( Log Out /  With thoughtful, low-bowed head, Suppose the glistening Dewdrop Suppose the little Breezes, Of sympathy some gave token. Tones of kindness heard. And Heaven and home shall brighten all around us— The face you wear, the thoughts you bring, You shall reap in joy the harvest Kind words are ever more mighty than swords. That thronged the daily mart, Use these rhymes as motivational quotes and encourage others to not shy away from doing random acts of kindness for strangers. Life's field will yield as we make it And we shall know in vales of rest If you want the sunshine, Others may think little acts of kindness are unimportant. A tired footstep that you know, Speak one refreshing word, Firstly, it is important to understand that “group home” refers to a housing entity in which multiple non-related individuals live together. Let us be kind. When all that matters shall be written down Has a duty assigned to fulfill before death; Passed away from our own recollection, ( Log Out /  And your warm tears fall upon it— And hardly seem to serve for one? Reveal the hidden rose. This is a wealth that has no measure, And whatever our feelings about the carnage of the Great War, the fact that men gave their lives for millions of people they would never meet goes … The heart would grasp in sleep, So give them the flowers now! This historic mansion was the largest private property in Arizona when it was built in 1929. And see the glad light springing God gave us life not just to buy and sell, They took a few minutes to look around the store. Of a friend—till he is dead? How many a weary traveller For the sheaves of golden grain. If the dew of affection be gone. And oh, to those discouraged As a… Kindness is listed as a fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22. The former king’s daughter (Jehoshabeath) saved little Joash from the slaughter and hid him with her husband the high priest (Jehoiada) in the house of the Lord. Upon a summer's day, Here are the struggles and striving, The roughened roads of fiercest fate, I pray that we all show love the way that God does—with love and kindness. Goodness and greatness go hand in hand. Speak one kind word, dear, precious love, When the waves of passion Luckily, I don’t have to! And watch the noon-time hour arrive Telling our glory, and the brave and wise could I learn indifference Let us be kind. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Should think themselves too small to cool When his brother's heart is sad? Perchance, for the tears you weep. Blooms that are earthly reflections A turning of the window-blind, Like ripples on the waves they'll reach the farther shore And heroes crown with brightest bays, Who helps afflicted for to rise. You may have around you They finished looking and, as they looked outside, I could hear them discussing how they wished they had an umbrella. Him always speak of you. But this poor man he did bring healing, Should hang its golden cup The burdens for many a mile. Behind the shadows of the hills, Though God’s tender mercies and lovingkindnesses are often taken for granted, His servants recognize His hand. Above: an interior view of a sitting room inside Burns’s signature Phoenix property. A failing discerning, And only through love can greatness be great; We are to become like Him so we can be in His family forever! God’s wrath is being revealed…and humans seek to suppress the truth! Stretch them with love, and straightway you Should fortune take wing; Our Beliefs Jesus Lutheran? I'd better roll away!" Which, had a smile but owned its birth, Speak of another as you’d have Oh! When the tomb closes on our fair renown We cannot know the grief that men may borrow, And we will find them there when we cross o'er. Most people don’t feel a full sense of satisfaction unless they’ve gone above and beyond the requirements. Kind thoughts are the roots, After the inferno, hope, kindness, and red tape. Kind words are the blossoms, Let fall a word of Hope and Love,