes working with her. We need someone with experience to repair relationships with allies and conduct sophisticated, effective management of China and Russia. Tammy Duckworth? But there’s already a formal Joe Biden/Kamala Harris transition team in place doing just that. Elsewhere in the Cabinet, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who endorsed Biden in early January and served on his vice presidential selection committee, is a likely candidate for transportation or Housing and Urban Development, among other possible positions. — Jessica Lowrey, 54, Salt Lake City. And Jared Bernstein, a longtime economic adviser to Biden, is frequently mentioned as a potential chair of Biden’s Council of Economic Advisors. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that the protestations from key decision-makers that they are not focused on this stuff are only half-nonsense. He’s recently been deploying his “go on television constantly” political strategy as a Biden surrogate and has won praise even from former detractors in that role, helping to bolster his case for a bigger role than VA secretary. Interviews with more than a dozen Democrats familiar with his transition process describe an effort by his campaign to assemble a center-left amalgamation of personnel designed to prioritize speed over ideology in responding to the coronavirus and the resulting economic ruin. On the long list of people who could do the job, Senator Harris is at the top. Biden had three chiefs of staff as VP, and selecting either Steve Ricchetti or Bruce Reed from that pool to be White House chief of staff would infuriate progressives. He has strong qualifications but is a bit more of an outsider to Washington. Invoking Biden’s frequent references to FDR, Robert Reich, the Clinton-era Labor secretary, recalled that Roosevelt initially “was certainly not thought of as somebody on the left.” At first, he placed trust in the nation’s financial institutions, pursuing a working relationship with both populists and business interests early in his administration. Further down the line, Vox’s sources report fewer specific discussions with the transition, and the rumor mill is less fecund. What we’ve learned from the vote count of the presidential race Wednesday. By Jason Miciak November 5, 2020. Michelle Lujan Grisham. Joe Biden, if he wins, doesn’t have many options to force out Trump. — Allison Henderson, older than 60, El Cajon, Calif. She understands the importance of strong international relationships and is smart and experienced. He’s run a huge organization before, and his foundation has been tremendously innovative and effective. She can handle that as well as addressing corruption. Michelle Obama would no doubt be a formidable choice for V.P. Biden, Harris, Romney, Warren, McRaven and Adam Schiff are a unity ticket. But in the same way Biden shifted left on policy in recent months in response to the pandemic, he is also taking advice from the progressive wing of the party. The US just left the Paris climate agreement, How to follow the results on election night, Democrats have a very narrow path left to win back the Senate, Thursday midday update: The latest news with the presidential vote count, How Veep foretold 2020 election recount protests, The US Covid-19 epidemic hit a deadly new milestone, and help isn’t on the way. Senator Amy Klobuchar ran a close second — and only a few votes ahead of Senator Elizabeth Warren. Former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s name has surfaced in the media as a potential secretary of agriculture, and she’s staying in the game as the leader of an advocacy group pushing to reconnect Democrats with rural voters. Ricchetti used to run a lobbying firm, and Reed was a leading architect of some of Bill Clinton’s most contentious triangulation moves, including welfare reform. Sign up for the