California State Route 178 (Hwy 178), which connects Mojave desert w/ Bako. On the other side, the trail will follow the North Fork Kern River for almost 8 miles to the Kern Flat Bridge. The daily limit is 2 fish and 2 fish in possession combined.". headwaters of the Kern River. Tall pines with an empty campground awaits! Warning!!!!! Explorers will find some great fishing secret spots upriver. East part of lake is a wildlife refuge w/ abundant cottonwood trees, which turn golden yellow in Autumn. GREAT HIKING TRAILS IN THE SOUTHERN SIERRAS. The "Forks" refers to the confluence of these two rivers. I carried a cup of JD and he carried my fly rod. I have thoroughly enjoyed your fly fishing blog. Golden Trout Wilderness An overgrown hunters camp (which has been almost destroyed) is located up hill from Brush Creek falls; but accessible via unmaintained dirt road – unsigned pull out, just off Shermans’ Pass Road. While most people call this the Forks of the Kern Trail, the official name of this trail is Kern Flat Trail, 33E20. Rincon Trail runs above the river on the east side, via the Rincon earthquake fault. So, yea, this probably was the best 3 day stretch of fly fishing I have ever had. Chimney Creek Campground Horse Meadow Campground 20 minutes, 4 takes, 2 landed. The trail crosses the Little Kern River here, at lower summer flows. The Forks of the Kern Trailhead is one of the primary gateways for hiking countless miles in Golden Trout Wilderness. Only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used. 1525 Faraday Avenue, Suite 250,Carlsbad, CA 92008, Office: 760-444-8640 , Mobile:: 619 990 9200, Backpacking the Forks of the Kern River Trail. And there was the many October trips in float tubes in Lake Crowley. (Use this for hiking a large loop). Southern Fork of the Kern River On the last night as the sun started to go down the risers started at the site. “You also see it guarded by overhanging trees on both sides and water too dangerous to wade so you’ll have to sidearm roll cast it under the trees.” First cast, whack! 10” brought to hand quickly and released quickly by Mark. Backpacking to the Upper Little Kern River – Failed, Upper Kern River – Johnsondale Bridge Trail, Fall Fly Fishing on the Forks of the Kern – November 7-10, 2019, Forks of the Kern: Fall Fly Fishing on the Upper Kern River, Forks of the Kern – Upper Kern River – August 15th, 2019, My fly fishing 101 article in Backpacker Magazine, Lower Madison River and Glow in the Dark Huck Flies, The Case of the Bad Guys and the Renzetti Traveler 2304, Forks of the Kern Trail – Upper Kern River – October 8th, 2018, Forks of the Kern Trail: June 28 – July 2, 2018, Forks of the Kern Fly Fishing Report – Fall 2017 Version, Upper Kern and Little Kern River Fishing Report – August 25-28, 2017, Seven Tips and Tricks for Fly Fishing in the Fall, Solunar Theory: As Applied to Fly Fishing, Guest Blog – Choosing trout flies simplified: 2 super-easy methods, Upper Kern River – Forks of the Kern Trailhead, Little Lakes Valley, John Muir Wilderness, Eastern Sierras, Contoocook River, Henniker, New Hampshire, May, 2016 – The North Platte River: 546 Trout Caught and Released, Stillwater River, Montana – May 3-7, 2016, FlyWise – A Fly Fishing app from, The 4-year California drought is over (I have no right to say that), Like I really need another annual fly fishing trip…, Backpacking Alone- The Forks of the Kern 2015 Opening, Kern River – C&R Section above the Johnsondale Bridge, Kern-Desolation Wilderness-East Carson-Upper Owens, Colorado Fly Fishing May 8-11, 2014 with Burny, Yellowstone National Park and Dupuy Spring Creek, Floating the Yellowstone River with Mark and Paul Bloch at the Oars, Fly Fishing Report -Lower Owens River – March 19-22, 2014, Big Agnes Helinox Ridgeline FL135 Trekking Poles, The Renzetti Traveler 2304 Cam Vise 6×6 Pedestal Base Model,