Atop column. On the west side of the chamber, high above. Behind the lock, in the center of the area. Requires. These puzzle pieces are very similar to the collectible stickers in the Sticker Album of the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep story line. Puzzle pieces are an extra in the Final Mix version of the game, scattered throughout the worlds and represented by gold crowns. Inside the first chamber and on top of a lone pillar. The Puzzle solving screen, found in Jiminy's Journal. Received automatically through story events. Need Aerial Dodge to get piece hidden behind the pillar. Put a finger on both circle and square. Jump off one of the booths. Need LV2 High Jump and LV1 Aerial Dodge. Go through the middle entrance to the Bazaar and there will be a stand with a puzzle piece behind it. #1 Hollow Bastion, Merlin's house. The following Puzzles contain twelve pieces each: The following Puzzles contain forty-eight pieces each: Note that all pieces are arranged and numbered from left to right, row by row (as on a telephone dial). In the northeast corner, past the doors to the station. On top of the lone building, near the track. Need LV2 High Jump. Requires. Accessible from the entrance of the world - you'll be sure not to miss it. On the highest ledge in the center area (with the computer). Piece #5 is a mandatory puzzle piece: a cutscene will be played upon leaving the room, and this is therefore the first puzzle piece acquired in Final Mix. Hidden behind one of the crates of gun powder. From the entrace from the Undercroft, travel straight and turn right. In the southwest corner, above the piles of furniture. Above the bed. #4 Beast's Castle… Accessible by High Jump (at least LV2). Port Royal, Ship Graveyard: Interceptor's Hold, Hollow Bastion, Cavern of Remembrance: Depths. By the exit towards the Atrium. Above a small rock, near the back of the area. Need LV2 High Jump and LV2 Aerial Dodge. Collecting all the stickers unlocks rewards, just as completing the puzzles do. Need LV3 High Jump. In the wreckage that has a hole through it. No official translation has been given to this subject in any licensed. Need LV2 High Jump and Aerial Dodge. Once collected, they can be accessed through the Collections menu of Jiminy's Journal, where they can be placed to eventually form a picture. Destroy the stand to get it. Throughout Sora's journey, you will find puzzle pieces in the form of shining crowns scattered throughouts various worlds. Kingdom Hearts II/Puzzles. Need High Jump. Near the center of the area; jump from the nearby ledge. #1 Hollow Bastion, Merlin's house. In front of the statue's face. Agrabah, Cave of Wonders: Chasm of Challenges. Above the awning above the Moogle Shop. -Puzzle Pieces: 1) Hollow Bastion #7 2) Land of Dragons #1 3) Land of Dragons #4 4) Beast's Castle #4 5) Olympus Coliseum #1 6) Olympus Coliseum #2 7) … Requires, Above a pile of explosive crates. Left from the entrance behind a rock column. On the opposite end of the area from the save point. #2 Hollow Bastion, Marketplace. Above a stand near the entrance to the Palace Gates. Above a giant boulder after the entering. In the area with blue orbs. On a rooftop. On a ledge near a shophouse. On a section of the wall near the Bailey. Near the pole on the left side of the pedestal near Capt Li Shang's tent. Requires, Above the pile of gold to the right of the entrance. Please don't confuse this with the West Hall - it's the WEST WING. On the first column. -Puzzle Pieces: 1) Twilight Town #16 (obtained in the Puzzle Piece tutorial) 2) Hollow Bastion #8 3) Hollow Bastion #5 4) Hollow Bastion #11 5) … Top left, back. Requires, Use the air vent to reach the higher platform. The puzzles and their pieces can be accessed through Jiminy's Journal; pieces will not automatically go into the correct spot in the correct puzzle, but must be selected, moved with the left analog stick, and rotated with the right until they are in the right place. To the right of the doors to the station in the northeast corner. Requires. On the far end of the bridge, at ground level. Behind a store stand, through the center entrance to the bazaar. On a ledge near a shophouse. #2 Hollow Bastion, Marketplace. In the southeast corner, above the piles of furniture. The World That Never Was, Ruin and Creation's Passage, Hollow Bastion, Cavern of Remembrance: Mining Area. ". List of pieces by puzzle. Above the doorway leading to the Corridors. In the first chamber, above a lone pillar. Need Aerial Dodge. Need High Jump. On a ledge near a shophouse. Jump from the top of that hedge to get puzzle piece. On a wall section near the Bailey. Behind the tree leading to Christmas Town. Need LV2 High Jump and LV2 Aerial Dodge to jump on to platform. Above the Moogle Shop storefront. Above the broken bridge connected to the tower. On top of Mog's Moogle Shop. In mid air while falling down to the next level. On the highest level of platforms in the area. Requires, Above the entrance to the courtyard. Near the first pile of exploding gunpowder creates (upon entry). Puzzle Piece Location Notes 1: Sunset #48: Ansem's Study: Behind the closed door that leads to the Heartless Manufactory. The tables on this page are organized by puzzle rather than location, with the number of the piece representing that piece's place on the puzzle (from left to right, read like a book). Successfully completing one of the puzzles by finding all of its pieces and correctly assembling them, will result in a reward for Sora. As the name implies, the minigame consists of simple jigsaw puzzles of six different pieces of artwork that can be assembled from pieces found throughout the game. Use to slide the pieces around the puzzle and to rotate them. [Go to top]← Mushroom XIII | Puzzles | Trophies →, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki,, 2.5]] and [[Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX|1.5 + 2.5. Need LV3 Glide. On the stairs leading to the Restoration Site. Underworld, Underworld Caverns: The Lost Road. On the second column. Need LV2 High Jump and Aerial Dodge. Behind a store stand, near the exit to the Bazaar. Requires, High above the entrance to the area. The first four puzzles consist of twelve pieces while the last two puzzles are larger and consist of forty-eight pieces apiece. Puzzle pieces are an extra in the Final Mix version … In middair near the center of the hall. Then use the air vent to reach a higher moving platform. Requires, On the east side of the chamber, high above. Need LV2 High Jump. Need LV2 High Jump, LV2 Aerial Dodge and attack. On a ledge under the door to the Mineshaft. Near the pole on the west side of the pedestal, near the Captain's tent. Kingdom Hearts Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Accessible from the entrance of the world - you'll be sure not to miss it. Jump off of the staircase leading up to the tower. From the entrance, go straight and turn right. The World That Never Was, Naught's Skyway, Simulated Twilight Town, Mansion: Computer Room. Above the center of the area; use the skateboard or. Ride the tram to reach it on the Synthesis shop roof. In the north half of the area; can be acquired by using the air currents. In the area with white orbs. Accessible from the entrance of the world. #3 Hollow Bastion, Borough. The World That Never Was, Proof of Existence, The World That Never Was, Memory's Skyscraper, Hollow Bastion, Cavern or Remembrance: Mineshaft. Jump from Pride Rock towards the western edge. Halloween Town, Christmas Town: Shipping and Receiving, The World That Never Was, Crooked Ascension.