It had been several years since Jonathan’s divorce, so the wounds of his past love had started to heal. In his Instagram post, the property developer stated that “life takes you on unexpected paths,” and no matter how much you may want them to, “those paths aren’t always in the same direction.”. Much like her ex, she too had nothing but kind words to say about the man she’d spent the last few years with. I've never experienced [this] before in my life.". Entertainment Tonight/TV Guide Network. “I’ve been quite sick for the last 14 months. He couldn’t shy away from the fact that entertaining people was his passion, but it just wasn’t realistic. The separation of Jonathan Scott and Jacinta Kuznetsov is still relatively fresh. Every one of them can be access from your phone, dimmed or you can even change the color temperature from Warm to Cool. The pair has no plans to end their work together anytime soon and have even set their sights on becoming talk show hosts. In fact, it took producers to notice they were flirting with one another over the course of the shooting and even remove some of the segments because they were so flirtatious. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Property Brothers star discusses whether they're ready to move forward in their relationship and how they'll do it. The pair finally made their red carpet debut together in November, and the HGTV star says their relationship is unlike any other he's ever had before. And omg…the proposal was OUTRAGEOUS! This might have seemed a little out there, but as a student of business management, Jonathan felt he could make the career work. He worked in Las Vegas as an Adam impersonator as well as a doing impersonations of David Bowie. 4. It's very exciting.". “I had no real desire to get married until a couple months ago, so it’s not like JD was scared or whatever people assume. The split left Jonathan in a slump, and for six months he struggled to overcome a deep depression. After joining the International Brotherhood of Magicians, it looked like he had found his calling, especially with all the awards he was winning. He’s been working since he was seven years old when he set up a business with his mom and twin brother selling clothes hangers. With so much on his plate, Jonathan has a lot to distract himself with. Unfortunately, you know what they say about working with the ones you love – it doesn’t always work out. His career had finally taken off in the way he wanted it to. The two hit it off instantly, and before anyone knew it, they were dating. That’s nothing to scoff at. "I'm like, 'No, no, no, you were more flirty.' I'm smoother in my head than I am in real life.". So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that his career went in a new direction once he started attending college. Considering how adamant the star is that there are no negative feelings between them, seeing their split is a hard pill to swallow.