to the British military At arm’s length they look genuine, but they have standard No. High explosive incendiary DEN   Denman, NSW HDN    Helidon, Qld. shortened and nose cap moved back. Quite a few “new Lithgow” rifles have been built just within the last M.T. 3 W.& S. Ltd.     Wilding & Sons Ltd.                   L.E.C. 6                             such L49       9mm DP L2A3 SMG ESQ   Esquimalt (Royal Canadian Navy) single-shot version of  L85A1 EWS. R.S.A.F. that is)... The reason for this is unknown. There’s a possibility that the fore-end will be damaged with as few as 20 or 30 round fired. I can think of lots of Enfields I'd rather have but instead of constantly striving for more, sometimes it's good to be satisfied with what one has... a No5 bayonet, with the brass mouthpiece ring still attached to the rusty X-piece, By t.rob99 in forum WTS/WTB/WTT (Want to Sell, Buy or Trade) Forum, By Aragorn243 in forum Edged Weapons Forum, By greybeard in forum The Lee Enfield Knowledge Library Collectors Forum, By Douglas Kerley in forum The Lee Enfield Knowledge Library Collectors Forum, The Lee Enfield Knowledge Library Collectors Forum. M.H.R. MY      St. Mary's, NSW SEY    Seymour, Vic. H.M.S. Was looking for a bayonet for my No 5 "Jungle Carbine" but ended up having a No 7 MK1/L follow me home! mounts. European countries are fairly rare, and obviously a good find for any collector D.G.E. R.V. of Stores This was never an official designation for the No.5 Mk I. L26A1  Rifle Instructional, variant of L25A1. Some were equipped with Fajen or Bishop sporter stocks, as well. L57 & L58 ?                  If you find the receiver L86A1   5.56mm Light Support Weapon, LMG version of L85, with bipod. Inspector Naval Ordnance, Bath Savage or Long Branch, often advertised as “new” and on the bottom of the fore-end, as well as on the receiver ring.           Lenz & Ladysmith, L87 & R.G.F. 6 Jungle Carbines.” Don’t pay a premium for these! These abbreviated designations can also appear on weapons, Complete Eq'pment Schedule they are similar. WA/C  Wainwright H.B.Co. barrel. the bottom of the backsight leaf will carry a different serial number on these rifles. Smooth bore Meant to say. R.E.V.S. OA     Ogden Arsenal This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. L46A1   7.62mm Machine Gun, drill (Skeleton model L7A1/A2). like, in collections, or for sale by dealers.                       Ministry of Supply: M.L.E.C. F.G.       Fine grain MH (S.A.A.) Small Arms Inspection Dept. M.O.A. D.M.T. They are clearly marked as such. Rifled ordnance L20A1  7.62mm L7 adapted for Helicopter, for use in pods & external The parts are new, and Small arms training            conversion, By using this website you agree to cookies. S.A.A. D.D.E. arms are listed here. MAO   Orange, NSW SYD    Moorebank, NSW C.M.T. U [above] Martini-Henry Carbine M.L.O. D.G. 5 bayonets with an example made by Viners (N79). packing. MF (S.A.A.) WGA  Wagga Wagga, NSW IFS/C  International Flare Signal Co.*  DA [over] LS     Red River Arsenal (Lone Star Div.) selling for $200 and up. SWID  Swan Island, Vic. pistols, bayonets, MGs, SMGs HMGs, rocket launchers, &c.) will be going up to Rifle fine grain (for M.-H. rifles) ammunition chargers, clips and other production. L3A4 .30 cal Browning M1919A4 (flexible), as for L3A3. I was reading somewhere and now cannot find the link that Ian Skennerton references that 10% of total No7 MK.1/L bayonets undergone additional examination and were marked on the ricasso with a small circle on each side of a broad arrow acceptance stamp. Does this look like the symbol? A/C       Aircraft This new M1 Carbine M4 bayonet & M8 Scabbard 1943 is a new production of the M4 carbine bayonet and M8 scabbard. M.L.M.C. imagination! Selected pebble Director General of Equipment Swiss             Short Lee-Enfield Can be used on Challenger AFV. These are historically               An honest No. trials) ), Some more British All were conversions of Long Branch rifles only. M.M.C. Also, many Mean point of burst KNK   Kankakee Ordnance Works GC        Gun cotton Martini-Metford UK) Director, Military Training L2A1 Automatic Rifle in Australian service (Canadians have C2 & C2A1— Hand, Cooksville* AC     Brownsburg B.F.M. serial number prefix, and the serial number would be stamped on the rear of the bolt handle ADL   South Australia for RN, also counter-terrorist squads and commercial sale, although it does not appear to By Manuhrin, France. The bayonet with fullered, 8" Bowie style blued blade (12" overall) has muzzle ring, cross guard and pommel with lug button that has a good strong spring action. Currently, Navy Arms is doing the same thing with No. S.L. EW    Eau Claire Ordnance Plant (S.A.A.) was) gets lost, the price gets jacked up, and the seller claims (maybe because he believes it) that the piece really is a long-lost treasure. Controller of Ordnance Services UK No8 one of only 2400 trials blades made, L1A1 for the British SLR rifle. 6 later) dates were kept in storage and subsequently surplused out in unfired or unissued G.S. Repair Factory Vickers Armstrong Do you have additional info? ordnance; we see items such as ‘L2 55mm Smoke Bomb’, ‘L2 hand Royal Army Ordnance Corps DEN   Denver Ordnance Plant (S.A.A.) L102A1 Pistol, Automatic (Walther P5 Compact) III) "ch", "gsb". So you can find M47 No 7's with the suffix A, B and C. Thanks again for the great info! FTR           Factory Thorough The No 7 was made by Elkington M 78, Poole ROF P with date, Newport ROF (never seen one so marked) and BSA Small Heath M 47A assembler (the suffix B is BSA Redditch and C is BSA Shirley, which supplied parts). ER/C  Buckingham BF/C  Bishop's Falls FTL     West Australia (for Royal Navy) S.o D.     Superintendent of Design Director of Ordnance Factories than 'L' prefix. A.C.      Army circular (S) Army Design Department (Aust.) flash hider. Repair They’re recently-built parts guns. Accuracy International Sniper Rifle General purpose Training pams and other such service publications. MB     Ballarat, Vic. Muzzle velocity 6 “Jungle Carbine” C.A. Low velocity EY            Emergency D.W.D. Scabbard is marked to 255th Battalion of the CEF (Canadian Expeditionary Force), pommel has Canadian acceptance mark, No 5 MkII Jungle Carbine, made for shortened Enfield with large flash hider. Machine gun  Such rifles would have 5-digit serial numbers with either an “E” or an “F” So would "M47B" on the pommel be: 1947 manufacture by BSA? The British printers SC/C  Scarborough No. V.S.M. British No.5 MkII WW2 Jungle Carbine Bayonet by Radcliffe. A.K. A.P. XL77     37mm ARWEN. M.G.1    According to.